Cleveland’s baseball team will be known as the Guardians

Cleveland Indians Summer Workouts
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Last year, two prominent American sports franchises announced that they would be changing their names.

Those organizations took different approaches. Washington elected to be known immediately as the Football Team while a permanent name was chosen that did not have ties to Native American imagery.

Cleveland’s baseball team elected to continue on as the “Indians” through the 2021 season while a committee worked on a new moniker.

But as Washington is still deep in the process of choosing a new name, Cleveland has already completed it.

As of 2022, the city’s baseball team will be known as the Guardians.

The franchise made that announcement with a video narrated by Tom Hanks, whose first professional job was in Cleveland at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival.

“We protect what we’ve earned and always defend it,” Hanks says in the video. “Together we stand with all who understand what it means to be born and built from The Land. Because this is a city we love and the game we believe in. And together, we are all Cleveland Guardians.

The name is partially a reference to the Guardian statues that can be seen on the Hope Memorial Bridge, which is just a short distance away from the franchise’s home stadium, Progressive Field.

In contrast, Football Team president Jason Wright recently told the Washington Post that Washington’s new name and logo will be revealed in early 2022. The burgundy and gold colors will remain the same.

However Washington chooses to announce the name and logo, Football Team executives are likely looking at Cleveland’s rollout for some lessons on what to do and what to do better.

52 responses to “Cleveland’s baseball team will be known as the Guardians

  1. What a horrible name for a sports franchise. They will always be the Indians in my eyes.

  2. Man did they get ripped off by a marketing firm or what?! The font is still the same, the name still ends in “DIANS” and with the same font it looks like when you quickly glance it just says “Indians” like it has since the early 1900s! I imagine the name is so they can do guardian of the Galaxy and DC/Marvel comic type deals for super hero mascots? Really lame rebrand attempt. Everyone is just gonna call them the ‘Dians now.

  3. Kudos to the Cleveland and Washington franchises for stopping their slurs against Native Americans. Much better late than never.

  4. Dan Snyder looks smart for waiting.Now he can gauge the reaction to Cleveland security guards or bug spray.

  5. Fitting….since their payroll is such a great “guardian” of Dolan’s bank account.

  6. Awful name. Sounds like a space movie. My concern is that we just keep pushing the representation of Native Americans out the door and nobody has any issue with that.

  7. Go Guardians!!!!!! All these outraged white people are gonna be fine eventually. We just have to let them get it out of their systems.

  8. And the Raiders play in Las Vegas.

    Not a huge fan of either situation—or the teams—but in a year or two it’ll feel normal. Time marches on.

  9. I wanted The Cleveland Captains. Cleveland is located on the shores of lake Erie which is part of the Great Lakes which was a major shipping lane that helped build America. One problem though. IT MADE TOO MUCH SENSE !

  10. “Guardians”???
    Did the owner of the Cleveland Baseball Team lose the MLB Fantasy football league, and all the other owners got to pick his team’s new name?

  11. I was for Cleveland Commodores or Cleveland Moondogs.

    The nautical theme (Commodores) goes with the great lakes (e.g. Commodore Perry; and their minor league teams are nautical, with the Clippers and the Captains).

    The Moondog Ball was the first “Rock and Roll” concert ever held anywhere. It was in Cleveland, the brainchild of Alan Freed, a DJ who coined the term “Rock and Roll.” (For those wondering why the R&R hall of fame is in Cleveland: this place is built on Rock.)

    Lastly, for those curious, there is a beloved local bridge (Hope Memorial) immediately adjacent to the stadium. The bridge features (4) art-deco statatuary on the corners called “Guardians of Transit.” The guardians were carved by Bob Hope’s father: a stone mason. They are definitely a part of Cleveland iconography, appearing on many local branded materials (shirts, hats, pants, etc.) That only prompts the question: if they are the namesake then why they aren’t part of the logo or branding?

  12. If someone forced me to change my team name I’d go with, well, I wouldn’t change it, be offended, crybabies.

  13. Much as I loathe Snyder, this is exactly why he’s taking his time settling on a new name … because no matter WHAT they settle on, most people are going to hate it, especially those who love ‘Redskins’ and have already decided that they will hate the new name and will loudly protest. The longer they are The Washington Football Team, the less a new name will sting. Then again, I would not be the least surprised if they settle on that moving forward … if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

  14. only in cleveland could defeat be snatched from the jaws of victory over something simple as a decent name;

    for a minute i feared they would choose something like Moondogs;

    don’t dollar to a donut it was on the short list just above Wookies;

  15. Hurrah for the name change! And a nice logo, too! But the name itself is kind of ridiculous. Guardians of what? It’s a sports team. “We protect what we’ve earned and always defend it” – what gibberish is that? Sounds like salary negotiations. A sports team isn’t “protecting” anything, except their privileged exemption from real work.

    They chose a similar-sounding word over anything that is fun, colorful, or that makes the slightest bit of sense. Good they changed it but thoroughly mediocre name.

  16. I like the name Guardians. However, the original name should have been kept. There was nothing offensive about it. This society it losing its mind.

  17. Typical uninspiring nickname. Would you expect anything different from Cleveland?

  18. Sounds like a bunch of suits sat around a table with stacks of flash cards containing words that end with “ians”. This is the best they could come up with.

  19. In a sport where two of the professional teams are named after the color of their socks, we have supposedly grown men complaining about the name Guardians.

  20. And this is why Cleveland always gets made fun of. We have posters up above explaining to non-Clevelanders about Cleveland. DO you honestly think anyone cares about the history of Cleveland? No one does.

    I dont think its a coincidence that the best team name is the only Cleveland team to win a recent Championship

  21. It’s not so bad. They now have the Cavaliers….and then…..then they have…..well there’s the……ummm……you know what? It’s bad. It’s so bad. Sorry Cleveland.

  22. I wonder what they will do with the the movie, “Major League”. Should they do a remake where they edit out the Indians logo and dub over anytime they say Indians with Guardians? Because we really need to consider erasing any part of history and traditions that people find offensive. Because we all know there isn’t anything more important happening in the world that people can focus on.

  23. And that’s why you don’t rush to pick a new name… they definitely were looking for something that ended in -dians to keep the uniforms a somewhat familiar look. The new name seems pretty meh but I have no rooting interest, so whatever. But having seen DC go through one bad name change already (Wizards?!?), I just have one more thing to say: Don’t botch it WFT!

  24. This is a great day for baseball, man. I remember, playing baseball, back in Wilmington. Wed search the city for the best baseball players. Submarine sandwiches. They want, wed have, they’d say, um, yeah, lets go to the bus stop. Thats why we have aviation man. Guardians man. Thats why the logo has wings.

  25. They named them after the Guardians of Transportation for protection in moving the team to a different city.

  26. OOPS….lol…I was thinking Football. Not baseball in Chicago or Boston. I’m the fool. My apologies…

    PS: It’s 3 teams. Cincinnati Reds were the Red Stockings.

  27. It sounds like a Little League team named after a home security company.

  28. backintheday99 says:
    July 23, 2021 at 12:56 pm

    OOPS….lol…I was thinking Football. Not baseball in Chicago or Boston. I’m the fool. My apologies…

    PS: It’s 3 teams. Cincinnati Reds were the Red Stockings.

    Nope, they were the Redlegs.

  29. If I recall the history of the Cleveland Indians, they were named after an actual Indian. Come on don’t we have anything better to do than invent offensive name subjects?

  30. Who`s got next? Chiefs,Blackhawks or Braves! Took a while for the snowball effect to kick in but its about to gain some steam now!!!

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