DeShone Kizer feels ready to compete for Titans backup QB job


The Titans know that Ryan Tannehill will be their starting quarterback come September as long as he is healthy, but they haven’t settled on who will step into action if Tannehill’s not available at that or any other point this season.

Logan Woodside filled the role during the 2020 season and threw three passes while appearing in six games. They also signed DeShone Kizer to serve as an emergency option in the event Tannehil and Woodside were knocked out by COVID-19 protocols.

Both are back this year and Kizer is actually practicing with the team this year after staying isolated in 2020. Kizer started and lost 15 games as a starter in Cleveland as a 2017 second-round pick and a trade to the Packers put him into the mix of players looking for a backup job. He’s also spent time with the Raiders and believes the whole package sets him up to make a strong bid for a spot in Tennessee.

“Obviously I’ve been a bit of a journeyman in the first four years of my career, so I’ve been able to hop on a few new teams in OTAs and gotten to know the guys,” Kizer said, via the team’s website. “I kind of consider myself a vet going into the season here. So it’s been awesome, to start to build that camaraderie with my other teammates in the locker room and spending time with the guys and trying to improve on the field so I can put myself in a position to compete in the preseason and training camp. . . . And along the way I have been able to find myself and how I want to go about playing the game. Picking up things from all those spots, it has put me in a position to compete.”

The Titans hope Tannehill is in the lineup for every game they play in 2021, but having the right No. 2 could keep the season from going south if that doesn’t happen.

6 responses to “DeShone Kizer feels ready to compete for Titans backup QB job

  1. Seems like reading defenses, game awareness and decision making are the big red flags with this kid. Not sure if he can be coached up on all of that but the physical tools are there and that’s why he’s still getting a shot in the league.

  2. If the Titans are looking for a ‘deer in the headlights’ interception machine for their backup QB then they have successfully chosen the right person. They must not have been able to pry Nathan Peterman from the Raiders.

  3. DeShone Kizer threw 22 INTs his rookie season with the Browns, a place where QBs use to go to die. He was thrown into a bad offense when he was clearly not ready to start. Rookie QBs who threw a high # of INTs, Peyton Manning 28, Matthew Stafford 20, Andrew Luck 18, Carson Palmer 18, and Troy Aikman 18 so give the kid a break… Logan Woodside has only completed 1 NFL pass in his career, good luck with that if Ryan should go down…

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