ESPN’s latest Aaron Rodgers report catches some ESPN scrutiny

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On Tuesday morning, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Packers previously offered to make quarterback Aaron Rodgers the highest-paid player in NFL history, and that Rodgers declined. By Tuesday evening, multiple ESPN analysts had questioned the report, sort of.

Sarah Spain of ESPN made it clear (as we did) that there’s nothing new about this supposed news. “We heard about the Packers offering Rodgers a 2-year extension that would make him the highest paid man in [football] months ago,” Spain tweeted.

Later, Tony Kornheiser of ESPN violated the cardinal rule of #Scooptown. During Pardon The Interruption, Kornheiser openly speculated about Schefter’s source.

“I think it’s leaked by the Green Bay Packers,” Kornheiser said. “I think what they do is aim it at their fans and say, ‘Look, we tried to give him more money, we tried to give him more years, we did everything we could and he spit in our face.’ I think that’s the way they will try to spin it.”

Kornheiser is right. But, frankly, Schefter could be playing both sides of this one, in the name of keeping an open pipeline with the Packers and the Rodgers camp. Today’s fresh leak of old news, as broadcast by Schefter, helps the Packers paint Rodgers as unreasonable, only six days before the annual meeting of shareholders at Lambeau Field. By adding that Rodgers’ denial means it’s not about money (if definitely does not), Schefter also throws a bone to the player, likely ensuring that they won’t be upset with his handling of the situation.

Still, as explained earlier, the dollars offered to Rodgers don’t mean anything. The structure does. And no one has leaked whether the Packers have offered anything to Rodgers that would guarantee he’ll be on the team beyond 2021.

Which means that they haven’t.

19 responses to “ESPN’s latest Aaron Rodgers report catches some ESPN scrutiny

  1. Aaron can clarify this himself next month when he works at ESPN.

  2. Schefter, Woj, etc…always trying to be relevant and using “sources” to speculate.

  3. Regardless of when the story broke, entertain all offers and trade the diva. Get him outta here!

  4. Certain sports reporters, often report nothing. But they get kuddos for announcing something informally shall we say 15 minutes early. Without actually doing any reporting. Without singling anyone, or a company out, we can see that certain guys and I’ll name Glazer, Florio, Peter King, as examples of people that actually show us a new page in the story. Whereas others are like seeing a movie trailer, before the actual movie starts and really impart nothing we don’t already know.
    This is an example of a person not reporting much, just talking so their voice is heard to remind us he is there.

  5. Yeah who wants the reigning MVP on their team!? What are we, suckers? I’m sure J. Love will do just as well as other Packer greats like Brett Hundley and DeShone Kizer.

  6. Lol Nightwanderer you are brilliant. You wrote that long comment, knowing exactly who’s name to mention, mention in a good light of course, ensuring the comment gets posted. Good work bro.

  7. Surferbob gotta say I love the handle, nice.

    Yeah he rubs people the wrong way a decent -% it seems but I do appreciate that Mike has no problem calling people out. Perhaps it’s more that he runs his own shop but certain podcasts and shows by very smart people just come off as insufferable bs to me.
    But in hindsight your point is a good one and a water balloon in the mug or a whip cream pie my way is probably fair 🙂
    Again love the handle.

  8. I think its called clickbait. Rodgers has spoken of it often. I think it’s why he prefers to control his own message.

  9. Can we get a camera in that upcoming shareholders meeting? Make it Facebook live, something!

  10. What people don’t mention enough is Jordan Love isn’t good. The reason the packers were able to kick Favre to the curb is because Rodgers was good. They can’t do that here.

    If Love was ANY good that would be on the table.

  11. Maybe don’t draft his replacement after Rodgers had repeatedly said in the past he wanted to play into his 40s and retire a packer.

    This is all the packers fault. No sympathy should be given to them for creating this mess in the first place.

  12. AR has an out in the contract (which runs to 2024) after this year (and will have received 3/4 of the money in the contract in 1/2 the time). See you in 8 days.

  13. At this point, if Schefter doesn’t name his sources, he has no credibility. This was months-old news, so unless proven otherwise, the assumption has to be that he decided to bring it up all on his own.

  14. cheeseisfattening says:
    After spending enough years in green bay this sort of thing is bound to happen. It happened with Favre. It happened with Rodgers. It will happen again and again

    You’re saying the Packers will have a HOF quarterback for sixteen years, a fourth time? And the problem is what again?

  15. Schefter is turning into that character Jon Lovitz played on SNL “….. yeah, that’s the ticket!”

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