With Hall of Fame enshrinement coming, Jimbo Covert talks up 1985 Bears teammates

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Former Bears offensive lineman Jimbo Covert will be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame next month, but rather than basking in the adoration himself, he’s turning the spotlight on some of his teammates from the 1985 Bears team that some consider the best in NFL history.

Covert told reporters this week that he wants to see former Bears defensive tackle Steve McMichael enshrined in Canton. McMichael, who was recently diagnosed with ALS, went head-to-head with Covert many times in practice, and Covert said that was tougher than the games.

“In my opinion, there was a four- or five-year period there in the mid-80s when no one played the inside position better,” Covert said of McMichael, via the Chicago Sun-Times.

Covert also said that Walter Payton, the 1985 Bears’ biggest star, was an incredible teammate.

“From the very first day, he treated everybody like family,” Covert said of Payton. “It didn’t matter if you were a first-round pick or a free agent. He just had this unique ability to talk to you.”

And Covert has chosen another 1985 Bears teammate, running back, Matt Suhey, to introduce him at his enshrinement ceremony.

12 responses to “With Hall of Fame enshrinement coming, Jimbo Covert talks up 1985 Bears teammates

  1. Steve McMichael, despite his wild man reputation, is one of the nicest athletes I’ve ever met. My wife and I met him at a charitable event and we spent 15 minutes or so discussing how tough it is to raise daughters. Really a wonderful guy, a monster athlete and overall a person who should be in the Hall.

    Of the Bears not in the Hall, Jay Hilgenberg boggles me. He was one of the dominant centers of his era and was a key to those great Bears teams. He also deserves his place in the Hall.

  2. Covert could play, but Schafrath, Neely, Gray, Jacoby, Kenn and Kunz chould have gotten in before him …

  3. I am a diehard Packer fan… and I hate the Bears, but I must admit, I secretly love the 1985 Bears team. Can you imagine what a hoot it would be to have a team like that (both dominant, and the characters on it) to cheer for??? Prayers for Mongo.

  4. The ’85 Bears might be the best all time NFL team, and Covert also played on the ’80 Pitt Panthers, which is right up there with the best college teams of all time.

  5. That 85 Bears team was very fortunate they avoided playing The Dolphins in the SB, very fortunate!

  6. Happy for Covert. He was a special talent that shut down the likes of LT in big games. Glad to see him get his due.

  7. Only one quarterback beat that team, that year:

    Dan Marino.

    This coming from a devoted,Dolphin-hating, Patriots fan since 1975.

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