Stephen Jones: Waiting to sign Dak Prescott was our biggest front office mistake

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The Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott signed a four-year, $160 million contract in March, but if Cowboys Executive Vice President Stephen Jones had it to do all over again, they would have done the deal a lot sooner.

Jones was asked by Pat Doney of KXAS-TV NBC 5 to name the Cowboys’ “biggest swing and miss” during Jones’ tenure in the front office, and Jones said it was having Prescott play out his full four-year rookie contract, and then play one year on the franchise tag, before finally signing him to a long-term deal.

“Probably would’ve signed Dak the first time around,” Jones said. “It would’ve been better for everybody.”

It probably would have been better for the Cowboys to get Prescott locked up to a long-term deal sooner, but for Prescott, waiting until he was heading into his second consecutive franchise tag deal gave him more leverage than he would have had if he had signed a long-term deal a year or two earlier. So Jones isn’t quite correct that it would have been better for “everybody” to sign Prescott the first time he was eligible for a new contract, in 2019.

33 responses to “Stephen Jones: Waiting to sign Dak Prescott was our biggest front office mistake

  1. NO, it wasn’t!!!! Your biggest mistake was signing an average QB to the contract you did while ignoring your defense that couldn’t stop anybody last year. That was your biggest mistake.

  2. Zeke, wasn’t a mistake? Get paid and disappear at a position that hasn’t had the prestige it once had.

  3. Time will tell on that statement. That was a serious injury.Hopefully he comes back completely. If not then the 4 year contract at 40M per year is not a good deal for the Cowboys.

  4. One of many bad football decisions the Jones family has made with the Cowboys.

  5. I can’t say I follow the Cowboys that well, but that’s straight up hyperbole on Jones’ part. I can think of plenty of other dumber things that front office has done such as signing Zeke to that mega deal in this era of expendable running backs and drafting Quincy Carter 53rd overall.

  6. A relative handful of dollars is your biggest mistake? May want to look at some piss poor choices for coaches and inability to fix an anemic defense as considerably bigger errors than giving Dak a few more dollsrs than you had to.

  7. It was your biggest mistake, if you don’t count getting rid of Johnson or hiring a competent GM.

  8. As much as I make fun of Jerry, the one area I’ll give him props: he’s might be the only GM that owns up to his mistakes. This is probably largely due to being the owner, he doesn’t have to worry about being fired for admitting; “I screwed up.”

  9. Jones was asked by Pat Doney of KXAS-TV NBC 5 to name the Cowboys’ “biggest swing and miss” during Jones’ tenure in the front office,…………………So many to choose from

  10. Paying him so much money that you can’t afford decent players is the real problem

  11. That sounds like a roundabout admission that they’ve now overpaid Dak–which is also a huge mistake.

  12. The biggest mistake is thinking because your father owns the team qualifies you to make football decisions . Give Jerry his due he knows how to make money . That being said thinking money equates to football acumen is his biggest downfall . Between Jerry and his son the only debate is who is actually worse when it comes to making football decisions .

  13. They also had to franchise tag him a second time, making every future contract negotiation harder with a 144% raise on the third tag.

  14. One could argue allowing Jerry Jones to have any input on the current team is the biggest mistake.

  15. When was the last time the Cowboys won anything relevant? Bill Clinton was still President

  16. Spend the big money then or spend the big money later. It really made pretty minimal difference. But signing later did give them the option of just walking away had his injury been career-altering.

  17. Couldn’t agree more about it being a mistake. One I hope they make for the next 10 years in a row. That guy isn’t winning any rings.

  18. Mistake????….Everytime I watch NFL they have Dak and this offense in the top 3! But I never believe the Dallas hype that comes out year after year! Dak is a solid QB but he can only go as far as his oline can go! This used to be a solid oline but now they are injury prone and aging.If this oline has a season like 2020 Dak is going to be in trouble!….The mistake is believing in an aging and injury prone oline! And dont get me started on that worthless defense!!!

  19. Cowboys leadership is so weird with their priorities. They get stars in their eyes over the worst stuff and have consistent blind spots that limit the team’s fortunes for years at a time.

    With Prescott, it’s been diminishing returns ever since his early peak. It doesn’t matter that he was on some kind of record stat pace early last season – they weren’t winning games. He racks up big numbers but there’s no classic performances when the chips are down from him. He has a losing record against winning teams the last few years. It is what it is.

    They hugely overpaid for Elliott, as well, and again – what good has it done? They kept losing.

    The way the players hung Dalton out to try last season told the tale for this bunch. They don’t have it in them. They’re wasting everyone’s time.

    The Joneses like their shiny toys, but it’s way past the time when potential should have been realized. The greats have already shown their stuff by now. With this bunch, it’s “maybe this year something good will happen” after 5 years of meh.

  20. Dak will at least try to earn that 40 mil. Zeke got paid and quit being a professional football player. Your defense doesn’t get addressed and is continuously the worst defense in the league. Those are much larger mistakes than giving Dak 40 mil a year. Stephen Jones not being able to recognize that means he’s not that much smarter than his old man.

  21. your biggest mistake was signing a guy who doesn’t put up numbers until his team his down 21.. where is that offence when the other teams D actually tries lol

  22. This will be fun to watch over the next few years. Cowboys are not America’s team and havent done a thing since Jimmi was let go.

  23. They pay Dak $40 mill a year, Zeke $19 a year….Bucs linemen (outside of Wirfs, the rookie) average $10 mil a year. They only pay Brady $25 mil

  24. Your biggest mistake as a front office is thinking you all know anything about being a front office. Cowboys will continue to be mediocre as long as the Jones clan thinks they know enough about football to be competent General Managers.

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