Cam Akers injury creates a real challenge for Sean McVay and the Rams

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Last year, the Rams shifted from the workhorse-tailback model to the San Francisco revolving-door approach. As the season progressed, then-rookie Cam Akers showed signs that he’s ready to become the new L.A. workhorse.

All indications leading up to training camp supported that idea, with coach Sean McVay repeatedly praising Akers. Given the upgrade at quarterback, Akers could have done much more this year than he did last year.

And now those plans are scrapped. Akers won’t play this year after tearing his Achilles tendon during pre-camp training. (The Rams have confirmed the injury.) It’s obviously a horrible situation for him. It also creates a real challenge for McVay.

Internal options include Darrell Henderson Jr., Xavier Jones, and Raymond Calais, along with rookies Jake Funk and Otis Anderson. Not many veteran free agents are available. A Todd Gurley reunion seems unlikely. New quarterback Matthew Stafford could provide some useful information about Adrian Peterson. And it would be intriguing to see Frank Gore back in the NFC West, facing the 49ers twice per year.

The Rams could wait for players to get cut, or to swing a trade for a young running back with plenty of tread on the tires.

Whatever the Rams decide to do, the outcome will represent a clear Plan B to what had become Plan A: Cam Akers as the every-down back and a potential breakout star of the 2021 season.

11 responses to “Cam Akers injury creates a real challenge for Sean McVay and the Rams

  1. They drafted that 140 lb WR with their 1st pick so I’m sure McVay knows what he’s doing.

  2. Not too hard to overcome. If u want too end replacement, Melvin Gordon. If want adequate backup there are plenty out there. It feels like a situation where a Devin Singletary gets trade for 6th and Devin goes on to have big year.

  3. He must have torn his ACL doing that spin move from the barbeque to the table. Tricky.

  4. supercharger says:
    July 20, 2021 at 12:23 pm
    They drafted that 140 lb WR with their 1st pick so I’m sure McVay knows what he’s doing
    With a coaching record of 43-21 he absolutely knows what he’s doing

  5. Zero chance Devin Singletary gets traded for a 6th, as our starter and most complete back with our 2 other guys, injury prone, and Moss coming off an injury maybe if his camp sucks, but what I’ve seen if his off-season he put on muscle, and hungry

  6. “Given the upgrade at quarterback”

    Given the hypothetical, hoped-for upgrade at quarterback from the prior QB who reached a Super Bowl.

  7. Maybe they shouldn’t have put all their eggs in one basket, that basket being the slowly dying position of RB…

  8. Not the first team and not the last to have this happen to them. This is why depth is so important. By depth I mean competent players, not just a number/name. The good teams are able to overcome an injury, the other teams not so much.

  9. Maybe they could trade a first round pick for a replacement. Oh wait. . . . .

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