Deion Sanders’ allegedly blocked a reporter from covering Media Day

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Calling Deion Sanders anything other than “coach” will get a reporter called out by Deion. Reporting one of the program’s recruits apparently can get a reporter barred from covering the team, at least temporarily.

Jackson State University allegedly prevented Rashad Milligan of the Clarion Ledger from covering Jackson State at the SWAC Media Day, one day after Milligan published a story regarding a domestic violence charge against receiver Quaydarius Davis, a four-star recruit from Dallas.

Milligan reported that Davis was expected to plead guilty to an assault charge. Attorney Henry Campbell disputed the report of the anticipated guilty plea after the story was published. The story went live after multiple attempts to contact Campbell had been unsuccessful.

“A Clarion Ledger reporter was punished for simply doing his job,” Clarion Ledger executive editor Marlon A. Walker said. “The decision to interfere with a working journalist not only is disappointing but also intolerable. . . . It runs counter to the Clarion Ledger’s unwavering mission to freely and fully inform readers throughout Mississippi. It is imperative to stand strong against any attempts to disrupt that effort.”

Sanders, according to the Clarion Ledger, did not want Milligan interviewing Jackson State players and coaches. A spokesperson for Jackson State University claims that Milligan has not been banned going forward. Milligan contends that he’d been told by a Jackson State spokesperson that publication of the Davis story in question could lead to removal of access.

Milligan claims that Jackson State director of internal football operations LaToya Williams had informed him that he could not interview players and coaches during the Media Day event. He also contends that he was barred from listening to and recording interviews conducted by other reporters.

This dynamic may help explain Deion’s decision to chastise a Clarion Ledger reporter for having the audacity to refer to Deion as Deion. Deion simply may have been looking to pick a fight with anyone from the Clarion Ledger on Tuesday. With Milligan muzzled, Deion had to focus his ire on a colleague who dared to call Deion by his given name.

As Jackson State tries to build a larger profile with the presence of Deion as its head coach, growing pains like this are inevitable. No sports program wants negative press. When it comes — and it inevitably does — lashing out and/or restricting access isn’t the way to handle it.

The sooner Deion learns that lesson, the sooner Deion will have the kind of relationship that he needs to have with the folks who buy their ink by the truckload.

12 responses to “Deion Sanders’ allegedly blocked a reporter from covering Media Day

  1. Deion got upset that he wasn’t receiving the same treatment at a media session as Saban gets. Literally saying you dont do that to Nick, don’t do it to me. Deion you’ve done absolutely NOTHING at the coaching level. You are not at a media event about a product you are promoting, you are not behind a velvet rope saying “why is blank here where I am?” Guys seems to think that his persona deserves quite a lot of respect. Deion you have yet to earn any standing in the coaching ranks so try opening that dusty box with humility written on top and change your attitude of superiority.

  2. Deion is a clown. He will torpedo this program into the ground. Earn the right to be called a coach Deion.
    I could not imagine playing for this clown.

  3. I Like it. Deion is the greatest DB in NFL history. Some of those guys who are put together a little differently than the rest of us, sometimes do or say other things that are a little different, too. I’ve learn to accept it. Why can’t they act like everybody else? Because they’re not like everybody else. I think Steve Jobs was a little different. The list could go on and on. God creates all of us. I’m in no mood to argue with Him.

  4. Once again “Deion” makes it about “Deion”. If I was the player that wasn’t going to be covered because of my coach, I would be a little ticked at my coach.

  5. Sanders is showing that he’s not ready to be a head coach. He’s got a lot to learn. Hopefully he will/can learn.

  6. Petty, but not exactly surprising behaviour from Deon.
    He’s never liked taking hits…

  7. We’re well on our way to “that moment” when Jackson State realizes Deion is a way bigger headache than he is worth.

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