Ted Ginn retires

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Ted Ginn is calling it a career.

Ginn, the longtime wide receiver who played for six different NFL teams, announced his retirement today.

The 36-year-old Ginn entered the NFL with the Dolphins as the ninth overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft. Although he never became the complete receiver the Dolphins hoped he would be, he showed impressive staying power in a lengthy NFL career, good deep speed and significant contributions on special teams.

Ginn played three years in Miami, followed by three in San Francisco, one in Carolina, one in Arizona, two more in Carolina, three in New Orleans and one in Chicago, where he played sparingly last year in his final NFL season.

Ginn retires with 412 catches for 5,742 yards and 33 touchdowns plus 262 punt returns for 2,624 yards and four touchdowns, and 307 kickoff returns for 6,899 yards and three touchdowns. His 15,749 career all-purpose yards are the fourth-most in the NFL since 2007, behind only Darren Sproles, Adrian Peterson and Frank Gore.

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  1. That’s a nice long career in a league where most players are lucky to play till age 30.

  2. Would never have guessed him to have that many all purpose yards.

    Was a dog at OSU and had a very solid NFL career

  3. 14 NFL year career. 100% of high school and college football players, would kill for that longevity. Kudos to Ted.

  4. Along with the fam. You were always labelled a disappointment in Miami but I’ll never forget when you returned those kicks over the jets. Still makes me all fuzzy inside

  5. Don’t rushing yards count? Emmitt Smith has over 18k. Walter Payton has over 16k. I think Ginn is farther down the list than you are saying.

  6. Deserves more recognition and accolades than he got as a saint, perhaps due to dropping passes a little bit more often than he should. Was a good go to when Thomas was covered, and a decent deep threat when Brees still had the arm (relatively)for it.

  7. Don’t count him out. If someone team goes down with an injurie at WR his phone will ring. A Cleveland man. I’m rooting for him.

  8. pftpoetneedstogetsome says:
    July 16, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    I legit thought he retired 5 years ago
    Partially correct. His hands did.

  9. The Ted Ginn pick for the Dolphins came out of the blue as everybody in the world thought they were going to take Brady Quinn. Ted Ginn had a very nice career and should be very proud.

  10. O-H! What a great career. I’ll never forget when he was taken over Brady Quinn and people lost their minds.

    I was always worried when he was returning kicks against my Patriots. Finn always seemed to find the right seems

  11. For a Dolphins number 1 draft pick to last this long in the NFL is miraculous.
    He was too good for us.
    Good luck in retirement Ted

  12. Ted Ginn was one of the best return guys I’ve ever seen. He was a game changer. Most return guys aren’t worth a roster spot unless they can play a position, but Ginn was one of the few that were. Teams played him as a WR, and that wasn’t really his strength, so he was criticized, but he’s one of the most awesome open field runners of all time.

  13. Dolphins fans did not hate Ginn when he was drafted. They hated he was drafted at #9 overall. Trade down, gets some picks and draft him later…where he was slotted to go as primarily a kick returner. And that is what he turned out to be.

  14. Last year, before he was cut by the Bears they had him returning punts. He had great speed avoiding fielding and returning punts.

  15. Carved out a nice career for a dude who flopped as a top 10 pick, Is carved out a nice career as a gadget player and speed merchant

  16. Good for him. I honestly thought he had retired years ago. Glad he was able to hang in there as long as he did. Nice career.

  17. A great career.

    Back to Cleveland’s East side and take over Glenville High School football and track when his legendary father retires?

    Ted Sr @ 65 now. Plenty of time for Ted Jr to ease into the role.

  18. Don’t forget his family…. congrats to Ted Ginnn.. but you shoulda never been a Dolphin brother

  19. One of the great all time burners. I can remember watching many games throughout the years where Ted ginn broke the game open late.

  20. Ted was very highly regarded coming out of college but never really became the domineering player many expected he would be.

  21. this guy was always overhated. never understood why. he was a dual threat with blazing speed. 14 years is a great run.

  22. Don’t rushing yards count? Emmitt Smith has over 18k. Walter Payton has over 16k. I think Ginn is farther down the list than you are saying.

    They prefaced this by stating since 2007 which is the year he was drafted.

  23. NFL coaches love speed. Can’t coach it and everyone has a max. If you have speed you will be in the league. Which is why so many don’t last as it is one of the hardest things for a athlete to keep up.

  24. One of the best touchdown celebrations ever, cellphone behind the goalpost padding

  25. edmcgon says:
    July 16, 2021 at 6:58 pm
    Don’t rushing yards count? Emmitt Smith has over 18k. Walter Payton has over 16k. I think Ginn is farther down the list than you are saying.


    Did you read the article? Since 2007. Pretty sure Smith & Payton retired a few years earlier than that.

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