Report: Stephon Gilmore reports to training camp

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Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore skipped the team’s entire offseason program, including the mandatory minicamp. He has shown up for training camp on time, Field Yates of ESPN reports.

All eyes were on Gilmore as the Patriots required quarterbacks and players who ended the 2020 season on an injury-related reserve list to report Thursday. Gilmore ended last season with a partially torn quadriceps that landed him on injured reserve.

He will start camp on the physically unable to perform list.

Gilmore is in a contract dispute with the team as he enters the final season of his contract. He is due to make $7 million in base salary in 2021 after the Patriots moved up $5 million of his contract to 2020.

Gilmore recently told reporter Josina Anderson he wants to be paid what he’s worth, and the sides reportedly have made little progress on a new deal.

So could the 2019 defensive player of the year be “holding in,” taking his time to recover from his injury until he has a new deal or a new team? That remains to be seen. But, by reporting, he has avoided additional fines for holding out.

16 responses to “Report: Stephon Gilmore reports to training camp

  1. Well duh he showed up! Rule changes. Not showing up is burning money. When/if he takes the practice field, THAT would be newsworthy!

  2. Mlhigh77
    Good lord the Pats are so damn cheap.

    The Pats can’t cheat the salary cap like the Broncos did for Elway in the late 90’s to win two Superbowls

  3. This whole notion that Gilmore isn’t getting paid “what he’s worth” is absurd.

    Not only is he getting paid what he’s worth, he got a $5 million advance on what he’s worth!

  4. mlhigh77, What does, “Good Lord. The Pats are so damn cheap.”, mean in this particular case?

    His contract calls for $7M this season and that’s what he’s entitled to.
    Did Stephon Gilmore or other players give back money to NFL teams when they didn’t produce as expected?
    I believe the answer is no…

  5. His agent negotiated that contract for him. The Patriots just signed it and said okay. Nobody held a gun to his head. If he has a beef, it’s with the agent.

  6. With Gilmore now in his early 30s coming off a fairly significant injury plus the fact he struggled last season are all three big reasons in BB’s mind to cut bait and move on from Gilmore while he still has some value especially since Gilmore is a mercenary who wasn’t drafted by NE. I don’t see Belicheck paying him and I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t trade any top 3-4 picks either for Gilmore right now either.

  7. People just don’t get it. Gilmour was DPOY 2 yrs ago. A recent poll of players coaches and GMs(after 2020 season) had Gilmour as the #4 CB in the league. The top CBs are paid 16-20 mil. DSlay, pushing 30, got a contract ave 16.7/yr. Do players give back money when they underperform? No, they get fired, or forced to take a pay cut to avoid it. Do owners throw players extra money when they overperform? Heck no. What’s with the double standard? They owners make a fortune. BKraft bought the Pats for I believe, 750 mil. They’re worth billions now. The players are the show. They have every right to max out they’re share. They bump Gilmour got last year was HIS money. And, he was still underpaid at 14+ mil. Just because the ave joe doesn’t make millions, their is no reason to begrudge players market value when the market changes.

  8. LOL.
    All players talk big but when it’s time to get paid, they’ll be reporting.
    They wont give up their money.

  9. Technically, Gilmore is playing for $11+ mil this year: $7 mil base + 5th year portion of his $18mil signing bonus or $3.6 mil + $700K r0ster bonus. So he isn’t THAT underpaid. Will pats find 2 or 3 more million? Probably. Might also throw in a couple mil incentives for INTs and such. But the story that he is “only getting $7 mil this year” is not factually true. His AVERAGE salary is $13 mil over 5 years. Sports writers should know better. The top CB is getting $20 mil ave per year, #4 is getting $16.6 ave per year. Gilmore maybe warrants a few more mil. He better not hold out for 2 or 3 million on top of his $11 million!

  10. Gilmour is not getting his 3.6 signing bonus this year. He’s already been paid that. That’s why they call it a signing bonus. It’s spread out over 5 yrs for cap purposes. The 700k roster bonus is another accounting trick. It’s really only 400k. IF, he’s on the roster. As of right now, he’d have to play for 7.4 mil. He won’t. I don’t blame him. I still think they find a way.

  11. When Gilmore signed his contract with the Patriots, he was the highest paid cornerback. He could of signed for one year, and negotiate again the next year. No, he took the guaranteed money. And he is going to get paid every cent. How often does that happen? Everyone knows by the end of the contract, it will be below market value, but he got security, and will never have to work a day in his life. Sound pretty good to me. Gilmore thought so too.

  12. So, let him sit out the season. His choice. There are at least 31 reasons why his estimate of his worth is exaggerated.

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