Packers leadership prepares for the team’s most interesting shareholder meeting in years


It’s surely not coincidental that the Aaron Rodgers rumor mill is ramping up — and that Rodgers is doing nothing to shut it down — two days before the moment at which the folks at the top of the corporation must face the music.

On Monday, shareholders (fans) will arrive at Lambeau Field for the annual meeting of Green Bay Packers, Inc. The agenda, which officially will be distributed to the attendees when they arrive, will include presentations from both CEO Mark Murphy and G.M. Brian Gutekunst. Which means that both could face a less-than-warm reception, given the lingering issues with Rodgers and the news that, as of Friday, talks with receiver Davante Adams abruptly had ended.

As MDS noted earlier today, Rodgers has opted to continue to be cryptic. At a time when multiple sports books have removed Packers-related wagers due to speculation in the gaming industry that he’ll retire next week, Rodgers didn’t shoot any of it down. Instead, he and Adams separately posted on social media the same picture of Chicago Bulls legends Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

The glass-half-full crowd views this as a subtle acknowledgment that 2021 will be their “Last Dance” in Green Bay. The other view is that they’re simply twisting Gutekunst’s tail over the fact that Rodgers has referred to the G.M. in texts with teammates as “Jerry Krause.”

Given that Adams can’t get the contract he wants from Gutekunst, it makes sense for the receiver to currently have those same feelings.

Either or both could clear up any speculation or confusion by saying “we’ll be together for one more year in Green Bay” or by saying whatever else reflects their true intentions. Rodgers has kept his own intentions closely under wraps for nearly three months now, even though the various reports and rumors and other developments cry out for the one man who knows the truth to put things to bed, once and for all.

If Rodgers plans to do that next week, he definitely won’t do it before Murphy and Gutekunst have to hear whatever it is they’ll hear when fans have their first chance to voice collectively their displeasure with being caught in the middle of this mess for most of the 2021 offseason. Regardless of whether fans view the team or Rodgers or both as the bad guys in this, they’ll have a chance to vent their frustrations on Monday to those who will be addressing them at the annual meeting — and Rodgers won’t be one of them.

18 responses to “Packers leadership prepares for the team’s most interesting shareholder meeting in years

  1. I expect the reception will be generally positive. And I expect they’ll give, short, bland answers if any player questions come up.

  2. Rodgers seems like a difficult guy to deal with, but the fact that Adams is disgruntled as well seems like a huge failure on the part of the Packers. Managing to piss off two hall of famers, is quite the accomplishment.

  3. The Packers have a business to run. They can’t get too hung up on rich guy problems.

  4. Spend $250 a share to not get any value, cannot be traded or sold, no earnings. At least TP has value.

  5. When your two star players are disgruntled, you’ve got a serious management problem. The Packers management team has found a way to alienate one of the top two or three QBs of the past 10 years. They’ve known for years that he has an easily offended ego, yet failed to take that into account when dealing with him. Every person has their quirks and good management finds a way to work around that to keep key personnel happy. Rodgers isn’t just some easily replaced player, he’s the reason the team is relevant. Add the fact that Adams is also feeling undervalued and you’ve got a recipe for the Packers returning to the mediocrity of the pre-Favre days. Packers fans and “owners” should be livid about how the management has failed the team.

  6. I don’t want to see him on Jeopardy! either…I think he’s blown his chances of being the permanent host.

  7. If the Packers were expecting Rodgers back, why would they have 4 others QBs on their roster? Seems apparent he no longer wants any cheese with his whine, especially since his movie star squeeze doesn’t like Green Bay, or at least never mentions it, which is telling in its own way.

  8. Take the 35 million dollar a year QB, and the 20 million Adams will command and spend it on about 6 players. Old QB’s and big money receivers aren’t worth the headache.

  9. Every player on the team can’t make 20 mill a year…players are becoming a joke of the NFL, They think there bigger than the game..sick of hearing how bad these millionaire baby’s have it. They could always work a 9-5 job

  10. jtgush says:
    July 24, 2021 at 3:16 pm
    Every player on the team can’t make 20 mill a year…players are becoming a joke of the NFL, They think there bigger than the game..sick of hearing how bad these millionaire baby’s have it. They could always work a 9-5 job


    Only a jealous person, unfamiliar with English grammar, would post such a ridiculous comment.

  11. Many here seem to either forget or to not realize that the issue with Rodgers occurred because Rodgers WANTED TO STAY in Green Bay. He didn’t want to be shown the door in a year or two. In two years Rodger’s contract would allow the team to let him go without a big cap hit. Then the team moved up into the first round of the draft to pick a QB and failed to draft Rodgers any wide receiver help. The message to Rodgers was clear–the team was gearing up to move on from him. The only way Rodgers could prevent that was to get his contract revised with future years guaranteed. The Packers front office ignored him. That’s why we are where we are.

  12. Lucking into (and then totally bungling) the handling of two franchise QBs has been the legacy of the Packers. The Lombardi years may as well be ancient history at this point.

    Murphy and Gutekunst (and Ted Thompson before them) prove that a market as small as GB shouldn’t have professional sports.

  13. “Shareholders”, now that’s funny! That so called stock is worth as much as a sheet of toilet paper. In fact, after this past year, maybe even less!

  14. I just voted my shares. I was asked to vote for the Packers Board of Directors candidates. That group is Murphy’s boss. So not exactly worthless to me.

  15. Rodgers, Adams, Z Smith. One is an anomaly. Two is a coincidence. Three is a trend.

    There’s a problem with this front office. The writing was put on the wall clear as day when the front office converted Z Smith’s salary to guaranteed. They’re prepping to free up as much cap space as possible for the enormous rebuild operation in front of them.

    All-world QB, Top 5 WR and best pass rusher will be gone after this season. And yet excuse after excuse is made by Packer fans for the front office.

    Packer fans, I shouldn’t tell you this but I’m feeling generous today: By excusing the ineptitude of this front office, you ensure that nothing will change. They’ll never ben held accountable by the board if the fans give unilateral support to the front office no matter what.

  16. I’m a shareholder and a massive fan of the Green Bay Packers. Their championship history is just that… history. The Packers have wasted the talents of two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history with their conservative approach. Suppose the organization was run correctly and evolved with the rest of the league. In that case, The Packers could have added 6 Superbowl trophies to 1265 Lombardi Ave instead of the meager two we currently have over Favre and Rodgers’s tenure. I hope Rogers retires Adams and Z Smith fake injuries and the Packers go 2 and 15. The leadership of the Packers needs to change along with their conservative approach to the current day NFL. It’s about the culture and leadership’s unwillingness to evolve with the times.

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