Andy Reid: 90 percent of Chiefs players, 100 percent of staff are vaccinated

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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When the NFL has released its numbers on COVID-19 vaccination rates, it hasn’t disclosed the teams that have had 85 or 90 percent of its players receive a shot.

But head coach Andy Reid revealed on Friday that the Chiefs are one of the teams leading the way.

Reid told reporters that 90 percent of the team’s players and 100 percent of the team’s staff are vaccinated. That means the Chiefs are one of the nine teams the league was talking about earlier on Friday with a vaccination rate of at least 90 percent.

We’re glad to be in that area there,” Reid said during his press conference. “So we’re one of the teams where the players have really challenged themselves to get things done and take care of business. There are different protocols that take place for vaccinated players and unvaccinated players. But, again, that’s all for safety purposes — which is an important part of it as you go forward. The league’s trying to do the best they possibly can to make that as simple a process as possible.”

According to Friday’s numbers from the league, there are five teams that have a vaccination rate of less than 70 percent. Eighty percent of players across the NFL have received at least one shot.