Cole Beasley essentially dares Bills to cut him

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Bills receiver Cole Beasley, the NFL player who has become the most vocal when it comes to anti-vaccination concerns and conspiracy theories, was at it again today on Twitter. At one point, he essentially dared the Bills to cut him.

In response to a tweet suggesting that the Bills would be wise to dump Beasley, the 32-year-old wideout said this: “Yea cutting arguable [sic] the best slot in the league is wise. Especially when the slot is such a significant role in this offense.”

Well, maybe it becomes wise if the organization decides that it doesn’t want in the locker room the kind of divisiveness that Beasley seems to be determined to embrace. Also on Friday, Beasley engaged in a Twitter exchange with defensive end Jerry Hughes, who has made his pro-vaccine stance clear.

“Jerry so if a vaccinated player gives an unvaccinated player with underlying conditions covid it’s cool though?” Beasley tweeted. “And the player with underlying conditions gets blamed for it. From minority to the majority now the minorities don’t matter?”

Beasley also has suggested that the number of American deaths from the pandemic is “likely overcounted,” and that “there are are a ton of players who are with me but can’t speak out because of their situation within the organization.”

One teammate who isn’t with Beasley is receiver Emmanuel Sanders. Via Bradley Gelber of USA Today, Sanders has tweeted a photo of his vaccination card (first dose today), with this message: “Accountability. Availability. Don’t have time to deal with no bs during the season.”

If Beasley is right regarding teammates who agree with him but can’t speak out, here’s the reality: speaking or not speaking won’t matter when it’s time to make cuts. Players who aren’t deemed to be indispensable to the effort and who aren’t vaccinated will be at risk of being cut. Beasley is at more risk of being cut than he seems to realize, especially with Beasley continuing to make himself into a distraction and with Sanders on the team.

Then again, Beasley quite possibly wants to be cut. Then, he’d become a martyr and even more of a hero of the anti-vaccine movement.

80 responses to “Cole Beasley essentially dares Bills to cut him

  1. We know the Bills are busy at work trying to find someone to replace this guy. Don’t understand why he’s trying to blow up the locker room.
    Now here he is thinking he’s so valuable that he can’t be cut.

  2. Do yourself a favor Buffalo and cut this clown. He isnt good enough to have a season long distraction.

  3. Beasley, the best slot receiver in the NFL??? This guy is more delusional than I thought.

  4. Hahahaha…. A slot receiver that thinks he’s untouchable?! This is the nfl and cole can be replaced by any other player under 6’ that can catch a football

  5. Please cut his clown tonight! Best slot in the league? Child please, hes really not in the top 10

  6. Lost in all this is the fact, Beasley has zero concern of contracting the virus and giving it to someone else. I understand he’s in amazing physical condition, but what about the people he gives it to? More to this than just yourself sir.

  7. The Bills are very deep at wide receiver and have several players that can play the slot. There may be a slight drop off, but not as much as he thinks there would be. Are they better with him. Of course, but not if he’s going to become a major distraction. Besides, they would save over $5 million in cap space if they cut him. But maybe that’s what he wants so he can claim he was cut because he was not vaccinated.

  8. For anyone who thinks they’re intelligent because they won’t get the vaccine, just remember, Jenny McCarthy is on your side. Yes, you and Jenny McCarthy think alike. Congratulations.

  9. From the scrap heap to the Bills, now squandering his good fortune.

    No one’s going to sign a 32-year-old with this kind of team-last attitude. He’s on the brink of his career being over.

  10. Same guy who walked out of camp his rookie year because he didn’t think he’d make the team. Baby then baby now.

  11. Cole realizes they just signed Emmanuel Sanders, who plays great in the slot, right?

  12. Cut him. Cut him now. If it costs the Bills some money, I’ll toss in $20 to help them cover it.

  13. Best slot in the league? Is Beasley even the best slot on the Bills anymore? They just signed Emmanuel Sanders.

    This guy better watch out. John Brown thought he was untouchable at the start of the Bills offseason as well, now he’s on a 1-year prove-it deal in Las Vegas.

  14. I’m sorry but Cole Beasley is not one of the best slot receivers in the league not even close there are others in the league that are far better than him and if the bills cut him then it’s his own fault.

  15. Beasley is going to get cut & NO one willing to sign a 32 yr troublemaker who wishes to divide the locker room

  16. When a guy becomes a distraction, and thinks he’s bigger than the team, everyone is better off going in separate directions.

  17. How can anyone take this man seriously when he just called himself arguably the best slot receiver in the NFL?

  18. How many of you think that Beasley is the best slot receiver in the game today. I think Beasley showed everyone just how delusional he is.

  19. 46th in the league in TDs last year. Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out.

  20. Be careful what you wish for Beasley, you and kapernick can watch football together!

  21. 46th in the league in TDs last year. Don’t the the door hit you in the rear on the way out.

  22. Every good coach I ever played for put the team needs above the individual’s needs. Cole seems to have forgotten he plays a team sport. But then, that may be the difference between amateur and pro sports. Some pro’s today seem to be all about “me.”

  23. Far more likely that this selfish bag contracts Covid and spreads it around, versus vaccinated teammates…32 year old clowns like Beasley are a dime a dozen. Best slot receiver in the league??
    Far from it. Cut this bozo right now and sign a team player.

  24. Beasley ran his mouth out of Dallas and now he appears to be doing the same thing in Buffalo. I can’t think of another team willing to put up with this nonsense. Vaccinated or not, he just needs to shut up.

  25. The number of people who earned doctorates in medicine and constitutional law via the internet during the pandemic is truly amazing.

  26. On one hand, he should be admired for standing by his principles and speaking out. On the other hand, he is hurting his team and causing distractions, and is quite possibly taking a very public stand based on incorrect information about the vaccine. Strange place to be.

  27. Cole did infamously quit the Dallas cowboys during training camp of his rookie year. Jason Garrett convinced him to come back.

  28. Can the bills just Get a superbowl run without distractions, I’ve waited 25 fricking years for a team built like this for the love of god

  29. All these fans acting like the Bill’s don’t need Beasley. Rewatch the games, Beasley made so many clutch receptions in pivotal situations. Let him walk and someone else will take his production in a second.

  30. those of you equating Cole and Kaep are way off base, trying to bring light to a situation where cops are murdering people because of the color of their skin is no where near cole’s insistence that vaccines are bad- please stop minimalizing the death of black people in this country at the hands of those who are supposed to protect its citizenry

  31. holla says:
    July 23, 2021 at 9:25 pm
    Cut him for not being vaccinated and see how fast the lawsuit is filed.

    Cut him because they don’t want him and see how fast people say “Cole who?”

  32. Cut him for being unvaccinated and see how fast they get sued some one said. Well they just cut 2 coaches for that reason how’s that working out?

    Try teaching school without being vaccinated for measles.

  33. The agreement with the NFLPA allows players to not be vaccinated. Beasley will NOT be cut for his vaccination stance because that would the basis for a lawsuit. He CAN be cut for SKILL.

    If he shows superior Skill in camp he stays. If his skill is equal to other players, then other factors factor into the decision to keep or cut. That’s when his foundation becomes unsteady.

  34. anadromous2 says:
    July 23, 2021 at 9:46 pm
    How many of you think that Beasley is the best slot receiver in the game today. I think Beasley showed everyone just how delusional he is.
    I don’t agree with Beasley but he was a second team All Pro.

  35. PLEASE cut this douche… No one has ever deserved being blackballed from his profession as much as this guy!!!

  36. Why is the NFL hung up on the vaccine rather than antibodies? If someone has had the virus, do they need to get the vaccine? Science says not really since the vaccine is an artificial measure that tries to mimic the natural antibodies. Unless I missed it, the NFL’s procedures are based solely on vaccine status.

  37. Whatever your feelings about vaccination, causing a ruckus and stirring up the locker room are REALLY bad things to do. My guess is they will have to move on because of that.

  38. raiderhatersarepatheticlosers says:
    July 24, 2021 at 9:29 am
    He’s a true patriot
    A true patriot would be willing to risk his own life for his fellow country men. As far as talent goes, Beasley is a better than average slot receiver. However, best slot in the NFL he is not. Tyreek Hill plays about 65% of his targets from the slot and is a much more dynamic and explosive player collecting 100 less yards on 20 fewer targets but with 3 more slot TDs. JuJu Smith-Schuster is another slot WR with 10TDs from the position. Pretty good and best are not the same thing. Sanders and Beasley are fairly equal as far as stats go when you account for QB issues Sanders has dealt with since Manning retired. The Bills also have Isaiah McKenzie who caught 21 of 23 passes with 6 TDs in the slot. No owner is going to sign a player actively opposing the vaccine. Empty stadiums cost each of them about $125 million, forfeiting a game is a $11 million direct loss for the owner. Even Jerry Jones is pro vaccine, at least for his players, there is no way Beasley survives being cut. He doesn’t have the talent to justify the risk of forfeiting a game.

  39. buffalobluecollarlunchbucket56 says:
    July 24, 2021 at 9:59 am
    anadromous2 says:
    July 23, 2021 at 9:46 pm
    How many of you think that Beasley is the best slot receiver in the game today. I think Beasley showed everyone just how delusional he is.
    I don’t agree with Beasley but he was a second team All Pro
    2 6 Rate This


    How that happened and Edelman never made it once means Beasley’s supposed earned spot is meaningless.

    How on earth could anyone claim Beasley is better than Edelman is a joke x 1000.

  40. Regardless of vaccination, the NFL will continue to coddle the stars and cast off the common player when rules are violated.

  41. We are setting some dangerous precedents right now. Just watch where this all heads in the future. Lol

  42. I’ll cut this clown. Had to be that one guy that had to come along and try and ruin the momentum and be the headache to derail the progress. Trade this guy, if he is that valuable they should have no problem getting offers. I don’t think anybody would touch a guy that is willing to destroy his team and put them into a situation to actually forfeit games because of his pure ignorance. Allen is a generational QB, you give him hands out there and he’ll put the ball in them. He’ll make stars, like he did of Diggs. This is ridiculous, get rid of one troublemaker and another needs to step up. We in Buffalo will get over Beasley real quick when we are in the playoffs again and he is watching it from home. Cut him or trade him, but stop him before he undoes all the work this team has put in

  43. Better keep the “Bills Release Cole Beasley” headline handy.

  44. “You can take away my helmet. You can take away my cleats, but you can’t take away . . . my freeDUMB!”

  45. Josh Allen is one of the best QB’s in the leauge, Beasley is NOT one of the best slot receivers in the leaugue

  46. If he wants to get cut so badly then he should give up his salary, bonuses and pay a fee to the Bills so he can leave!

  47. The Steelers have at least 3 guys better in the slot than Beasley. The position is fungible. Cut him.

  48. He’s from Texas (which voted to voter suppression) he’s a trumpster a real me me type who is an anti-vaccer .
    Is it any wonder Stefon Diggs called him out the Bills need to get ride of that locker room cancer ASAP.

  49. How many players and staff got infected with COVID last season?

    How many players and staff were “seriously” effected by COVID? 1 is the answer, and his normal every day life wasn’t even effected.

    Beasley doesn’t need a reason to not want the vaccine, the fact is it is nobody else business. IF YOU ARE SCARED THEN GET THE VACCINE PERIOD

    If Beasley gets cut , I who have had seasons tickets to the Buffalo Bills since 1988 will never attend another game. It wont make a difference to the Bills or their bottom line, but it has to start or stop somewhere.

    Before you say “follow the science” I suggest cross reference your sources, then re-check your sources, then check your sources sources.


  50. Isaiah McKenzie thinks he too could be a great slot receiver in this offense…

  51. Before you say “follow the science” I suggest cross reference your sources, then re-check your sources, then check your sources sources.


    You first.

  52. Beasley already has three other Bills players disagreeing with him on social media, Diggs, Sanders, and Hughes. Sanders could easily take his spot in the slot with little or no drop off in production.

    My question is whether Allen and Beasley are tight, if they are, then the Bills might be more inclined to keep him around to placate the franchise QB.

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