Report: Nearly 70 percent of Cowboys players are fully vaccinated

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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The Cowboys’ charter leaves for training camp Tuesday, so they aren’t getting to the NFL’s 85 percent vaccination threshold before practice begins. But the team is moving closer.

Last week, a report indicated the Cowboys had only recently gotten 50 percent of their players vaccinated. They now are “close to 70 percent,” Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News reports.

It is unclear how close “close” is.

Still, it is not the 85 percent necessary for relaxed COVID-19 protocols.

Teams are required to have some method of easily identifying vaccinated individuals, using color-coded wristbands, credentials or another similar method. Fully vaccinated players face relaxed protocols for 2021.

Unvaccinated players are required to undergo daily testing, to wear masks and to practice social distancing. They are prohibited from eating meals with teammates, from using the sauna or steam room and from leaving the team hotel while traveling for road games.