Randy Gregory felt he “got robbed of a year” by defensive staff’s favoritism of Aldon Smith

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Randy Gregory has not played much since the Cowboys made him a second-round choice in 2015, missing 52 games while suspended. But the pass rusher should have played more than he did last season.

He saw action on only 271 defensive snaps in 10 games after returning from a fourth career suspension. Only twice in 2020 did Gregory play more than 40 defensive snaps with 44 a season high.

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, defensive line coach Jim Tomsula and pass rusher Aldon Smith are gone from the 2020 team, meaning Gregory will play more this season.

“I felt there was a little bit of favoritism going on, . . . refusing to let me outshine their favorite,” Gregory told Dan Pompei of TheAthletic.com. “They knew I could do it, so they did what they could to keep me at bay. I had my times when I was angry. I used to talk to [agent] Peter [Schaffer] about it, and the best thing I could do was just go out there on the field with the plays they give me and make those plays worth it. I did that, but I truly felt I got robbed of a year last year.”

Mike Fisher of SI.com has reported that owner Jerry Jones — who long has held Gregory in high regard — confronted head coach Mike McCarthy in a staff meeting last season about why Gregory wasn’t playing more. New defensive coordinator Dan Quinn wondered the same after joining the staff and watching film of last season.

“I was surprised he didn’t play more,” Quinn said. “I brought it up to Mike. He was at the top of the list for me as far as defining a role. His playing time is going to increase, for sure. I think he’s going to really take off.”

After allowing the most points in team history, the Cowboys fired Nolan and Tomsula. Smith left as a free agent for Seattle in April.

Gregory, who has openly talked about his social anxiety disorder, should get the best chance he has ever had to put his best foot forward this season.

18 responses to “Randy Gregory felt he “got robbed of a year” by defensive staff’s favoritism of Aldon Smith

  1. How many games has Randy Gregory robbed himself of? If Gregory can put a whole, productive season together without being suspended, maybe the coaches can have some confidence that Randy has finally grown up.

  2. Don’t worry Randy you were not the only person in the Dallas locker rooms that
    Wondered what Your defensive coordinator was thinking. The Cowboys defense
    was awful last year. The players never seemed to be on same page.
    It was also a obvious that the coaching staff was favoring players who
    were not getting it done.
    Nolan was a huge mistake as a defensive coordinator. What was depressing to fans
    was it seemed like the head coach did not recognize how the Cowboys defense
    was getting killed. Watch the Ravens game …first Ravens possession ..fourth and 2 ..
    Who do you focus on? The play resulted in a 37 TD yard run by the Ravens QB.
    Anyone who played the Ravens..knows to stop their QB first …keep him in pocket.
    The Cowboys looked lost in that game and in most others.
    Hopefully Mike Smith can at least line up the defense and recognize who to stop.
    He actually can’t be worse. I have never seen a team so confused on defense
    as the Cowboys were last year. The new coordinator needs to put a solid game plan
    together and hold players to a standard ….if they make a mistake …they pay the price ..
    this was obviously missing last year.

  3. Good grief. It would figure that two members of the NFL’s prison farm team (Western division) would be whining over which one got playing time. Aldon Smith was no angel, but from what I remember, Gregory is a bigger dirtbag. Now the BIG DIRT feels he was left out in the cold. You can’t make this up.

    Over in the Eastern Division of the NFL’s prison farm team, the Baltimore Blackbirds, there is opportunities out there to acquire Yip Yap who recently padded his resume of dirty deeds in his post Seattle and San Fran stops. Yip yap is a perfect level of dirtbag that would go well with the team’s continued roster of men of questionable character.

  4. First off, RG should just be happy and thankful he was on an active roster at that point, but I think the real story here is being missed.
    Aldon Smith was a feel good story to start off the season, Dallas turned away legit trade offers for him at the deadline.
    Rumors have floated around, but what’s the real story? What happened around for Thanksgiving that caused Dallas to eventually walk in FA?
    Did Smith have an off the field altercation?
    No one is doubting how strong AS came out of the gates, but seriously, why did it go down hill for him?
    Jay Glazer, once Aldon’s biggest cheerleader, has been noticeably silent since Turkey day

  5. Last season’s over, go prove yourself what they missed out on, only now matters

  6. Aldon Smith was and is better than Randy Gregory. (period). Micah Parsons and Jaylon Smith will be used to come off the edge and both will probably have more sacks than him. He should shut up and produce, but I don’t see it, and I really don’t care to see another story about how he’s gonna have a breakout season. If he has 15 sacks this year, it would be a break even season, but I predict another 3 1/2.

  7. PS He’s talking smack about a team’s coaching decision, a team that has wasted time, money, and a second round draft pick to stand by him. I think he would be lucky to be on the field on 3rd downs. In fact, I think he should feel lucky to have a chance to be on the field at all!

  8. Just think when draft projectors had him going 5th overall to Washington but we drafted Brandon Scheriff instead,,,he wouldn’t have lasted the whole season with coach Rivera,,,ask Dwayne haskins,,,

  9. I’m perfectly willing to give Gregory his social anxiety disorder, and accept it’s legit. But man, he has endless resources at his disposal and I’m sure Jerry would do just about anything to help him to avoid suspensions.

    He’s let his team down by missing 54 games, so being grumpy about playing time last year is more than a little hypocritical.

  10. I’m a cowboy fan and feel like Randy Gregory has been robbing this team since they drafted him…

  11. What an idiot. Just shut up and play, and be thankful that your natural ability is greater than your stupidity.

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