Kenyan Drake: Raiders offense is “going to space” in 2021


The Raiders ended last season with a top 10 offense, finishing No. 8 in yards and No. 10 in scoring.

But even after last year’s leading wide receiver Nelson Agholor departed the franchise to sign with the Patriots, one of the team’s 2021 signees feels the club is on track to be even better in the coming season.

Running back Kenyan Drake has been discussed as a potential wild card on the Las Vegas offense, potentially lining up at receiver in addition to spelling presumed starting RB Josh Jacobs. In a Friday interview with NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, Drake said he feels he’ll get to be a more well-rounded player in Southern Nevada.

“Up to this point in my career from Alabama, really started from high school because I played a little receiver, I kind of came out as an athlete. Then going to Alabama, obviously with being there, I was able to play a little receiver as well,” Drake said. “But then playing in Miami, I came in as a third-down back. Going to Arizona, I was mostly used as a first- or second-down back. Now I just feel like it’s a full-circle situation where I can kind of come in, obviously spell Josh in that situation, be a first- or second-down back, prove I can do that, come in and be a third-down back in certain situations and also play a little receiver. So like I said, I just feel like it’s come real full-circle for me in my career and I just kind of look forward to putting it all together.”

As someone who enjoys discussing space exploration, Drake also joked that the Las Vegas’ offense is “going to space” in the coming year.

“I feel like we’re definitely taking off to another trajectory, you know what I mean?” he said.

If the Raiders do take off and become a top-five offense, Drake will likely be a big part of the equation. He set a career-high in 2020 with 955 yards rushing and 10 rushing TDs. He caught 25 passes for 137 yards. Back in 2018, he caught a career-high 53 passes for 477 yards with the Dolphins.

10 responses to “Kenyan Drake: Raiders offense is “going to space” in 2021

  1. The space between the 20s? Because Gruden’s redzone play calling is horrible.

  2. Always hear of offensive players on a new teams open their mouths on how great their offense will be………..then by week 3, the team can’t score and they have only a few touches.

  3. The beauty of the offseason: Every player is going to have a career year and every team is going to win 10+ games.

  4. That “underwhelming” offense was good enough to almost sweep KC last year. And we’ll get it done this season.

  5. Surge92 says:
    July 16, 2021 at 11:48 am

    That “underwhelming” offense was good enough to almost sweep KC last year. And we’ll get it done this season.


    I don’t think the Chiefs care you beat them while the Raiders were watching them from the couch during the post season. 🙂

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