How much money does Aaron Rodgers want? (A lot of it)

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The recent non-news news that the Packers offered quarterback Aaron Rodgers a five-year contract that would make him the highest-paid player in football omitted (as did the original reporting on the topic) key information regarding guarantees and structure. Rodgers wants to be paid in a way that breaks the team’s current one-year-at-a-time flexibility as to whether it will keep him around. The offer the team made presumably doesn’t do that; if it did, whoever leaked the information about the total average would have included some facts about the structure.

So what does (or at least did) Rodgers specifically want? To get a true commitment that prevents the team from releasing him or trading him after 2021 or 2022, he needs a lot. So much that the team wouldn’t be able to move on without blowing up its salary cap.

Per a league source, it’s believed by at least one team that has (or had) interest in Rodgers that he wants $90 million guaranteed over two years. That would get him to the Patricks Mahomes $45 million high-water mark. With the $45 million average applying to only the first two years and with all of it guaranteed, the structure necessary to pay that kind of money would as a practical matter tie Green Bay’s hands through 2022 and potentially into 2023.

Although some have said it’s not about the money, the money becomes a way to fix a problem that former teammates continue to call fixable. By giving Rodgers the kind of contract that gives the Packers no choice but to (1) keep Rodgers, and (2) keep Jordan Love on the bench, the team necessarily resets the clock to pre-2020 draft, before the moment that the team clumsily traded up to get Love without telling first Rodgers. (Telling him first probably wouldn’t have made it much better.)

That gesture told Rodgers in one fell swoop that he’s no longer untouchable. This gesture — a $90 million guarantee over two years — would reinstate his untouchable status, for several seasons.

The fact that the team hasn’t given him that kind of offer yet strongly suggests that the team won’t be doing so. Which further sets the stage for whatever is going to happen this week, when the Packers report for training camp.

39 responses to “How much money does Aaron Rodgers want? (A lot of it)

  1. The Goat deserves every penny! He is hands down the best of all time. Brady and Montana not even a close second.

  2. Sometimes I recognize him as a… top five QB? But sometimes I read stuff like this and I wonder: what has Aaron Rogers ever done? He won a Superbowl like a decade ago, and he’s about to be 38… that’s not a man who deserves 45 mil a year.

  3. I want $45M a year for two years too, I’m going to tell my employer that tomorrow and say I’m not showing up until I get it! Wish me luck!

  4. What keeps getting lost in this is that Green Bay doesn’t have to do anything here. Rodgers is under contract. He is more than free to retire if he doesn’t want to honor the document he signed.

  5. The Packers are only getting way more expensive with Rodgers, Bahktiari, and Aaron Jones’ extensions kicking in, not to mention Davante Adams’ if they can even keep him beyond this year. It already cost them the best center in the NFL in free agency. I think they peaked last year.

  6. I like Rodgers, but to be honest, I would sell high and trade him right now. Get the picks, maybe a bridge QB to Love and move on. I mean, you traded up to get Love after all. So??!!

  7. GB is expected to go all in on Rodgers, yet Rodgers refused to play “all in” in the playoffs vs Tampa when he operated in “preservation mode” refusing to tuck and run the ball into the end zone.
    So soft

  8. Let him play this year for what he is already guaranteed, then move on.

    This guy has proven to be more anguish than he is worth.

    too much drama.

  9. It’s time for someone to tell him he’s really not Tom Brady, get out of fantasy land!

  10. I want squeeze ever last penny out of this organization. Without me this team is nothing. Packer fans know that I am priceless and will welcome me with open arms no matter what my demands. As long as I win, they’ll forgive and forget.

  11. I always thought Rodgers was a better player than Brady but this isn’t the only time he has gotten money hungry. He has 3 years left on his contract and he wants the Packers to commit a boat load of money for 4 more years after the contract expires.I hate saying this but I think the Packers need to move on

  12. supercharger says:
    July 25, 2021 at 9:26 am
    He had 2 chances to run it in and chickened out both times.


    That’s because he is terrified of Suh

  13. I’d just like to point out Mr. Rodgers, that you weren’t even the reason the Packers won your Superbowl back in the 2010-11 season. Your offense only scored 24 points total, the other 7 was from a Nick Collin’s pick-six. Roethlisberger actually led his team to 25 points offensively. If it wasn’t for that pick-six, Clay Matthews forced fumble, and Tramon Williams making a clutch pass-defense on 4th down to seal the game, you’d have ZERO rings. Quit milking that SB win and focus on winning more, not securing more guaranteed money.

  14. As implied above, he wants certainty and control more than $. If the parties really want to, I bet there is a compromise to be had on the $90M amount (not the 2yr gty). The most accurate question is if both sides really want to make that compromise.

  15. The BRONCOS can easily accomdate these terms if they choose to do so. So bring it on!

  16. Yep send them all down the road. The Packers will still sell out. The Packers will be able to spin this to they both wanted to hold us hostage.

    Get something for him and Adams take draft capital and build a non divas team

  17. His problem is his two goals don’t mesh with each other. He doesn’t want his team looking to the future past him yet he wants an absurd amount of guaranteed money that isn’t sustainable which assures that any team he is on will be looking to the future past him.

  18. The DENVER BRONCOS can easily accomodate these terms…if they choose to do so. So bring it on!

  19. Rodgers is a current NFL MVP QB. He’s a super bowl winner, and consensus first ballot HOFer. He has more money than he’ll ever need, and he’ll make tons more between football and endorsements. Money isn’t his first motivation. He’s a football payer, and he just wants to play football for a team that wants a HOF QB. One who’s still in his prime. One who can step in and win a super bowl right now, as Tom Brady just did. Obviously, the Packers are not one of those teams. They made the decision to replace Rodgers two years ago when they traded 2 picks to move up in the first round to select a QB.

  20. No, Mahomes gets $45 million b/c he is easily the top talent and very young too. Maybe offer Rodgers two years at slightly more than Wilson. He will likely jump at it and if not just move on.

  21. wischeddar says:
    July 25, 2021 at 8:50 am
    Lets reward ego man for not winning the Super Bowl. No way.


    Worked for Prescott….

  22. Rating a quarterback solely on super bowl wins is wrong. Including them in the calculation is OK, especially when considering someone that has won so many, like Brady.

    A great quarterback still needs a great supporting cast to win a super bowl. And almost all super bowl winning teams have had great defenses.

    Rodgers is a great QB, but he hasn’t had a great defense for most of his career. Brady did have great defenses, both on the Patriots and now with Tampa Bay. Put Rodgers in place of Brady on last years Tampa Bay team and they would have won the super bowl, too.

  23. But but it isn’t about money said Aaron. I bet packer fans can’t wait for the Love era to begin so they are done with Rodgers nonsense.

  24. The Packers wasted the best years of Rodgers career with Mike McCarthy. Probably one of the most mismanaged star tenures ever. And now he either wants the respect he deserves or wants out. Smart move by Rodgers. The Packers don’t deserve him.

  25. In all fairness, Rodgers has not whined or cried or acted like a Diva. Instead, he has come to believe his value to the team has earned him decision-making rights on personnel and management directives. When those supposed rights did not fall into place as expected (or perhaps promised,) he very intentionally decided to hold his cards to his chest. I like Rodgers and I always will. Maybe he’d be better off elsewhere. It doesn’t matter because it’s not his decision. To be in-control of his own destiny and make what he believes are decisions to be followed, he has to be his own boss. Right now the Packers are his boss, like it or not. Team comes first. The Packers are attuned to the future perhaps more so than players. Players are here-and-now. Rodgers may be hosting game shows five years from now. Do you think he’ll concern himself with the long term health of the Packers at that time? Not likely. It goes both ways. The Packers have been in business since 1921. They make decisions for the team, not the player.

  26. Brady is a good quarterback, no doubt. But to win that many rings takes both great skill and luck. The luck is that Brady has been on teams with great coaches and great defenses.

    I’ve seen teams with mediocre quarterbacks win a super bowl (hello Trent Dilfer), but they always had great defenses. When the Pats lost to Philly in the Superbowl, Brady played great, but his defense failed to stop Philly.

    Green Bay has suffered with mediocre defenses. The last two super bowl wins for the Packers were when they had great defenses.

  27. Fellow pack fans delusional as usual. Brady has SEVEN rings. Hate too admit it. Brady is better. Deal with it. I am!

  28. Lost in this discussion is how bad Green Bay’s 2022 cap situation already is.

    They are currently already $30 million over the 2022 cap number of 208.8 million and they are looking at 8 players on the books taking up 73% of the cap, and that’s without a package in place for Davante Adams.

    This isn’t about throwing more money at Rodgers, because they simply can’t.

  29. numba1wiscosportsfan says:
    July 25, 2021 at 6:42 pm
    Fellow pack fans delusional as usual. Brady has SEVEN rings. Hate too admit it. Brady is better. Deal with it. I am!

    But…..wait……you’re a pretender. There is no greater form of flattery than imitation, but, no thanks,

  30. Wish that armored car the Vikings unloaded at Kirk Cousin’s house would pay dividends like signing Aaron Rodgers has.

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