Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

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Las Vegas usually knows what’s going on. On Aaron Rodgers, Las Vegas reportedly thinks it knows what he’ll be doing next week.

Via Bill Huber of, multiple sports books believe Rodgers will announce his retirement before Wednesday’s initial practice of training camp. Per Huber, Westgate Superbook has “closed all its NFC North markets, including projected wins, playoff odds, divisional odds and weekly lines for the four division teams.”

PointsBet sports book, which not long ago put the Green Bay over-under win total back on the board at nine, has once again removed Green Bay from the list of 32 teams. DraftKings also has removed the Green Bay over-under win total, along with its Packers-related “Team Specials.” (The other 31 teams have them.)

As one source with knowledge of the dynamics of the Rodgers situation said in response to these developments, “Vegas oddsmakers tend to be pretty sharp.” The source added that a lot of scenarios are in play, and “many, many factors” will be relevant to the outcome.

Rodgers has kept his card close to the vest. A retirement for 2021 would make sense, since it would help him avoid up to $2 million in fines for holding out of training camp. However, he’d still lose a $6.8 million roster bonus earned in March and payable each week of the 2021 regular season. He’d also be subject to repayment of $11.5 million in unearned signing bonus money for 2021. (Some believe the Packers would never try to collect, or successfully recover, the $11.5 million.)

He then could unretire in 2022, with the Packers trading him and Rodgers resuming his career.

35 responses to “Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

  1. “A retirement for 2021 would make sense, since it would help him avoid up to $2 million in fines for holding out of training camp.”

    I’m sorry Mike, but I don’t know what planet you’re living on where a retirement by the reigning MVP “makes sense”.

  2. You’re assuming Green Bay would trade him, after he quits on them for a year? Why the crap would they do that??? I hope that crybaby not only retires, but goes away and we never hear from him again.

  3. Or he could in-retire on say week 8 and completely turn the Packers upside down to get a year of service under contract… and feign an injury a day later.

  4. Was just looking at pics of Aaron training with Bakhtiari. Doesn’t look like a cat that is getting ready to announce his retirement.

    Good luck with that though.😌

  5. As part Owner of the Packers, I just want to say C-Ya Diva. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!

  6. There is still good news for the Packers…………….
    a top 3 pick is coming in 2022

  7. It would be a perfect “Diva Moment” for a diva.
    Wait until all the teams have begun training camp. and then upstage the entire league and steal the complete spotlight. Then everyone will spent the entire rest of the summer talking about Rodgers.
    Yeah…he’s got it all planned out.

  8. I doubt they think he’ll retire. They know it is possible though, so they are hedging their positions. Smart move.

  9. Even if the NBA viewers are cut in half again next year, at least Wisconsinites have the Bucks.

  10. Unbelievable that there’s still Packer fans thinking this is a non-story. Talk about delusional.

  11. Rodgers isn’t going to retire, he’s far too selfish. He won’t lose a year of stats that could put him closer to the top of the all time QB great stats.

  12. If there’s a way for Rodgers to head over to the USFL, the league should do everything in its power to make it happen.

  13. The NFL will go on, with or without him. Thanks for the Super Bowl win, you played great, enjoy your hundreds of millions and we’ll move on to the next guy.

  14. If Rodgers retires can he unretire in early October when the Packers are 0-4 and don’t want to pay him?

  15. Vegas knows something. People made fun of me for saying this a month ago when the pack were predicted at 7 wins.

  16. He’s not forfeiting the entire season at this age. Discussions are ongoing with SF but not for Lance and he could sit multiple games ‘retired’. I expect an October or earlier trade, not to Denver but SF because they’re not sticking with that MFer any longer.

  17. Brett Favre to Aaron Rogers, now Jordan Love. After 30 years of hall of fame QB play it will be interesting to see how cheeze-land adjusts.

  18. There’s a big part of this story I must have missed. Can someone please fill me in, because I’m hearing nothing about it. Two years ago, the Packers traded away a first round pick and a fourth round pick to move up higher into the first round to draft a QB. They did this at the time when they already had the current MVP QB, and still in his prime. They were also just a player or two away from winning another super bowl when they traded away the draft picks that could have gotten those two missing pieces. They obviously had decided to separate themselves from Rodgers. I guess the part I missed was the trading or release of that new QB. What happened to that guy, and why did the Packers get rid of him? Please somebody. Fill me in. He’s obviously not still on the roster. I haven’t heard of any of the front office or personnel people getting fired over the wasting of all those draft resources. How is this not a story? Why all the charades with Rodgers? The fact that nobody has been fired tells me the decision came from the top man. How weak is the media, especially in Green Bay? Don’t they love football? Vince Lombardi is rolling over in his grave.

  19. Fascinating that the prevailing attitude of most Packer fans is “You either play for the Packers or you don’t play”.

    Are you that upset and hurt with being rejected by a guy you don’t know that you’d rather punish one of the greatest players of all time (and football fans everywhere) out of spite than get a boatload of high draft picks?

    He’s fallen out of love with you. Let him go. Get your king’s ransom and try to rebuild this now shattered franchise.

  20. There is no limit to what some people will believe. It’s truly amazing. But sad in a way.

  21. Is there something in the CBA that addresses situations like this? It seems like there is otherwise guys would retire instead of holding out so they avoid the fines.

  22. Cool, after 25+ years of Favre and Rogers, those arrogant Packer fans are gonna be in for a dose of reality.

  23. Rodgers hasn’t said a damn thing about not playing this year, and has limited his comments overall – how the heck is that being a diva????

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