Alan Faneca using his Hall of Fame enshrinement to push for Hines Ward to join him

Pittsburgh Steelers' receiver Hines Ward (86) carr
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Former Steelers guard Alan Faneca will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame next month, and that’s giving him a platform to try to get his old teammate, wide receiver Hines Ward, a bust in Canton.

Faneca has chosen Ward to introduce him at the enshrinement ceremony, and Faneca used a Hall of Fame media call on Thursday to insist that Ward is deserving of making it to the Hall of Fame.

“He will get into Canton,” Faneca said, via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “It’s just a matter of time. He is a Hall of Famer. It’s just a matter of when he gets in.”

Three members of the Steelers’ Super Bowl XL-winning team are joining the Hall of Fame this summer, with Faneca there as part of the Class of 2021 and coach Bill Cowher and safety Troy Polamalu both getting in with the Class of 2020, whose enshrinement ceremony was delayed by a year. Jerome Bettis is already in the Hall of Fame. Ward, who was Super Bowl XL MVP, would be the fifth member of that team to make it, if he gets in.

So far, the Hall of Fame selectors haven’t agreed with Faneca about Ward’s Hall of Fame credentials. Ward has never even been one of the 15 finalists, let alone been voted in.

36 responses to “Alan Faneca using his Hall of Fame enshrinement to push for Hines Ward to join him

  1. I am all in favor of Hines Ward of getting into the HOF, BUT NOT BEFORE Cliff Branch. No way Jose!

  2. Sorry…one of the dirtiest players of his era, cheap shot artist. Hate away…

  3. As a Ravens fan, I hated Hines. He was a cornerstone in the greatest rivalry era in modern football. He was dirty but if he was a Raven, he’d be my favorite player, ever. He was worth more to the Steelers than what stats show. He’s definitely worth consideration. In MLB, players like Hines get a better chance of getting in with the veterans committee.

  4. Its time for the Hall of Fames love affair with the Steelers to end.

  5. No disrespect but, Canton should induct Sterling Sharpe and John Taylor before Hines Ward. Sterling Sharpe was ridiculously great before he was injured and John Taylor was arguably the 2nd best WR in his time but happened to play along a guy named Jerry Rice.

    Not to mention how did Jerome Bettis get in and Roger Craig still hasn’t??

    Hines Ward was a gamer but these other men have waited their time peacefully while being overlooked and disrespected. Not to mention countless others that deserve their acknowledgment as deserved HOF’s

  6. Ward is a great player, but no way in hell he should get into HOF before Cliff Branch.

  7. One of the best blockers at his position ever. I’ll throw him in conversation as one of the better possession receivers as well

  8. So far, the Hall of Fame selectors haven’t agreed with Faneca about Ward’s Hall of Fame credentials. Ward has never even been one of the 15 finalists, let alone been voted in.
    Because he’s not a Hall of Fame receiver. Ward was a very good receiver in Pittsburgh, who very often functioned as the 2nd option in the offense. The era Ward played in had some truly special wide receivers, and while Ward was consistent and frustratingly effective, he just wasn’t special.

  9. I was 10 years old when Hines was drafted. He’s the reason I feel in love with football. Still my favorite player of all time….

    But, I just don’t see it. His numbers were pretty good but looking less impressive every year as passing numbers rise. He was consistently a top 10 receiver in the league throughout his career, top 5 some years, but I’m not sure you could ever say he was the best receiver in the league at any point in his career.

    If he gets in I’ll be thrilled and it would be in large part due to the fact that he’s probably one of the best blocking receivers of all time. I could see making an argument for him based on things like that (and clutch plays), that don’t show up on the stat sheet.

    But I just don’t see it happening.

  10. Never led the league in any category? Hard pass. Make room in the Hall of Very Good, though.

  11. Nope, hes not getting in sorry Allen. The hall of pretty good isn’t available

  12. That’s a no from me on Ward. Nice career but certainly not HOF royalty.

  13. How about a swap of Steelers wide receivers?
    If you want to put Ward in, you have to take Lynn Swan out. Being on a great team and having a few memorable catches should not have merited inclusion. Swan had 5462 total receiving yards in a 9 year career, never even surpassing 900 yards in a single season. Those were pedestrian numbers even for his time.
    People remember Swan’s acrobatics, but Stallworth was the much better receiver on that team.
    Similarly, Ward was a solid player who filled his role well, but he’s not a Hall of Famer.

  14. Every team has its own list of wallflowers.

    With Donnie Shell and Bill Nunn finally getting in this year, the mantle of BEST STEELER NOT IN CANTON falls to L.C, Greenwood which with the recent study of sacks before it was a category has “Hollywood Bags” (never understood how he got that nickname ) as top of that list.

    Hines would be second although there’s an Andy Russell camp.

    You can’t get in on intangibles but he had them and he was a Super Bowl MVPer.

  15. I think if you look at numbers only it is a no. But if you look at what dominant run blocker he was I say yes. To me you should have been dominant at something to get into HOF. I think there are too many guys with big stats that were not dominant they were guys that caught a lot of passes and did little to help their team win.

  16. Well if they put Cowher in with his very special 1-4 record at home in the playoffs, I suppose Ward should get in.

  17. because selectors value Art Monk’s 1,000 8 yard outs…more than an all around great football player. Hines did it ALL!

  18. At some point everybody needs to accept the reality that a guy can be really good and still not a Hall of Famer. Put him in the ring of honor and whatever other team awards they want. He was definitely good enough for those sorts of honors but he was nowhere close to being a Hall of Famer.

  19. You can easily make the case but there are some other WR who should get in first.

    Where Ward ranks all-time among WR

    Receiving yards – 26th
    Receptions – 14th
    Touchdowns – 16th
    Receiving ypg – 113th

  20. Can you tell the story of football without mentioning Wards name? Yes, yes you can. No Hall of Fame.

  21. So many more deserving receivers other than ward. Not only the logjam from other eras but there are several better receivers in his era that are more deserving. No offense but there is an over saturation of
    Steelers in the hall already. It’s the hall of fame not the hall of good.

  22. As a die hard Packers fan I can honestly say Ward is my favorite WR of all time. I think Davante will pass him soon but watching that dude on the field and blocking like he did was a thing of beauty.

  23. Branch has three great years and lived on the grace and favor of Al Davis thereafter. One trick pony whose speed got him over until he lost it.

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