Ali Marpet hopes for reduced intensity of practice, given 17th game

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The NFL has expanded the regular season from 16 to 17 games. The question now becomes whether and to what extent teams will manage the workload accordingly.

Buccaneers offensive lineman Ali Marpet hopes that will happen.

Via, Marpet has expressed a desire for reduced intensity of practices.

“I’m OK with the 17th game if there’s the same or less football in general, right?” Marpet said. “So if we’re reducing our practice time or reducing how much hitting we’re doing in training camp, [I] think that’s what’s relevant. So I’m not opposed to a 17th game, as long as that means we’re not, you know, doing a lot more football than we would be. So again, we just have to scale it back considering we have a 17th game, during training camp and throughout the week.”

Bucs coach Bruce Arians has said that he’s planning to “beat the shit out of” the players during training camp. That statement suggests that Marpet may not get what he’s hoping for, at least not in August.

5 responses to “Ali Marpet hopes for reduced intensity of practice, given 17th game

  1. I think he’s kidding himself. No coach who is convinced hitting during camp makes players better is going to just throw away that concept because there’s one extra game that will be played months from now. I do think there’ll probably be less contact during the week later in the season but teams don’t typically go at each other all that hard during the week now in-season so even that will probably be a minimal change.

  2. So in other words he wants to work as little as possible for his multi-millions, meanwhile we’ve got blue collar people all over the country working 50+ hour weeks for less than a grand.

  3. There is one more game so players should practice harder to be properly prepared and in good enough shape to not get tired

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