Peyton Manning’s production company agrees to deal with ESPN for alternate MNF broadcasts

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For years, ESPN’s wish has been to have Peyton Manning in the Monday Night Football booth. Manning has spurned those offers, but he will have a role in Monday Night Football going forward.

ESPN announced today that Manning and his Omaha Productions company will partner with ESPN on alternate broadcasts that will features both Peyton and Eli Manning.

The Peyton and Eli MegaCast will air on ESPN2 while the regular broadcast airs on ESPN (and sometimes ABC). Peyton and Eli will work remotely, bring in their own guests and have more of a conversation, rather than a standard broadcast with play-by-play and color commentary from a booth in the stadium.

“This partnership with ESPN and The Walt Disney Company reflects an ongoing, shared commitment to offering fans fun, innovative content,” Peyton Manning said in a statement. “ESPN+ has been a terrific partner for Omaha Productions as we built out The Places franchise and we’re excited to co-create a new MegaCast format that will have something for everyone.”

Steve Levy, Brian Griese, Louis Riddick remain in the ESPN booth.

4 responses to “Peyton Manning’s production company agrees to deal with ESPN for alternate MNF broadcasts

  1. Another Manning money grab. I’ll ignore this one just like I’ll ignore ESPN+’s over-priced UFC fights.

  2. Got to hand it to Peyton. I didn’t see that one coming. I thought we were relegated to another few years of Peyton stories and the MNF booth rumors. Peyton said he’d rather stay home and do his own thing. Bravo!

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