Are the Eagles the favorite to land Deshaun Watson, eventually?

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Whenever mentioning the possibility/inevitably that the Texans will trade quarterback Deshaun Watson, we’ve mentioned three teams: the Broncos, Dolphins, and Eagles. On Thursday, the sideline reporter for the Eagles’ official radio broadcasts applied a percentage to the possibility of Watson landing in Philadelphia.

Appearing on WIP radio in Philadelphia, Howard Eskin said this (based on a quote provided by WIP afternoon host Jon Marks): “Based on the information that I’ve got, when Deshaun Watson is traded, I think there’s a 90 percent chance that he will be with the Philadelphia Eagles. And just based on all the information that I’ve gotten, that’s what I’ve come down with.”

I’m important to understand what Eskin said, along with what he didn’t say. Eskin didn’t say Watson will be traded in the immediate future. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Texans currently aren’t talking to the Eagles or anyone else about a potential Watson trade.

Eskin’s information points to the notion that, if/when the Texans start the bidding (and if the circumstances are conducive to trading for Watson), the Eagles will be the favorite to get him.

That makes sense, if Watson is traded this year. But that will require a settlement of the 22 pending legal cases or a clear indication from the league that, absent a settlement, he won’t be placed on paid leave.

It’s unknown whether the league has told Watson that he will or won’t be placed on paid leave. If a settlement of the 22 lawsuits is going to happen before the Texans report to training camp, time is running out.

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  1. He still has a no trade cause in his contract. Therefore just because they think there’s a 90% chance, it will come down to where he wants to go. He has never once said anything about the Eagles. Broncos/9ers are his two places. Then it comes down to whether either of those teams actually want to trade assets for him.

  2. As an Eagles fan, this is appalling to me.

    Given what Watson is accused of, there’s no way I’d continue to be a fan of a franchise that would trade for a guy like that. At minimum, I’d be done with them until Lurie and Roseman are gone.

    Jalen Hurts showed a lot of potential last year and seems like a good guy. They need to give him a chance rather than sell their souls (and a bounty of draft picks) for Watson.

  3. Just because the Eagles can afford to trade for Watson doesn’t mean they should. The Eagles are just starting to rebuild and need all the draft picks they can get.

  4. I sure hope the Eagles don’t trade for him. They aren’t giving Hurts a chance to do all he can do plus Hurts is alot cheaper.

  5. Eagles fan here. From a pure talent standpoint, I’d admit that the prospect of landing Watson is exciting. But the new character and behavior concerns are pretty worrisome. Not sure how I’d feel about it.

  6. If the league is serious about getting tough with these sorts of situations, the biggest punishment they could dish out would be to force Watson to stay in Houston.

  7. Philly fans talking about a player’s ‘character issues’ is kind of hilarious given some of their behaviours in the stands…

  8. Great fit for him. The bottomline is, he is a great QB. Top 10 QB. Good luck to him.

  9. I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe Watson has been criminally charged with anything. Sure he’s been exposed as a creep but with no criminal charges against him I don’t understand some of the comments here. Many players still in the league have done MUCH worse than this guy.

  10. Character concerns are secondary for me as an Eagles fan at this moment in time. I don’t want to give up what we’d have to to land him. Lord, we just finished in last place in the worst division in NFL history, it’s not like we have a loaded roster.

  11. Sure he would be a good fit but when Hurts plays well, throws 4000 yards, has 500 rushing and total tds over 30, all this talk quiet down. Eagles will be better off using theirb3 1stbriund picks next year on defense.

  12. We think that reporters get inside info from people in the know, but I’ve learned that mostly they are doing the same speculative triangulation that we call all do from our couches. Texans have a QB who wants a trade. Eagles don’t yet have an established starter, and they have a lot of draft capital. Ergo, the Eagles are the most likely landing spot for Deshaun Watson! “Elementary, Dr Watson”- no pun intended. But the reality is that several teams could be players in this drama. What about the Steelers? Or the Buccaneers? Who do they have on their roster once their older QBs retire? Deshaun could step in next year and keep their ships moving. This year is more or less a transition year for him anyway, no matter where he plays.

  13. Don’t see Lurie taking on that type of PR nightmare, no matter the outcome-criminal, civil, settle, suspension-plenty of groups will be after the owner. Broncos with no owner or even Raiders where Gruden runs the show are the better options.

    If Hurts doesn’t work they can draft a QB next year, it is not like this team is a contender this year or even the next few years and should have high draft picks at least this year if Hurts can’t cut it, much cheaper then sending draft picks and pay $40 million a year to a QB.

  14. Give Jalen a serious shot at the job; I think that is already in the cards anyway.

    Deshauan gonna bring damaged rep if they sign him and the team admin will look very bad. Bad juju to bring him in.

  15. I love reading the Eagles fans talking about character and behavior concerns. I have been to the Linc. Address the character and behavior of the fans and then worry about Watson.

  16. And Rogers is going to Denver :/ Watson does not make up for the baggage (noted still remains innocent) plus who says he wants to go to Philly?

  17. What exactly is new here? Eskin re-hashed the same rumor that’s been circulating for months, only this time he upped the ante by calling it a 90% possibility, whatever that means.

    The Eagles are still eating $34 million in dead money from the Wentz deal. They’re not adding another $16 million to their cap at the quarterback position anytime soon. They’re going to see what they have in Hurts then figure it out next year when there will be all kinds of possibilities. Including Watson.

  18. malcomreynolds says:
    July 23, 2021 at 10:14 am

    Philly fans talking about a player’s ‘character issues’ is kind of hilarious given some of their behaviours in the stands…


    Ha ! guess you’ve never been to a game in new york or boston then ?
    it’s time to put those Philly cliches to bed.
    that santa claus routine is over 50 yrs old .

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