Tom Brady: Week 4 is probably my last game in Foxboro, a great day for football

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots
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Tom Brady is looking forward to an epic finale in New England.

Brady will play in Foxboro for his first time as a visitor when the Patriots host the Buccaneers in Week Four, and Brady also noted that he’ll play in New England for “the last time probably in my career.”

“Unfortunately, we’re going to be on different sides of the stadium this time around,” Brady said in an interview with Jim Gray on SiriusXM, via the Boston Herald. “I’ve got a lot of familiarity playing in the stadium. You know, we’ve got to first get to training camp and see where we’re going to be and then get through the first three weeks of the year, but I’m sure it’ll be a great opportunity for me to go back to a place I know as well as anyone. It’ll be a great day for football.”

Brady acknowledged that this will not just be any other regular-season game.

“I’m not naive to the fact there’s some marquee games you always look at over the course of the season, a matchup of places guys have been versus where they’re at now,” said Brady. “You know, brothers playing one another, or former Super Bowl teams going — when we played the Giants in the regular season, it always felt like it was a little more when I was with the Patriots. So, naturally, there’s just more buildup, but at the end of the day, it’s going to be a game where we’re going to prepare like we’ve been preparing.”

Brady will be 44 this season. If he remains with the Buccaneers and the NFL’s scheduling format remains the same, he wouldn’t play in New England again until he’s 52. So, yes, Week Four is probably his last game in New England.

13 responses to “Tom Brady: Week 4 is probably my last game in Foxboro, a great day for football

  1. I just hope Mac Jones is starting by then. That would give the Patriots their best chance of winning the game.

  2. I checked Stub Hub and you can get a good seat for this game for the price of a decent used car. Even field level/end zone seats, and the nose bleed seats as well, are going for about a month’s salary for us working stiffs. But in my family room, I’ll have replay. And maybe the missus will bring me a beer if I ask nicely. Maybe.

  3. Yeah that will be a fun one to watch. At least this regular season is shaping up to be more exciting then last.

  4. Pats fans haven’t even seen Mac Jones play a down of NFL football but already declare him better than Cam..Cam get out of there. You’re not appreciated by the delusional fan base. They think Stidham is better too!

  5. It will sting to see tommy and GRONK on the other side of the field, but we have nothing to complain about. This anti belichick rhetoric id absurd. We couldn’t win without either one of them. My hope and guess is that Tom and Gronky will lead the team on the field, but the players stay back in the tunnel for a bit so they get their well deserved ovation….

    But damn, it will be tough to watch this game…for an emotional standpoint

  6. This game is going to be tough Because I’ve been watching Brady since I was in middle school. To see him coming in as an opponent is going to be nothing but emotions

  7. It will be a great game for sure. Brady knows the stadium. The Pats’ D knows Brady, BB knows Brady. The Bucs’ D is stellar. I see the Bucs winning, but this one will be a slugfest to be sure.

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