Green Bay’s local revenue losses show how bad 2020 was for the NFL

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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The Packers lost $38.8 million in 2020. That’s a big number, but not nearly as big as the number flowing from the losses due to the absence of fans in the stands.

The Packers suffered local revenue losses of $149.1 million last year, a staggering amount that highlights the multiple billion in losses throughout the league due to the presence of limited or no fans at games.

The team’s national revenue actually increased by 4.5 percent, underscoring the coast-to-coast financial heft of the NFL. Locally, however, the team suffered a 70.7-percent plunge, from $211 million to $62 million.

That will change this year, assuming that the plans for full capacity at 272 games will come to fruition. Given the current increases in infection rates and the lingering resistance by many to getting vaccinated, the Delta variant could complicate plans to welcome fans back to the various venues.

Although the national revenue will continue to flow for the NFL and its 32 teams, the restoration of the local revenue streams will become critical for all franchises. The next two months could be critical to the question of whether and to what extent and actually will be present for games.

8 responses to “Green Bay’s local revenue losses show how bad 2020 was for the NFL

  1. 4 billion lost. Their MNF contract from 2011-2019 was 13 billion. These owners are seething for a greedy rebound for years to come.

  2. At this point the vaccine is avaialable to all. If some choose not to have it, that is their choice. Those who want the vaccine can get it. There is no logical reason to limit crowds or enforce any covid regluations at this point with a vaccine available to those who would like to take that route.

  3. It’s not surprising. Every team in the league is in cap hell except for one.

  4. Things can’t get as bad as last year, because most of the population has been smart enough to get vaccinated. They can get sick, but few will be sick enough to die or even be hospitalized. As for the rest, they made their choice, and besides money is more important than lives these days. As with the Olympics, the show must go on!

  5. Seems like we got a full season and a lot of fans saved some money.
    Seems like a recipe moving forward as we need money more than owners.

  6. The fact that the pack lost $149M in local revenue (like most teams), yet only suffered a paper loss of $39M just shows how much TV and other revenue that NFL teams make — and that’s with the old TV contracts.

  7. Look for 38 plus losses over the next three years for the team as well…

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