Adrian Peterson: I feel good, I’m ready to play ball

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Adrian Peterson is currently fifth in NFL history in rushing yards and he needs 449 yards to tie Barry Sanders for fourth place, but he’ll need a team to sign him in order to have a chance at moving up the list.

Peterson said in April that he is hoping to play a 15th NFL season and that he’d ideally be doing it with a team that would give him a shot at winning a Super Bowl ring. That team has not called yet, but Peterson said that he’s staying in shape while waiting for the phone to ring.

“The training is going well and I’m going to control the things that I can control right now, and, when that time comes, somebody will give me a call,” Peterson said, via Aaron Wilson of SportsTalk 790. “That’s all I’m asking for. My body feels good. I came out healthy from last season. My body feels strong. I still feel young. I still feel good. I’m ready to play ball.”

Peterson ran 156 times for 604 yards and seven touchdowns with the Lions last season.

22 responses to “Adrian Peterson: I feel good, I’m ready to play ball

  1. Hey Adrian let me let you in on a little secret…

    Nobody is going to call you buddy!!

  2. He will sign with the Vikings sometime in the future but it may only be to reture as a Viking.

  3. Sure sounds like someone willing to play for minimum salary just to try getting ahead of the great Barry Sanders.I don’t think he can get 450 yards.

  4. There’s a line from an old Country and Western song that seems to fit here ” When the phone don’t ring you know it’s me “

  5. Over 16 games in 2020 a then-35-year-old Adrian Peterson – who’s neither a reliable pass catcher nor blocker, and these days is basically effective out of only one obvious formation – averaged 37.7 rushing yards per game, 3.9 yards per carry, and slightly less than one touchdown every two games.
    Now 36 and looking for his sixth different team, I can’t imagine there are a parade of GMs beating down A.D.’s door with contract in hand. He’s probably in good shape and can still be effective in spot duty, but may have to lower his salary demands. Even then, he’ll likely have to wait until some team gets hit with injuries and turns to him for depth on a veteran’s minimum contract.

  6. He’s just one of the ever-growing list of reasons why I’ve lost interest in a game I once loved.

  7. I wonder if he’s doing this because he just loves football, he doesn’t realize he is no longer effective in modern offenses, or if he needs the money? Probably a combo of all three.

  8. Crazy as it sounds, a team like Tennessee or another team with a run heavy attack would do well to pick him up as cheap as possible for insurance against an injury to someone like Henry. You pay a little above now and if he’s not needed, great. Or: you pay way more than you should if a star RB has a high ankle sprain just before a pivotal playoff push.

  9. He’s capable of getting the 450 yards…..but some team would need to be willing to hand off the ball to him 160-170 times.

    Not worth it at this point.

  10. 7 TD’s? Someone will call him. 600 yards isn’t bellcow numbers but 7 TD’s is nothing to sneeze at.

  11. Peterson is one of the best RB’s in NFL history. Tennessee should sign him like the poster above said, take 5 or 8 carries off Henry a game to keep him fresh into the playoffs.

  12. Although I agree with most posters here that AP isnt the dominant player he used to be (and that he isn’t really a decent person) he still can be ANY teams third string RB. He also adds value to that RB room with his experience. He runs,catches and blocks as well as any RB in the league still…

  13. 24th in the NFL in attempts. 33rd in yards. On a team that had the 12th most passing attempts that went 5-11. He still has something in the tank. Just not sure what team would sign him, especially since he doesn’t play special teams.

  14. If and only if an severy injury happened in Buffalo to Moss or Singletary would i want him for.lkke part of a season, at 1.5 mill tops

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