Jerry Jones: Jimmy Johnson was a great coach, I f–ked it up

Jimmy Johnson (L) announces his resignation as hea
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The Cowboys won two Super Bowls with Jimmy Johnson as their head coach before he and owner Jerry Jones had a bitter divorce. Today, Jones got emotional and seemed to blame himself for the split.

Asked about Johnson, Jones raved about the job he did in Dallas.

“He’s a great coach and I’m proud to have him as a friend, and proud to have the times that we — we just had a great experience,” Jones said.

Jones then appeared to be choking back tears as he said it was his own fault that things didn’t end better with Johnson.

“I’ve never been able to know why I f–ked it up.”

Jones indicated that one of the reasons he’s excited about the Cowboys playing in the Hall of Fame Game is so that he and Cowboys fans can be there when Johnson is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame next month.

71 responses to “Jerry Jones: Jimmy Johnson was a great coach, I f–ked it up

  1. omg right on cue from my post on the other article. This is pure gold. And yes Jerry you did F it up big time

  2. Not a fan of Jones in any capacity, but acknowledging that is pretty bold on his part, give him credit.

  3. I hated him when he fired Tom Landry. But when he fired Jimmy I was in shock. Back to back Super Bowl’s. Oh what might of been.

  4. It only took you 3 decades to admit it. Way to go. Life is all about the long game Jerrah…

  5. Got to give him props. It’s hard for a narcissist to admit they were wrong.

  6. Credit for realizing it. Very, very late, but I guess better than never. Too bad many of his “F ups” have crushed the team’s chance at winning a ring for decades

  7. Props to him for owning up to that. A lot of guys would never be able to bring themselves to admit that.

  8. When Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones parted ways it was one of the greatest days in 49ers history.

  9. It’s called an ego. Jones the GM couldn’t stand that Jimmy was getting all the credit for the wins. Same thing happened with the 49ers between Trent Baalke and Harbaugh.

  10. The best possible thing for the Cowboys is for Jones to sell the team, or at least hire a genuine GM and stay out of the way.

  11. You F’d up, Jerry. Like a lot of wealthy people, you thought you did it all yourself. You didn’t.

  12. Good, Jerry did f*** it up and it WAS a glorious thing! I do genuinely appreciate his recognition of this though- I feel like it does show some development in him as a man (nearly 30 years later)…

  13. Good on you to own up on that. Nobody is perfect but admitting to mistakes seems so hard to do for many.

  14. He finally admitted what the whole football world has known since 1994!
    Thanks Jerrah!

  15. granadafans says:
    July 21, 2021 at 6:10 pm
    It’s called an ego. Jones the GM couldn’t stand that Jimmy was getting all the credit for the wins. Same thing happened with the 49ers between Trent Baalke and Harbaugh.


    Did you really just compare Jim Harbaugh to Jimmy Jones? Please child….

  16. going from arogant approach to the humble approach hoping the football gods get him into a superbowl, well cant blame him he isnt getting any younger

  17. Jerry says I’ve never been able to know why I f–ked it up,,,

    Am I hearing you correctly???

    You have never been able to???
    Sounds like a excuse to me

  18. Jerry on nitris or something in a dentists office? He’s just full of honesty today it’s refreshing. I’m sure will not last long but I thought I’d NEVER hear him say that. EVER

  19. They’ve been cursed ever since. Lol!

    They will never get back to the SB as long as he’s the owner

  20. How many years will it take him to admit he continued effing it up for the next quarter century?

  21. Johnson was a great coach. Jones buys the Cowboys and thought knew as much about coaching as Johnson? You can’t buy football knowledge! smh

  22. I feel absolutely no remorse for him…. He made that bed & CONTINUES to do so & the results won’t change until he actually steps out of the GM role & hires someone qualified to do it AND actually let’s him do it!!!

  23. Cowboys missed out on adding Zach Thomas, Jason Talylor and Patrick Surtain to that offense.

  24. Wait, Jones was inducted BEFORE Johnson? That doesn’t seem fair, especially considering who Jerruh has continued to employ for the Cowboys General Manager position…

  25. Thanks Jerry for finally owning up to the reason that 90’s team didn’t win another 2 or 3 titles, now if you would only own to the fact that your nothing but a billionaire playing GM for your own personal gratification mucking up one of the greatest franchises in all of sports. your stubborness galls me to no end

  26. Because you said anyone could win with that team. C’mon Jerry

    Welp…they actually did win it all 2 years later with B-Switz. Guess Jerrah was right, lol. But they could have possibly won 4 or more in a row wit JJ.

  27. And Jerry Jones was elected to the HOF 4 years ago? Lol.

    Before Jimmy Johnson? LMAO.

    Come on. Jerry should’ve never been elected to the HOF. I couldn’t be more against anyone’s admission than his, in recent memory. Being rich and flamboyant aren’t contributions to the game, they are contributions to his brand, which he’s good at profiting off of.

    So he basically got elected because his decision to hire Jimmy Johnson was more impactful than the work Jimmy actually did as the coach/GM?

    Jimmys been retired for 20 years, it’s a crime that he didn’t get in sooner.

    Seriously, firing Jimmy Johnson alone should’ve kept Jerry Jones out for life. Ridiculous. Money talks.

    “We did it baby”…….no, Jimmy did it.

  28. Jerry Jones is actually a football guy. He’s not just a rich guy that bought a team. He was an all conference O-Lineman, and teammate of Jimmy Johnson on Arkansas’ National Championship team. Jerry was also a team captain. It’s not like he doesn’t understand the game of football. I mean, look at John Elway, and his inability to evaluate QB’s. Is he a football guy? Just what is a football guy? Jerry has won 3 super bowls with two different head coaches. He’s just buttering up Jimmy before he joins him in Canton. I get it, people like to rip Jerry. He’s an easy target. But let’s face it, Tom Brady has been kicking everyone’s butt the last 20 years. Not just Jerry’s. But when Jerry had a HOF QB, he was winning super bowls, too. Give Troy Aikman a little credit for all that success. If you actually watched those teams play, Aikman was as good as any QB from that era. I’m not talking about stats. Watch how he played in the second half of title games. He was the difference maker many times. The team had a balanced attack, and they ran the ball in the second half of a lot of games while they were leading.

  29. I know everyone gives Jerry a hard time because he’s a caricature, but he’s actually a great businessman and seemingly a pretty good person. Albeit with a massive ego. Similar to the Raiders with Al Davis, the team will certainly NOT be better off when his son takes over.

  30. It is shocking Jerry Jones is more self aware than Nick Saban. You own your mistakes. When you are in charge, you Do Not pass the blame to others.

  31. A bunch of Nostradamus here. He won a SB with Switzer. There is no guarantee he would have won another one with Johnson. No one can say that.

  32. When you have a billion dollars and are a sociopath, you crave attention and hate to share the spotlight. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t renamed the team as the Dallas Joneses.

  33. 4personalitytheories says:
    July 21, 2021 at 5:50 pm
    Jerry knows why….it’s called his super ego

    304 5 Rate This



    The diva thing forces people to lose their edge.

  34. bostonblows says:
    July 21, 2021 at 8:21 pm
    Cowboys missed out on adding Zach Thomas, Jason Talylor and Patrick Surtain to that offense.

    4 5 Rate This


    They didn’t play offense and they are all overrated players. They were all stat collectors and didn’t care about team play.

  35. Jerruhs best line ever is when he called Bobby Carpenter a ‘finesse” linebacker. Yeah can’t have enough of those. Geez

  36. Someday Jeff Lurie will say he did the same for firing Doug Pederson.

  37. Jerry Jones also admitted to screwing up on Belichick and Brady (could have had both of them.) His self awareness has been increasing lately odd considering his massive ego.

  38. The attributes that make a person brilliant in one area of life also make them horrible when it comes to other areas (like relationships) in others.

  39. Jones deserves much credit (let’s not forget he took over a franchise and stadium that had turned to crap) as he built the infrastructure and he and JJ were mocked in the media and even by other organizations for 2-3 years, but they were patient. But after their success, Jones wanted 100% of the credit and had little time for patience.

    Johnson’s personnel moves were absolutely brilliant (Herschel Walker deal and the Steve Walsh deals were masterful). JJ still has an imprint in today’s game. Bill Belichick is as much a disciple of Jimmy Johnson as he is Parcells. BB has spoken about JJ’s advice on roster building. JJ was (not sure if he still is) an unpaid advisor to Cleveland. Johnson has said, you cannot win by just having your standard 7 draft picks. You need multiple picks because you are going to miss on 50% of your picks.

    Jones wen the way of Daniel Snyder. It’s not fantasy football. They won’t win until they bring in a real GM/player personnel tandem.

  40. Quick somebody check to make sure Jerry Jones is OK. He’s been saying a bunch of sensible things lately.

  41. I recall someone being infatuated with everyone believing he made the decisions and to look at him before the pick was made.

    Jerry didn’t want to share credit with others and Jimmy Johnson should probably be given partial ownership of Barry Switzer’s ring.

  42. Jerry is beginning to sound like someone who is acutely aware of his own mortality.

  43. Reminds of of Al Davis when he ruined the Raiders in his later years. Both have massive egos, even when they’re messing things up. Jerry can’t get out of his own way.

  44. At least he is man enough to admit it. Art Modell died still swearing up and down that he was a genius for firing Paul Brown, Marty Schottenheimer and Bill Belichick (who all went on to success with their next teams) and some people wonder why he’ll never be in the Hall of Fame as an executive. Baltimore is lucky he didn’t trade the moving truck halfway through the trip from Cleveland for magic beans

  45. Not a cowboys fan, I respect Jerry, too many times people speak out of turn, and always accuse this guy of being a bad owner, or incompetence. Anyways hear it on the radio. I admit to disliking him and the team for a long, long time. But any fan of the sport, bias removed, can see this guy has been a key cog for the sport. His ego and drive to be the best fuel many of his decisions, but keep in mind, there are very few billionaires that share these exact traits.

  46. If he was so great he would have had Miami DOlphins in playoffs with a hall of fame QB and a Top Defense led by Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain.

  47. Tom Landry rolls over in his grave and thinks, Jerruh? You F’d up twice. The Landry firing was equally shocking and was a precursor to the size of Jerry’s ego and need to be “THE man”.

  48. Yeah ok. Sounds like an old man looking back on what could have been, if he hadn’t let ego get in the way. The same ego that got him the success to begin with. Anyway, life’s a box of chocolates, don’t take things for granted, money isn’t everything, live for today, tell people you love and appreciate them… yada, yada

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