Mike Daniels: Joe Burrow is like baby Aaron Rodgers

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After playing alongside Aaron Rodgers for seven years, Bengals defensive lineman Mike Daniels presumably has a solid understanding of what the quarterback looks like on a day-to-day basis.

Daniels is about to enter his second season with Cincinnati, re-signing with the club on a one-year deal in March. And while head coach Zac Taylor was one reason he wanted to return, quarterback Joe Burrow was another big one.

“You know what I say about Joe Burrow, man — that’s like baby Aaron,” Daniels said during a Thursday interview on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football.

Baby Aaron as in baby Aaron Rodgers.

So, that prompted co-host Nate Burleson’s obvious follow-up question: Did Daniels really want to compare Burrow to one of the greatest to ever play the game?

“You don’t see many rookies step into a locker room and you would think the guy is a four-year vet if you didn’t know who he was,” Daniels said. “And to have that at the quarterback position, that means he has the right type of savvy, the right type of poise that you only see from guys like Aaron. And I’ve been saying it since I got there, I see a lot of similarities between the two and I’m just excited to be able to be part of it, man.

“He’s got a lot to him. He’s got a lot of upside. He’s only going to get better. And you talk to ‘Who Dey’ nation, they’re gonna let you know — Joe Burrow is the savior, man. He really is to this organization.”

Those are lofty words from Daniels. But the Bengals did draft Burrow at No. 1 overall for a reason, and that was to become the face of the franchise.

By all accounts, Burrow’s return from reconstructive knee surgery has him on track to start the season behind center. He threw for 2,688 yards with 13 touchdowns and five interceptions in 10 starts last season.

15 responses to “Mike Daniels: Joe Burrow is like baby Aaron Rodgers

  1. LoL. I like Burrow as a QB prospect but he isn’t anywhere near as good as Rodgers and isn’t similar at all in terms of playing style. Burrow is going to be good but he isn’t even in the top 4 on the list of QBs under 25. ESPN listed the top 5 QBs under 25 as follows #1: Kyler Murray #2: Lamar Jackson #3: Josh Allen #4: Justin Herbert and #5: Joe Burrow.
    I believe Joe Burrow is going to be an excellent NFL QB I just don’t think he’s quite as dynamic/athletic as guys like Murray, Jackson, Allen and Herbert are. Hopefully Burrow bounces right back from his knee injury and doesn’t develop any bad habits from the injury playing behind CINs OL and doesn’t become timid/gun shy or starts seeing ghosts. That happens to QBs coming off bad injuries sometimes who play behind sketchy OLs and they have to work to correct it. Hopefully that doesn’t happen with Burrow which if I were a betting man I don’t think it will, I think he’ll be fine .

  2. Joe Burrow is an extremely talented quarterback. He definitely has a chance to be a better player than Rodgers. Better teammate and better person, he already has that in the bag

  3. so he’s passive aggressive, expects everyone to proclaim him the GOAT at every opportunity to the press, doesn’t trust any WR under 25 years old, holds grudges against any reporter who ever said anything negative about him, wants to pick the coach and GM, and will threaten to leave the team if they keep any QB above a 6th round rookie on the roster?

    Sorry Bengals fans if that’s the case…

  4. Bengals will do their best to mess this up. But here’s to hoping Daniels is right

  5. “ESPN listed the top 5 QBs under 25 as follows #1: Kyler Murray #2: Lamar Jackson #3: Josh Allen #4: Justin Herbert and #5: Joe Burrow.”

    There is nobody on the planet who would take Kyler Murray ahead of Josh Allen right now. And saying Murray is better than that entire list of guys is absolutely laughable.

  6. Burrow rarely speaks to the press in order to control his own message without interference, speculation, or purposeful misinterpretation? Daniels is right, he is like Rodgers.

  7. Doesn’t have the wheels or the arm strength but has a chance to have a marvelous career—he’s that talented.

  8. This kid has been nothing short of amazing in his short career before injury. Why compare the two guys? it makes no sense for either of them.

  9. jwlinder says: Doesn’t have the wheels or the arm strength but …

    I don’t think Daniels was comparing physical attributes, but Burrow DEFIITELY has the wheels. Rarely chooses to run, but can motor when he does run.

  10. By all accounts Burrow worked his butt off in the offseason and gained a lot of velocity on his passing. I’m sure that will add some yardage to his downfield throws and eliminate some interceptions.
    With adding Chase and some OL this will be fun to watch as long as the injury bug doesn’t pop up again.

  11. I don’t even remember why the Browns didn’t feel like they needed a QB in 2017. I only say this because, outside of Trubiskey, that feels like a much better QB class than 2018. I guess it was a Saschi Brown theory that all the qbs in 2017 were a roll of the dice and so they might as well just grab Deshone Kizer in the second round? Whatever though, Myles Garret has justified his selection as #1 overall.

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