Report: Jeff Okudah had core muscle surgery on both sides as a precaution


Lions cornerback Jeff Okudah had a tough rookie year, with up-and-down play followed by a core muscle injury that prematurely ended his season after only nine games.

Okudah has said he’s “feeling great” after the surgery, which was initially thought to solely repair the one injured side.

But NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reported on Wednesday that Okudah also had the other side of his core muscle repaired as a precautionary measure. According to Rapoport, Okudah had his non-injured side repaired because a player who tears one side will often tear the other.

In his nine games as a rookie, Okudah recorded 47 total tackles with a pair of passes defensed and an interception.

Detroit’s new coaching staff has shared high hopes for the young corner, who was selected at No. 3 overall last year. With his health, Okudah should have a much better chance to thrive in 2021.

5 responses to “Report: Jeff Okudah had core muscle surgery on both sides as a precaution

  1. Great, just great. As a lions fan it’s always great to hear yeah he had a season ending injury and then while I was having that done got that major surgery done to the OTHER side as a precaution. Already had a lackluster start to his career and now he’s having more surgery than is presumed out of caution. Sounds like an athlete breaking down at the END of a career not the beginning. My Lions, bleeping Quinn and Patricia edition, have acquired an expensive lemon it appears. A 3rd overall coating lemon. Any of your teams out there ever think of hiring Quinn as a talent evaluator just say no. Other than OL man can’t draft for bleep.

  2. Man knightwanderer, maybe being a Detroit Lions fan is too much for you?

    IDGAF what Okudah had physically fixed. I just hope he has his coverage issues and metal errors fixed. It would be a bonus if he could be a CB2 at this point. I haven’t completely written him off as a bust, but as for a superstar CB? He’s probably not that guy.

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