Mohamed Sanu sees an “it-factor” with rookie QB Trey Lance

San Francisco 49ers Off-Season Workout
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Training camp has yet to begin for the San Francisco 49ers, but wide receiver Mohamed Sanu has already seen some positive things from the team’s rookie quarterback.

In an interview with the DNP-CD Sports Podcast, Sanu said Trey Lance has left a positive impression early on with the 49ers.

The thing about Trey is he’s a very hard working kid,” Sanu said. “He listens. Very diligent. He’s the type of kid that puts in the extra work. I just love his energy. You can tell the way he comes in the room and has so much charisma, and he just has that ‘it factor.’ It’s cool to see. Such a young kid, but still he has a special talent. It’s just up to him to keep working every day, do his thing, and his opportunity will come when it comes.”

Sanu got the chance to work with Lance a bit during OTAs this spring and has also joined Lance to throw away from the team during the summer break. Even though the chances have been limited, Sanu likes what he sees from the No. 3 overall pick.

“The way he goes out on the field, he’s confident,” Sanu said. “The confidence he has and the throws that he’s making. And then when he doesn’t get it right, he is eager to learn and fix it immediately and that’s something that’s very, very important especially for the quarterback position.”

4 responses to “Mohamed Sanu sees an “it-factor” with rookie QB Trey Lance

  1. Hope he’s right. Sanu was one of two NFL players, along with Seam Springs, who mentored Dwayne Haskins since high school.

    I’ll just leave it at that!

  2. sbc2556, I think it’s safe to say Trey Lance already has a better work ethic than Dwayne Haskins…not that that’s really setting the bar all that high but still.

  3. My top 3 QBs were T Law, Justin Fields, and Mac Jones. I didn’t know enough about Trey Lance to form an opinion. Hopefully he’s the truth.

  4. A positive attitude is good in any walk of life, but it doesn’t mean that much when a WR is complimenting a QB. Especially one that was a little bit of a controversial pick at number 3 overall. Maybe Sanu feels it’s in his best interest to compliment the guys who made the pick. They’re also the guys making the cuts.

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