Jalen Ramsey directs ire at Dave Caldwell for meeting that led to Jaguars trade request

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The end of Jalen Ramsey‘s tenure in Jacksonville was fairly well chronicled at the time of his departure from the team n 2019.

A meeting with Jaguars’ brass irked Ramsey to the point of a trade demand that led to him being dealt to the Los Angeles Rams in October of that year.

Ramsey said at the time some “disrespectful things” were said toward him in that meeting and he called his agent to demand a trade after the interaction. While Ramsey and several members of the Jaguars weren’t particularly fond of team president Tom Coughlin at the time either, Ramsey said that it was former team General Manager Dave Caldwell who delivered the disrespectful comments.

In the Catching Fades podcast with former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib, Ramsey said the meeting involved team owner Shad Khan, Tony Khan, Coughlin and Caldwell. The meeting came after a disagreement between Ramsey and head coach Doug Marrone during a game against the Houston Texans. Ramsey said Tony Khan asked him to come to a meeting with him and his father and was caught by surprise by the attendance of Coughlin and Caldwell as well.

“I get in the office and it’s Tony, Shad, Tom Coughlin, and Dave Caldwell,” Ramsey said. “It’s four of them in there and then it’s just me and they were like standing like in a semi-circle just all looking at me. So I’m hot now, like, first of all, you told me it was just you and pops and now I’m in here [with Coughlin and Caldwell as well].

“Shad started to speak first and was very respectful. You know ‘Jalen we got a lot of respect for you, we’ve got a lot of respect for your game’ this, that whoop-de-whoop… ‘Are you and Doug going to be good? We don’t want anything going on between a key player and our head coach.’ I’m like ‘We good. It is what it is and that’s just part of the game. We’re moving on.

“Tom Coughlin didn’t say nothing the whole time. He was just sitting there staring at me, like trying to give me one of those little ‘I’m going to intimidate you’ kind of looks, but I don’t care about none of that. So I’m just sitting there staring right at him too. Tony said something, too, and was real respectful, again. Basically repeated what his dad said and kind of kept it moving like ‘Man we really think y’all should talk before anybody talks to the media. Y’all two should talk just to make sure y’all good and maybe you need to apologize to him.’

“And then I told him, I said ‘Respectfully, I’m not about to apologize to him.’ I said, ‘That’s a part of the game. Emotions get high and we might get into it. It ain’t no beef, ain’t nothing going on between us. Me and coach good. We’ve always been good. I ain’t about to apologize to him for having high emotions during the game.’ He was like ‘OK, I respect it. Just think about it.’

And that’s when the conversation went another direction altogether, per Ramsey.

“So then Dave Caldwell, who was the GM at the time, he took the total opposite — I guess they were in there playing good cop, bad cop. He took the total opposite approach,” Ramsey said. “He started cussing and started trying to cuss me out, like ‘You need to go [expletive] apologize.’

“I said ‘No, that ain’t happening.’ And then he said something else, but I forgot what he said. You know how when you’re in shock sometimes, you give like that little laugh, like ‘He’s crazy.’ So, I gave him a little grin and he’s like ‘Oh, is this funny to you?’ And I just started shaking my head, and then he was like, ‘Well, just get the [expletive] out!’ And he opened the door, and I just walked out like laughing a little bit, and he slammed the door behind me.”

That’s when Ramsey called his agent and decided it was time for him to leave.

“You [his agent] can call them and tell them or I’ll walk in tomorrow in the morning and I’ll go talk to them about it and I’ll tell them,” Ramsey said.

Approximately a month later, Ramsey was traded to the Rams.

22 responses to “Jalen Ramsey directs ire at Dave Caldwell for meeting that led to Jaguars trade request

  1. ” So I’m hot now, like, first of all, you told me it was just you and pops and now I’m in here [with Coughlin and Caldwell as well].”

    I called it when I read Tony’s immature tweets at Yannick. The whole front office is a problem and Tony clearly is a silver spoon fed kid that never earned anything so he doesn’t know how to deal with people and was definitely part of the reason that players wanted out. Even if Dave Caldwell was the final nail in the coffin, a simple thing like lying about who is going to be at a meeting puts the credibility of you and whoever/whatever you represent in question. If you’re in any time of managerial position, do NOT do that.

    As in the “regular” job market, where people have the skill sets to easily leave and go somewhere else, they have and will go – and clearly the NFL isn’t exempt from that reality based on the mass exodus that Jags had.

  2. I believe Jalen Ramsey..the management in the NFL. Has so many things slanted in their direction..(non guaranteed contracts the main one)..that they are disrespectful of the players..what they forget is that when they are dealing with the top players Ie Aaron Rodgers ..Jalen Ramsey…even Jamal Adams they have options..That’s why people like Coughlin and Caldwell are dinasaurs

  3. Awwwwwww poor Jalen got yelled at by his boss for acting like a child so he threw a tantrum and quit how sad.

  4. He was a great player for several years. Certainly took it to the Steelers twice. What he has to realize is that his skills will fade and pushing the agenda of what went wrong with ownership isn’t a way to keep playing when you find yourself on the downside of your career.

  5. Man, I defended Caldwell over, and over, and over, and over… Sure some of his picks (especially earlier rounds) didn’t pan out, but at the time of the draft they were considered A or A+, etc. But, if this is true… Dude. I’m done defending and I’m moving on to blaming. You did Duval wrong, Dave.

  6. And thank you very much Caldwell and Jalen for being sensitive. Thanks to the both of you we have Trevor and Urban. Jalen is good enough to have gotten us another win last year had he somehow been on this team and Doug was Doug as Bills fans would certainly agree. Thank you so much all involved!!! DUUUVVVALLLLL! TLAW!!!!

  7. That’s one version! Maybe true, maybe not. Whatever the story you can bet it wasn’t Jalen’s fault, according to Jalen. It may be Caldwell, Marone or even his team mates on the field but when anything happens it is never Jalen’s.

  8. He’s a great player but Ramsey will never own up to any wrong doing. He’s one of the most narcissistic people in the NFL…….. it’s also part of what makes him great

  9. I have been in many meetings where the boss or bosses walk in and want to take part. Welcome to business! And poor Jalen got his feelings hurt because his GM cussed at him for disrupting his head coach on national television? Jalen then became a quitter, liar, faker, and we don’t miss the diva at all. The Jags are in much better shape now as his current team is heading for a salary cap disintegration in the near future.

  10. Jimmy Johnson said, it’s hogwash that every player on a team should be treated the same. You have some key superstars that are just different. Period. Jalen Ramsey is a superstar on any team in the NFL. What is Dave Maroney? What has he done as a head coach? It does sound like the good cop bad cop stuff and Ramsey doesn’t appear to be the type of guy to lie about it. He is naming names. The NFL better recognize this is a new era of player and adjust accordingly. These younger coaches are more in tuned to todays players. I hate the Dallas cowpokes, but Jimmy Johnson was ahead of the game decades ago and won at every single level. Managing that dynamic is key as a head coach.

  11. Good grief. My least favorite word in the NFL- “respect” and Jalen beats it even further to death. If a contract offer is too low in his head- shows “disrespect”, not getting his input “disrespect”, etc., etc.

    “Respect” is code for an entitled person didn’t get his or her way and doesn’t like it. The world is tough that way.

  12. I just got more respect for Ramsey. After the owner had his say, Ramsey said he and the coach were good. The coach didn’t contradict that. It should have ended there. But, the GM had to be the tough guy, I suppose to impress the bosses. What the GM did was over the line. I would have done exactly what Ramsey did in that situation. That front office was not only inept, but toxic.

  13. It was sooooo disrespectful that he refused to ever play for the franchise again and got traded because of it. But he can’t remember what was said???? That sounds a lot like “I’m making this up”. Sorry. But he’d remember

  14. Wtf…he plays in la he cant btch now. In the old days belechek, walsh etc… would have dumped your butt and 1000 guys would jump to take your place. They diont need you , so move on already.

  15. Unless Ramsey was very abusive to Marrone, GM Caldwell blew it big time. Most coaches and GMs know that you do not talk to elite talents/difference-makers that way, or they will walk. There are limits, of course, and you don’t want to let these individuals ruin your locker room atmosphere either, but Ramsey was not close to that line. No wonder that front office/GM failed badly.

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