Terrelle Pryor says he has a visit lined up, if he gets vaccinated

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Although certain unvaccinated players will be able to keep their roster spots due to skill, guaranteed pay, or potential cap hit, unvaccinated players who lack the skill and ability to be critical to one or more teams will have a hard time keeping their jobs and/or getting jobs.

For free agents who are currently looking for work, that’s the problem. No one will give them the time of day unless and until they take the time to get vaccinated.

Case in point — veteran receiver Terrelle Pryor currently is looking for an opportunity, and it’s been made to clear to him that he won’t get the opportunity unless he gets vaccinated.

Had a try out lined up,” Pryor tweeted on Saturday night. “Said I can’t visit unless . . . I’m vaccinated! Now I’m torn between, tough decision.”

The reality is that, if Pryor won’t get vaccinated, the interested team will direct their interest toward someone who is vaccinated. That’s how it goes for every street free agent. With so many available and interested players who realize that they need to get vaccinated to have a chance, the free agents who won’t get vaccinated have no change.

15 responses to “Terrelle Pryor says he has a visit lined up, if he gets vaccinated

  1. If he doesn’t want to get a free vaccine that could guarantee him hundreds of thousands of dollars, minimum, then he is showing he is not very smart.

  2. Good thing I don’t have any tryouts lined up or else I might get passed over for a lesser talent. Guess teams “don’t want to win that bad” if they’re not willing to work around the issues right? lol

  3. Whats the tough decision? Protection from disease and a shot at millions vs possible death and no job. Seems pretty easy to me

  4. It takes 6 weeks to be fully vaccinated with the two dose vaccines so I’d say he’s out of luck for a camp try out.

  5. Terrelle- it’s not a tough decision. This vaccine is extremely effective against Covid- an infection that has killed over 200,000 Americans and millions around the world. Nobody- zero people- have died or suffered serious illness due to the vaccine. That’s what the objective data show. Vaccines work with your immune system, not against it. You’re simply presenting a protein to your immune system so it can then recognize as foreign and attack when it sees it again. It’s like practice before the real game. Those who practice play better. Same with the immune system. Not a tough decision.

  6. Honestly, do you blame an NFL team for such a position. Having just one game cancelled cost millions of dollars. Its not worth it for a player who is 30 or below on the roster.

    That said, Terrelle is a good player and a Pittsburgh guy, I hope he lands somewhere

  7. I fail to see how this is a tough decision. Don’t tough decisions requires some negatives on BOTH sides?

  8. Not being vaccinated for himself, family and his community is already boneheaded but knowing that he won’t get a job unless he does somehow creates a dilemma for him?! Unbelievable!

  9. And we just saw Kara Eaker, US gymnast, test positive while in Japan despite her being fully vaccinated. If people want to get the vaccine that’s fine but it isn’t the cure everyone hopes for. Look at the Delta variant and the rate among vaccinated countries in Europe.

  10. If he considered this a tough decision, it become abundantly clear why he never panned out as an NFL quarterback.

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