Ryan Fitzpatrick: This is the best situation I’ve ever had as ‘the guy’

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Ryan Fitzpatrick has started 146 career games, and he has played for eight teams.

The quarterback this season is the unquestioned starter for his ninth team, and Fitzpatrick rates Washington as the best opportunity he has had in his now 17-year career.

“This is the best situation I’ve ever been in or the best situation that I’ve ever gone into as the guy,” Fitzpatrick said during an appearance on the ESPN Daily podcast, via NFL Media. “I signed to be the starter in Houston. I signed to be the starter in Miami, so this is now the third team that I’ve signed to come in and be the starter for. I just feel like the way that I’m playing the last four years, kind of the progression of my career, it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense that 17 years in, physically, I feel great, mentally, emotionally. I’m in the right spot. I just think I am set up for success this year and really looking forward to it.”

Fitzpatrick, 38, was with the Rams, who drafted him in the seventh round, for two years, with the Bengals for two years, with the Bills for four years, with the Titans for one year, with the Texans for one year, with the Jets for two years, with the Bucs for two years and with the Dolphins for two years.

He is embracing whatever time he has left playing the game he (almost always) loves.

“The other major point in my career when there was a transition was after my year in 2016 with the Jets, which was miserable and the first time in my life I hated football and just didn’t want to play anymore,” Fitzpatrick said. “Since then, it’s almost like I’ve been playing on borrowed time. The last four, I’ve really been able to enjoy. Hopefully everybody has been able to see that for me on the field, from some of the goofy stuff and the interviews. My personality has really come out the last four.”

17 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick: This is the best situation I’ve ever had as ‘the guy’

  1. Fitzys already feeling loose and his beard hasn’t even reached full plumage. He’s gonna be dangerous this year!

  2. If Washington gets to 8-9, they’ll be ecstatic. That’s the goal. But at least it’s a step in the right direction.

  3. I guess no one told him there is a competition brewing. Heinicke to start.

  4. Life long WFT fan. I am excited for the team and Fitz! He has weapons and perhaps a top 3 Defense this season. I think WFT can really make some noise if he stays healthy and limits the INTs.

  5. Maybe this year it all clicks for him during the actual season and can win consistently fora whole season.

  6. Playing with The Jets made you miserable and made you hate football!!??
    Say it ain’t so Fitz…

  7. The Best was showing up to a post Game interview wearing Deseab Jackson’s outfit. Classic

  8. DeSean Jackson’s jacket, without a shirt…The man didn’t need the whole outfit that day.

    I think I heard Jackson say Fitz swiped it while DeSean was in the shower. I bet Fitz paid for it to be dry-cleaned before returning it.

  9. Love Fitz…really hope he gets to play a playoff game. That division is winnable and he’s got enough talent around him on that team to sneak in.

  10. Weird that he didn’t consider his Bills tenure as the best opportunity, given that they gave him a big contract to be ‘the guy’.

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