Jaydon Mickens facing two misdemeanors from his March arrest

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Buccaneers receiver Jaydon Mickens faces two misdemeanors stemming from his March arrest, TMZ Sports reports.

Police arrested Mickens on March 5 after officers found a concealed firearm during a traffic stop. He was pulled over because the tint on his car was too dark.

The gun charges carry a maximum of one year in jail if convicted.

Mickens played 10 regular-season games and all four postseason games for the Buccaneers last season. He was their primary returner and also played 75 offensive snaps.

The team said in a statement after his arrest that it was monitoring the situation.

Mickens, 27, could face NFL discipline.

3 responses to “Jaydon Mickens facing two misdemeanors from his March arrest

  1. Too bad, he was a pretty good story..IIRC, he was a tryout guy with the Jaguars and was sleeping in his car. He made the team as a returner and did a pretty good job, moving on to the Bucs. Now he’s just a footnote, soon to be forgotten.

  2. I’ve got no issue with a millionaire player wanting protection.

    Now the real question is why did over-tinted windows required a search of the vehicle? Shouldn’t it be a ticket/warning? Or did he mouth off causing the cops to investigate more?

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