Gardner Minshew prepares to compete with Trevor Lawrence, in a unique way


Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew approaches his third NFL season with the same mindset he brought to his first two — he wants to be the starter. The fact that the 2020 Jags lost fifteen in a row after a Week One win, allowing the team to take quarterback Trevor Lawrence with the first pick in the draft, hasn’t changed Minshew’s mindset.

“I’ll say this man, in preparation for the competition, I haven’t taken a shit in weeks,” Minshew recently said during an appearance on Green Light with Chris Long (via Jamal St. Cyr of WJXT4). “Because number two isn’t an option for me. Number two is not an option.”

It’s a great mindset, but it’s hard to imagine Minshew playing in 2022, absent an injury to Lawrence. Even then, it’s possible Minshew falls behind Jake Luton on the depth chart. With a new coaching staff, it’s impossible to know how the competition shakes out.

Minshew started 12 games as a rookie, and then eight in 2020. He has thrown 797 passes, completing 501, with 37 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 5,530 yards, and a passer rating of 93.1.

Trade rumors had emerged at one point in the offseason regarding Minshew, but he remains on the team. Some think it’s just a matter of time before he gets moved, if for no reason than to let Tim Tebow wear No. 15 again.

11 responses to “Gardner Minshew prepares to compete with Trevor Lawrence, in a unique way

  1. 797 passes, completing 501, with 37 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 5,530 yards

    That’s not bad at all.

  2. Not a jags fan, but those stats don’t look too bad. I thought he played well his rookie year.

  3. Minshew has NFL talent. He could find a starting job somewhere, but not in JAX. Trevor Lawrence is the guy.

  4. So, he’s going to fall back on stand up comedy? Because they didn’t draft Lawrence to sit. There might be an “open competition” but it already has a winner. And he doesn’t have a sweet mustache.

  5. Gardner Minshew stats isn’t bad but Trevor Lawrence is the guy for the franchise, His odds of winning the starting job over Trevor is virtually slim But Gardner has all the tools to be a starting quarterback for another team

  6. Minshew put up those numbers, even though he was a rookie with pretty much no pre-season reps, and a second year man with no pre-season at all. He’s a really good QB. He’s not Trevor Lawrence, and he’s not John Elway. Very few QB’s are. But if given an opportunity to play with a professional organization, and I’m hoping Urban Meyer can turn the Jags into one, he can win a lot of games in the NFL. There are definitely not 32 QB’s better than Minshew.

  7. Does Minshew have the arm talent for all-time great type of throws consistently (Manning, Rodgers, Marino, etc)? No. So far in 2 years has he proven that he can make smart, methodical decisions and keep the chains moving (Brady, Montana, etc)? Absolutely. I think with a supportive coaching staff and stable franchise, Minshew could do very well for himself. Why do I feel like Minshew would be a better option than Carr for the Raiders, or hell, he could’ve been a better fit for the LA Rams and McVay come to think of it.

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