Richard Sherman: I am deeply remorseful, I vow to get the help I need

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Free agent cornerback Richard Sherman has issued a statement expressing regret following an incident on Tuesday night for which he was arrested both for driving under the influence and for attempting to break into his wife’s parents’ house.

“I am deeply remorseful for my actions on Tuesday night,” Sherman wrote. “I behaved in a manner I am not proud of. I have been dealing with some personal challenges over the last several months, but that is not an excuse for how I acted. The importance of mental and emotional health is extremely real and I vow to get the help I need. I appreciate all of the people who have reached out in support of me and my family, including our community here in Seattle. I am grateful to have such an amazing wife, family and support system to lean on during this time.”

The 33-year-old Sherman played the last three seasons for the 49ers and seven seasons before that for the Seahawks. He hasn’t signed since becoming a free agent in March.

It is unclear whether Sherman will play in the NFL this season, or if he’ll be taking time away from the game to address those challenges he referenced.

38 responses to “Richard Sherman: I am deeply remorseful, I vow to get the help I need

  1. Alcohol has always been the key that opens the Pandora’s box that is our inner demons.

  2. This ain’t about football anymore, hopefully he gets his head straightened out. Those videos were frightening

  3. Sometimes the inner pain is so intense that you see things with only your side of the equation.
    The problem with alcohol is that you may act with only your side of the equation.

  4. Go to treatment, find a sponsor, work a program… sobriety can be the biggest gift for a tortured soul. Get clean my brother, you got this.

  5. I wish anyone with similar issues the best, but then again… you reap what you sow.

  6. definitely rooting for Sherm – this whole incident seemed very out of character from the start.

  7. Not a Sherman fan at all but good for him being accountable for his actions. Good luck to him.

  8. Probably tainted because I like him, but I believe he is sincere, and also believe he will get the help he needs.

    Tough road ahead, but better for him and those around him.

  9. I’m glad to see that Sherman is taking responsibility for his actions. It’s a breath of fresh air from the usual denials that we hear from others in similar situations.

    I wish you good luck, Richard.

  10. Why should he not play?
    Even if he gets a suspension for 4 games he should be able to joining a playoff team at the halfway point (for a lower salary of course)

  11. Sounds like hes owning up to it. Everyone makes mistakes. Its how we correct the issue that makes the man

  12. “Alcohol – the answer to and cause of most of life’s problems.” Homer Simpson

  13. I hope with all of the discipline, determination, stamina, and dedication he has displayed over the years as a player, he can conquor these challenges!
    It’s a different kind of challenge, but Damn–if anyone can do it, He can!

  14. Excessive prescription drugs and alcohol leads to a bad situation. Good luck Sherm…

  15. I know the easy thing to do is to pile on…and believe I want to with Sherman, but all that does is make me feel better and accomplish nothing. Thankfully I’ve had people in my life who didn’t do this when I screwed up many times…and its people like that you never forget. I’m rooting for Richard Sherman.

  16. Nothing about the video suggests his problem is drugs or alcohol, but rather that it’s because he is Richard Sherman. Glad to know a judge watched that and decided he is a “pillar of the community.”

  17. Among the top five headlines on here:

    Richard Sherman: I am deeply remorseful, and I vow to get the help I need.
    Richard Sherman pleads “not guilty” to all five misdeameanor charges.

  18. His rages and tirades during his career were clues that not all is emotionally or psychologically right. Hopefully he can learn how to control his anger and other issues going forward.

  19. Dude deserves a second chance and I hope the the Chargers sign him for this season.

  20. If only Russell had handed the ball off instead of tried that foolish pass, Sherman and so many Hawks fans wouldn’t be dealing with these demons.

  21. Seems to me that if he really wanted to put this to rest and put it behind him, he would plead guilty and not prolong the court appearances.
    I really don’t know if he thinks that video is going to exonerate him.

  22. get better Sherman so I can go back to hating you as a 49’er! :))) I’ll always loved and respected you as a person which is what ultimately counts. Football is just a game….and in football it’s fun to have villains. I loved ya as a villain when you were with the Hawks and now I have a “fun” hate of you as a villain for going to our arch rival. And as a fan I hate to say this….but as a person I have to say I’ve always admired how intelligent your are and your values. Your young and I know this journey will make you stronger and a better person. Best wishes to you unless you’re in Seattle wearing another uniform! :)))

  23. Also, anyone thinking Sherman won’t play again is delusional. The man can ball. What happened in WA has nothing to do with football.

  24. I am deeply remoseful…that I did not notice the cameras that recorded me going bonkers.

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