Charles Woodson: I couldn’t hold it together when I found out I’m in the Hall of Fame

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Charles Woodson had such a long and impressive career that his selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame seemed like a foregone conclusion. But Woodson was still shaken when he found out it was official.

Woodson said that when Hall of Fame President David Baker told him he was going to have a bust in Canton, he broke down.

I couldn’t hold it together when I found out. You tell yourself you won’t cry, but when the moment comes, it’s real,” Woodson said, via Ed Graney of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “When [Baker] comes up, you know what that means, and it hits you. When I turned around and saw my two boys and my wife and my mom . . . I tried to hold it back, but when the emotions are real and raw, you have to let the tears flow. I felt like I had been running all my life. So as soon as David Baker left the house, I went and ran like a mile, mile and a half. I just had to get that last one out of the way.”

Woodson said he hopes he’s remembered as a player who never gave anything less than 100 percent effort.

“I was a guy each and every week who gave it all I had,” he said. “It didn’t matter if I was healthy or not. Broken leg in the playoffs. Dislocated my shoulder in the opening week of my 18th year and playing a full season. I left it all on the field. That’s what I want people to remember and say about me — there’s a reason he’s in the Hall of Fame.”

5 responses to “Charles Woodson: I couldn’t hold it together when I found out I’m in the Hall of Fame

  1. Much respect from a lifelong Buckeye fan, and alumni. Obviously hated him at UM, but gained respect over time. Congrats!

  2. This guy was a disappointment in Oakland for the early part of his career.

    It’s they walked. He became better after he left.

    Anyone know why some players get in and some other comparable or better players don’t? It’s like the rock and roll hall of fame in terms of fhe politics of it.

  3. Charles also cried at halftime of Super Bowl 45. He broke his collar bone defending a pass just before half. He spoke to the team in tears: “I just let them know how much I wanted it.”

    The Packers went out and got Wood the only ring of his career. So sweet were the 7 years Wood had in TitleTown. Career making years.



  4. Ridiculous skills.
    Heisman season: 8 INTs and 5 tackles-for-loss (plus offense and kick returns) as a college junior.
    NFL: 65 career INTs.

    But I am really amazed at what he did on the back end:
    4 INTS at age 38 (2014)
    5 INTs at age 39 (2015)

  5. @touchback6 Pro bowler in his first 4 season’s (2 1st Team All Pro’s) and apparently he was an early disappointment? Too funny.

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