Report: Stephon Gilmore would take “one-year jump in salary to make this work”

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A report Monday morning indicated the Patriots and cornerback Stephon Gilmore have made no recent progress on a contract extension.

So what happens now with Patriots’ veterans scheduled to report to training camp July 27?

Michael Giardi of NFL Media reports Gilmore’s “side is open to a multi-year extension but would also be willing to take a one-year jump in salary – with free agency looming next season – to make this work. There is still time to hammer out an agreement.” The phrase “to make this work” presumably means Gilmore won’t report without a bump in pay.

Gilmore did not attend New England’s offseason program, including the team’s mandatory minicamp.

Gilmore recently told reporter Josina Anderson he wants to be paid what he’s worth. He is scheduled to make $7 million in base salary in 2021 after the Patriots moved up $5 million of his contract to 2020.

The 2019 defensive player of the year still is recovering from surgery to repair his partially torn quad, an injury that sent Gilmore to injured reserve the last month of the season.

17 responses to “Report: Stephon Gilmore would take “one-year jump in salary to make this work”

  1. so he missed the “mandatory” minicamp because of an injury then and not because he’s holding out?

  2. In order to command a good contract in free agency next year Gilmore has to play well this year to justify it. The Patriots have the leverage and the sooner that Gilmore realizes that then the better for both sides.

  3. In years past I would say “trade him to Cleveland” but in 2021 it would be a good thing to go from the Pats to the Browns.

  4. Nothing surprises me with the Patriots, and all predictions of how this will play out are nothing more than a wild guess. That said, JC Jackson is probably the one who’s going to get the long term deal next season, not Gilmore this season. Throwing some one time cash to him and then letting him walk after the season (and receiving a 3rd round compensatory pick) would make some sense. The only problem is whatever they do to sweeten the pot now is going to count as dead money against the cap next season (from the way I understand it, but please correct me if I’m wrong). They’ll still be a good D without him, but I’d sure feel more comfortable week #4 with Gilmore out there.

  5. So he got them to pay him $5M in advance and then he says he’s being under paid. Oh, ok.

  6. Stephen, you’re on the wrong team to play this card. You want salary bumps and feel unappreciated then next off season tell your agent you want out BEFORE the draft so teams can decide to choose vet/rookie and consider you.

  7. This guy can’t be serious. Yeah I’m sure that would work for you Gilmore but I am going to go out on a limb and say that deal wouldn’t work for the Patriots

  8. This will get done for this year and its easy, especially after his latest comments. Just give him $5MM incentives based strictly on his playing time. If he’s healthy and on the field then he’ll get every penny of it. Fills his need for a raise, while protecting the Pats from any injury concerns. As it is he’ll likely start TC on PUP.

    PTW – The list of 32 year old all pro CB’s is so short, it doesn’t exist, so a long term deal at elite prices would be really dumb. Let him test FA next season. I think he’ll find out that 31 other teams are aware of that 32 year old lest thing too.

  9. He got his bump last year and played like trash time to move on swnd him packing and use that money else where 7mil isnt peanuts.

  10. These contracts are not always what they appear..I’ll bet if you take the total amount of his contract and divide it by the years he’s played it amounts to a lot more than $7million..he has gotten upfront money and signing bonuses etc…the $7million is what’s left..he wants to look at this year in a vacuum..

  11. He didn’t look that good last season and then got injured. He’s 31 years old and there’s no telling what he’s going to look like this year. At best I give him an incentive laden one year contract to bring him close to market and let him prove himself.

  12. He’s going to have to settle for that one year bump because no one is going to pay him what he wants coming off that quad injury…. He’s going to have to prove that he is 100% or take less.

  13. I recall his deal was thought to be very expensive back when it was signed. Just because the last year is the cheapest doesn’t mean they should hand over more money. That’s how long-term deals with huge signing bonuses work.

    And I don’t think they will give him more money, because if the Patriots hold their ground, Gilmore has two choices iirc – retire, or play as hard as possible to make the free agency $$$ next year.

  14. His cap hit is already 16.3 million this year & his actual salary counts as 7.9 million of that….. his 5 year contract was 65 million averaging 13 million per year…. He’s gotten all of that money already EXCEPT the 7.9 million this year, so he really isn’t looking at this years salary as it TRULY IS….. he’s over 30 coming off an injury…. He needs to prove himself healthy & play for a contract in FA next year…. I wouldn’t give him a bump or extension at this stage…

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