Jerry Jones: I’d do anything known to man to get in a Super Bowl


There were many things we missed last year during the COVID-19 season that was in 2020. Jerry Jones talking to the media was one of those things.

Jerry Jones is good for the NFL, and yes, the NFL has been very, very good to Jerry Jones.

It was an emotional Cowboys owner who met with the media in the team’s training camp kickoff press conference from Oxnard, California. Jones is 78, and his window is closing — if slowly — on his chance to win a fourth Lombardi Trophy since he bought the team in 1989.

Jones is as optimistic about this season as he has been before every season since that 1995 season that delivered the team’s most recent trip to the NFC Championship Game and the franchise’s fifth — and last — Super Bowl title.

Jones admitted he’s “never thought we wouldn’t make it happen.”

Jones said he would write a check to win another Super Bowl, if that was possible, repeating something he has said often the past few years. He once stated he would pay $250 million to buy a Super Bowl.

So would he make a deal with the devil?

“I found that he’s not quite as responsive to one’s individual ask as you might think, and I’m not trying to be sacrilegious here, but the facts are that I would right now, if I could, and I knew that I had a good chance to do it, I’d do anything known to man to get in a Super Bowl,” Jones said Tuesday. “That’s a fact. There’s nothing, in my mind, that can have a higher priority than that. As you know, sometimes you have to make decisions to go back to step forward, and we’re faced with that in building a squad. You can’t have it all. You see several ways that you might be able to do something from my perspective to get better, but that will end up costing you down the road. That’s the pragmatic part when it goes. I feel as driven as I was when we first bought the team.

“I was scared to death then, and I’m scared to death now. I worry about what’s happened here with the economy and COVID, and I worry about our place in it, in the NFL and where the place is in sports. I worry about that. But the thing that means the most to me and I care about — and I could be anywhere in the world I wanted to be right now — I want to be here with our team.”

There is one thing Jones wouldn’t do for another Super Bowl: He previously has said he would not relinquish his spot in the Hall of Fame. But a Super Bowl isn’t for sale, and the Cowboys aren’t one of the favorites for this year’s prize.

So they will have to prove it on the field, something they have failed to do every year the past 25 years.

47 responses to “Jerry Jones: I’d do anything known to man to get in a Super Bowl

  1. Except give up control of the franchise to someone that knows how to build a winning team.

  2. Jerry Jones:
    “I would do anything for a Super Bowl, but I won’t do that.”

  3. He would do anything …

    But he won’t do that
    No, he won’t do that
    Oh, he won’t do that.

  4. It happens very few times in life but when it does, I can’t help but smile….because there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a rich old man who is used to getting whatever he wants find something he can’t buy.

  5. And they will continue to fail this season,next season and for years to come.

  6. Does that mean “get Tony Romo an offensive line and a couple good defensive backs” and “get the current version of the team a defense instead of backing up the bank truck for a RB” aren’t known to man?

  7. I’m gonna be honest here Jerry Jones is the reason why the Cowboys haven’t won anything in over 20 years, the man needs to hire a GM and stop meddling in the teams affairs. Bad drafting, Front office changes bad coaching are the reasons why the cowboys are far away from actually winning.

  8. This is one of those rare times where I saw the headline, did not read the article, and went straight to the comments. You make it so easy, Jerrah.

  9. Jerrah wants to be the centre of attention. Talking all the time about winning the Super Bowl, usually his teams don’t come close.

  10. Would he make a deal with the devil?! Seems pretty obvious to me that he already did, decades ago.

  11. Jones’ last Super Bowl team took place in the era of NO SALARY CAP. So if he’s going to convince the other owners to get rid of the cap, then he may have a chance to buy up all the talent and go to a Super Bowl.

  12. I can imagine a half dozen things off the top of my head that Jerry probably wouldn’t do, most of them illegal and/or immoral. Then again, it is Jerry Jones so I might be wrong.

  13. You had your chance Jerrah, if your ego hadn’t gotten in the way Jimmie Johnson could have won you 4 Superbowls. Karma can be very humbling.

  14. Well Jerry all you had to do was go get Tom Brady. But you stuck with that mf’er.

  15. He literally lobbied Goodell to punish the Patriots because he couldn’t live with Kraft dominating the NFL and narrowing the team valuation premium the Cowboys enjoyed.

  16. You had your chance when Brady was a free agent last year, Jerry.

    Not sure what you can do now. Maybe start by hiring Jimmy Johnson back.

  17. I am sure Bob Kraft could help you out If you need ideas, he has been there many times.I hear he has the devils personal phone number.

  18. Well Jerry, let me introduce you to the guy who would do anything for the Fyre Festival..

  19. If you want to win Jerry here’s an idea why not go out and hire the best GM you can? Try to lure ($$$$) someone away from a team who’s done it before or offer big money to a retired GM. Cowboys nation and the entire landscape of the NFL has seen you repeatedly give it your best shot and you’re just not good at drafting or team building which is why you haven’t even been to a NFC Title game in what 25-26 years now let alone getting to the Super Bowl. Being that Jerry’s like 80YRs old if he really wants to win and really would do anything to win he could start by getting the best GM slash talent evaluator on board that you can as your playoff track record has been terrible over the last quarter century. I mean as weak as the NFC E an argument could easily be made Dallas isn’t even the best team in the NFCE & heading into 2021 they aren’t even one of the best 7 teams in the NFC going into 2021.

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