Jerry Jones: I thought Michael Irvin had an outstanding message

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is on board with Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin, who called out unvaccinated players by saying they’re not doing everything they can to win.

Jones said today that he appreciates Irvin, who won three Super Bowls with the Cowboys, telling players that if they want to be champions they have to do everything they can to get a competitive advantage.

“I thought it was an outstanding message,” Jones said.

Jones said that he believes virtually every player on the Cowboys’ roster heading into training camp is either already vaccinated or has committed to getting vaccinated. He said there might be five players who have not yet committed to getting vaccinated.

Irvin would tell those players they’re not committed enough to winning. Jones isn’t going so far as to say that directly, but he clearly agrees with Irvin that every player ought to get the shot.

13 responses to “Jerry Jones: I thought Michael Irvin had an outstanding message

  1. Yeah, but the cowboys wont be champions this season or the next or the one after that.

  2. Irvin telling people what they should put into their bodies……..Why does that seem off

  3. Don’t mind me… I’ll be outside looking for flying pigs.
    Never thought I’d see the day that JJ said something sensible and worth agreeing with.

  4. He wants them to get the shot because he only cares about winning now – not the long term health of his players.

  5. May I please join the chorus of people surprised to agree with something Jerry said for the first time since Jimmy left?

  6. Has hell frozen over? Just asking because Jerry Jones has a lot of people agreeing with the words coming out of his mouth.

  7. I agree with the Playmaker on the vaccine. How does dying from COVID help your long term health?

  8. So get a vaccine for a competitive advantage. making you ,your family and your community safer Isn’t enough of a reason?

  9. Right idea, wrong reason. For Jerry Jones, it’s all about the Benjamins, not people’s health and safety.

  10. if being cautious of what you are putting in body is the the claim you are going to make then you better also not smoke, drink, eat fast food, take pain killers, ect. or we all know you are just an idiot falling for these nut jobs on social media and tv. Its not about listening to Michael Irving, its about listening to medical professionals and looking at the facts available. The facts available right now are 97% of hospitalizations and even more so of deaths are non-vaccinated people, the idea is to eliminate the virus before it has a chance to mutate into something more deadly or one that the current round of vaccines do not help (and we have to start the whole thing over).

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