Deion Sanders mad at being called “Deion,” falsely says reporters don’t call Nick Saban “Nick”

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Deion Sanders has been called many things in his life. Neon Deion. Prime Time. All-Pro. Hall of Famer. Head coach. But today he got mad at being called by his first name.

Sanders, the football coach at Jackson State, walked out of a press conference today because reporter Nick Suss of the Mississippi Clarion Ledger addressed him as “Deion.”

“You don’t call Nick Saban, ‘Nick.’ Don’t call me Deion,” Sanders told Suss. “If you call Nick [Saban], Nick, you’ll get cussed out on the spot, so don’t do that to me. Treat me like Nick.”

But that claim from Sanders is false. Reporters routinely address Saban as “Nick” and they don’t get cussed out for it. Here’s a video of Saban’s pre-Rose Bowl press conference last season. Several reporters address him as “Nick,” and one reporter begins a question with, “Hi, Saban.” Saban didn’t cuss anyone out or seem to care at all how he’s addressed.

Suss said after the incident that he routinely addresses the people he’s interviewing by their first names and wasn’t treating Sanders any differently than he treats any other coach.

This isn’t a case of a reporter showing Sanders disrespect, it’s a case of Sanders displaying self-importance and thin skin.

39 responses to “Deion Sanders mad at being called “Deion,” falsely says reporters don’t call Nick Saban “Nick”

  1. Respect as a player, absolutely. Respect as a coach, not just yet. Settle down Deion. You haven’t earned it yet. Demanding it is a bad look.

  2. He needs to get over himself. Reporters do this all the time, probably most of the time. Does his little ego get hurt when someone calls him Prime?

  3. One of the best players ever. Unfortunately nowhere close to the top as a human.

  4. I’ve always had a strong distaste for Mr. Sanders and his “me, myself and I/Me first” attitude. Be it when he played or any time he has a microphone in his hand. He can’t control his ego, and has no desire to as in this most recent instance. The truly great ones let their actions speak for them, while humbly accepting any praise bestowed upon them… Mr Sanders is far from that, in my humble option.

  5. Maybe he needed an excuse to go to the bathroom. If not, then he’s a tool. Pete Carroll is happy with “Coach Pete” — maybe that would satisfy Mr. Ego.

  6. Always couldn’t stand this tool bag, what a little baby. Thats what mama named you

  7. If this is any indication of Deion having a hard time with interacting with reporters who aren’t treating him as a deity, being a head coach at a middling program is going to be a rough ride for him.

  8. “Treat me like Nick.”

    Try winning for a while and you’ll get more respect. But 4-3 overall with the 4th one coming via forfeit isn’t quite Saban levels of success.

  9. Why is he complaining? As good as Saban is, nobody will know who you’re talking about unless you say his whole name. Deion is well-known by his given name. If you are talking football, and you say “Deion”, people know who you mean. He is probably the best CB to ever play the game, all things considered… and he’s one hell of a personality. Does Shaq get mad when people refer to him as Shaq? What a baby.

  10. It is a good way to lose recruits, Saban pretty accepts whatever so he appears to be more personable and able to communicate with kids.

    Not to mention, Respect is always earned not given just because he was a star players, so far he is nothing as a coach. Dissing on the press will not be good if he loses games with questions like are you more concerned about how you addressed then actually coaching the team.

  11. As great a story as this is I still don’t think it can top last year when he claimed to have been robbed during a game and that somebody had tried to fight off the thief only to have it turn out his stuff had just been moved for safekeeping and that he’d totally made up the part about the fight.

  12. What does this say about Jackson State that they would let a clown like this represent them? They must be embarrassed.

  13. Once an idiot always an idiot…

    I wouldn’t hire him to pick up after my dog.

  14. “Treat me like Nick.”

    Why didn’t he call him “Coach Saban”? Instead he ends up doing the exact same thing he got mad at the reporter for doing.

  15. Deion being Deion…wearing his feelings on his sleeve…bring on the gatorade says Tim Mccarver

  16. Perhaps someone mentioned his tackling “skills” before he took the podium.

  17. Fragile little ego.

    Didn’t get enough mummy/daddy love as a baby so now we get stuck with him, acting like one.

  18. Florio wasn’t kidding. Literally the first question in the video he posted had the reporter referring to Saban as “Nick” (at the 3:53 mark in the video)

  19. He better forget all that petty, little, ticky tack stuff real quick and focus exclusively on winning. Otherwise, pretty soon people will start calling him something else….like unemployed.

  20. Come on everyone, it’s Sander’s world, we’re all just fortunate to be occupying the same space

  21. What a terrible example he’s setting for the young men he’s “coaching”. If I was a parent of a player, I’d be furious at what he was teaching my son.

  22. I often enjoy “diva” type antics from players. I know many disagree and that’s fine, but I think it makes the game more entertaining.

    I don’t usually care for it from coaches though, it just doesn’t hit the same way.

  23. “This isn’t a case of a reporter showing Sanders disrespect, it’s a case of Sanders displaying self-importance and thin skin.”

    Well said sir!

  24. I REALLY dont understand how yall have issue with Deion responding to disrespect. I doubt any of you watched the video of the interaction. Deion asked the guy to not call him by his first name cause they would not do Nick Saban like that. Deion was wrong on that part, BUT did yall not pay attention to the disrespect afterwards? He asked him to call him DEION, the disrespectful reporters response was that “I call Nick, Nick all the time.” Then he became as smart ass and then emphatically called him Deion again, trying to be a tool. thats why he walked out. If i ask you as a man to call me a certain name and you purposely still call me what i told you not to call me, I would walk out too.

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