If Aaron Rodgers is available, would the Broncos trade for him?

Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos
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If the Packers decide to do what they haven’t been inclined to do, will they find someone with whom to do it?

That’s a very real question as training camps open and rosters become set. Even if it’s Aaron Freaking Rodgers, which team will be ready not only to disrupt its current plans but also to incur the various costs associated with acquiring his contract?

The Broncos continue to be the primary candidate to make a deal, in part because of need and in part because his three-team wish list consists of the 49ers, Broncos, and Raiders. Many think the Broncos would pounce at the chance to get Rodgers if/when the Packers make him available.

That may not be the case. Per a league source, the Broncos are leery about the total cost of trading for Rodgers, between his expected compensation and the general belief that the Packers would want three first-round picks and a second-round pick for him.

The price paid in draft picks and/or players to accomplish the trade necessarily reduces the team’s willingness to pay Rodgers, since the combined price becomes a sliding scale of cash to the player and stuff to his former team. The more a new team would have to give the Packers to get Rodgers, the less it would want to give Rodgers. In turn, the more the new team has to give Rodgers, the less it would want to give the Packers to make it happen.

For that reason, the Broncos may not have the zeal to do the deal that most have presumed they’d possess. Especially since the Broncos roster may not otherwise be an Aaron Rodgers away from a run at a Super Bowl. The AFC has many contenders for the 2021 season. If Denver adds Rodgers, expectations for the Broncos would skyrocket, perhaps unreasonably. There’s a good chance Rodgers may not instantly make the Broncos dramatically better than they’ll otherwise be.

Broncos G.M. George Paton worked in Minnesota when the Vikings sold their souls for a dalliance with Brett Favre. Although the Vikings nearly got to the Super Bowl in 2009, they already had a solid team, one that made it to the playoffs in 2008. The Broncos haven’t been to the postseason since winning Super Bowl L. Besides, the AFC has gotten very top-heavy, with plenty of great teams. And in the AFC West, the Broncos still have to contend with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Thus, even if the Packers choose to move Rodgers now, there’s no guarantee that the Broncos will do it — especially with training camp starting soon and the clocking ticking toward Week One.

57 responses to “If Aaron Rodgers is available, would the Broncos trade for him?

  1. The Denver defense is poised to be a top 5 group this your. The Broncos are loaded with young, talented position players. Their biggest weakness is the GB position, something Aaron Rodgers would solve. The pieces are there, it’s all about the price tag

  2. The Packers could have gotten 3 number 1’s before the draft, but they aren’t getting that now. If they’ve finally come to their senses, they’re going to pay a price for their intransigence in the form of lower trade compensation.

  3. As a Broncos fan I hope that Denver passes on Rogers unless the price is much lower than 3 first round picks and a second round pick. Rogers will be 38 this year. I know Manning won with the Broncos at age 39 but that team had better players than this Broncos team. I don’t expect Rogers to perform to Tom Brady’s level from age 38 until retirement. Rogers play could drop off at any point plus he is so hooked on his fiance that he might decide to retire in another year or two.

  4. Facing a young MVP QB twice per year should be a reason FOR adding Rogers.
    Besides, Kansas City has bigger salary cap problems anyways.

  5. There is no guarantee that Broncos will not do it either. No one knows. Will GB want a lot? No one knows. After all the hoopla by GB I would think they would be happy to be rid of Rodgers, (1) to avoid further distractions and (2) they have their #1 draft choice to replace him, as they planned.

  6. If you’re close, and you have a chance to get Rodgers, you get him. Getting Favre in ’09 was the the best move the Vikes made in a long time… Granted it wasn’t 3 1st rounders, but if the Vikes were on the list, I’d give up 3 1sts and a 2nd for AARon right now

  7. I don’t think Denver gives 3 1st if there’s a trade to be done. Devante Adams is malcontent now too. Denver has the cap to handle both under these follows circumstances.

    Denver gets – Aaron Rogers and Devante Adams
    Green Bay gets – 2022 1st, 2023 1st, 2022 2nd, 2023 2nd. WR Courtland Sutton, QB Teddy Bridgewater and Dremont Jones.

    Green Bay gets a very good WR in return, Sutton will have a huge year. Bridgewater to help Jordan Love and a solid defense player.

  8. To be honest, after his act for the past three months and given what he supposedly wants, I can’t imagine why anyone would want him. But if GB can get a couple of ones and maybe a starter for him after this season, I’d be happy to see him headed out.

  9. How did the Vikings sell their souls? Brett was a retired player that came out of retirement. I don’t recall them giving up anything but cash.

  10. Rodgers is a toxic, radioactive guy. As a diehard Broncos fan, I pray they stay away from him.

  11. Why would the Packers even consider doing this before the season starts?? Let him sit out this season and trade him next year before the draft. If they trade him to the Broncos this off-season wouldn’t the Broncos have a much higher win total making the draft compensation much lower?? It makes no sense for that Packers to do anything right now unless they are getting player compensation for him.

  12. The Broncos absolutely would trade for Rodgers. 100%.

    We’ll see if he’s made available.

  13. The Broncs are a team of 2nd tier FA’s, over the hill ex superstars, and guys on rookie contracts that in many cases aren’t going to be renewed with a defensive minded head coach on the hot seat. In other words they’re a mess. Send picks to GB for Rodgers may not especially hurt them as they seem to be not great at drafting, BUT it will not improve their outlook to the point we’re talking SB once the regular season opens.

    In other words, as a Vikings fan, I’m all for it.

  14. Whatevs. If they don’t make the move, they aren’t serious about contending. Their QB room is filled with perpetual backups.

  15. I’ll give Aaron credit for focusing on the money as it’s obvious that a championship is not in the cards.

  16. A trade from the Raiders seems more likely than a trade with the Broncos. Packers still don’t want to trade Rogers, but if they did, a stop-gap starter in Carr plus other hefty compensation would make biting the bullet easier for 2021.

  17. Hey Aaron, football is a team sport and you are the most important player on the team. If you’re not a team player, all else fails. Just look at team USA in the Olympics, a bunch of selfish, self serving athletes that are way above themselves…. Who just lost to France…. Really?

  18. Not all that interested in the Broncos getting Aaron. I do like the way the packers are being show up for not being honest with him. I’d like to see him get on with the 49’ers.

  19. The Broncos will make the trade with Green Bush for the Goat. They will win two or three Superbowls in the next five years. The Goat will finally get his due respect as the best ever! Brady and Montana not even close to the Goat.

  20. At this point, trade him to Denver. I’d love to see Rodgers lose to Mahomes 2x a year, and once in the post-season for the next 5 years. Patrick by all accounts is a more talented player, a better teammate and leader, an overall chill dude on and off the field, consummate professional and family man. Quite frankly, Mahomes ‘deserves’ Andy Reid and the great offensive play-calling and support he gets. Rodgers doesn’t. Aaron has proven that at the drop of a hat, he can mail in his performance, rack up his 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns. But the moment he gets a little competition, all of a sudden he has a world-beating MVP season?? Should’ve been playing like that the past 5 years A-Aron.

  21. So, you’re asking the question, “If Aaron Rodgers was available for trade, would anyone want to dramatically overpay for an aging, injury prone, diva, underachiever (except for his personal stat line) who constantly feels the need to always be the highest paid QB in NFL history because if he’s not he’s being disrespected?”

    Who wouldn’t want that days in front of starting training camp for the 2021 season?

    We’ve been told by Packer fans that any team would give them multiple first round picks for the biggest diva in the NFL.

  22. It’s very possible that we would see Rodgers finishing third in the AFC west for the last few years of his career if he went to Denver.

    Granted the Broncos have a great defense and great skill position players on offense, but their offensive line isn’t what Rodgers was used to in Green Bay and the competition is significantly better than what he’s become accustomed to in the AFC north after years of feasting on Detroit, Mitch Trubisky and Kirk Cousins.

    Denver is wise to not trade the future and sabotage its salary cap for a 38-year-old quarterback who has only ever been able to get to the top of the mountain once – when he was young and hungry and had a stacked team with the #2 defense.

  23. This is a game of chicken between Rodgers, Green Bay, and the other NFL teams where Rodgers would choose to play. Unless you have an insight into Rodger’s net worth if he retires now very hard to predict who will blink first.

  24. These QBs with baggage like Rogers, Watson etc. – perhaps not as easy to dump as one might think!

  25. I wouldn’t do it for that price. Rodgers doesn’t have enough years left (not everyone is Tom Brady) and the team would lack talent with all of those picks missing and you know that Rodgers would be moaning about that.

  26. “Please, please, please…. give up your draft future for years to come and pay me $45 mill
    per year-all guaranteed- and I promise you I’ll refrain from my normal diva antics at least through the bye week and I might even rush for a TD if you promise me bonus incentives and refer to me as ‘star player/coach/GM'”

  27. The good news for the Broncos is that they are close to the Grand Canyon, which might just barely have enough room to contain Aaron Rodgers’ ego.

  28. “when the Vikings sold their souls for a dalliance with Brett Favre.”

    Exactly how many draft picks did the Vikings part with to acquire Brett Farve?

    They paid him salary, and they didn’t go with Tarvaris Jackson. That’s it.

    If this was about Denver signing a free agent Rodgers, and not going with Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater, this would not be an article.

    Come to think of it, the Vikings did wait a year from when Favre left Green Bay. Denver could have him for the same price if they wait a year.

  29. Make the deal if there is one to be made. The Raiders would.
    The Broncos are in a similar situation that made the Manning deal feasible.
    Go big or go home. The AFC West demands a franchise QB.

  30. Trade Rodgers and let him be the Broncos problem! Sorry Aaron but your All Pro LT is staying here!

  31. Why would anyone want this guy? If the Packers can get anything for him right now, they should do it. His value will be much lower after he tanks this season.

  32. With Rodgers, the Broncos would instantly become one of the four favorites to make the Super Bowl. Rodgers gets you 35+ TDs with around 6 turnovers. That along with a top 6 defense gets you to the AFC Championship game. For three first round picks, Rodgers gets them 3 legitimate shots to win it all. The Broncos should find it hard to pass up a deal like that.

  33. “If Aaron Rodgers is available, would the Broncos trade for him?” Do the Broncos cheat the salary cap? Yes, yes they do. Verified twice, the same years Elway “won” his two SB’s coincidently.

  34. Peyton knew he was retiring in the near future and had no illusions about it being a short-term play by the Broncos to try and win a Super Bowl within a couple of seasons. I’m not sure Rodgers really understands that side of things. He sends lots of mixed messages. On the one hand he wants huge money but on the other hand he also seems to want a long-term commitment and it really bothered him that Green Bay had the nerve to draft a young guy and start thinking past him. Yet the Broncos (or any trade partner) would absolutely see Rodgers as a short-term play. It’d be interesting to see how he responded to that.

  35. Hmm all these Broncos fans claim to have a top defense… let’s see the number 1 metric is points allowed per game and they were 25th that’s bottom of the league. The chiefs, people say the defense sucks is 10th. Baltimore is 1. Denver isn’t a qb away no matter how badly they think they are.

  36. No one mentions that if Rogers goes to a team that is now at or close to the SB, then your getting first rounders at the bottom of the round, nothin too sexy at all.

  37. Life long GB fan here.Best case scenario is for AR to play one more season for GB and make another run at SB.They bring back one of the best rosters in the league and have a legitmate shot.Haters just stop.They do.
    Next offseason you move AR and try to re-balance your cap with the picks you get in return.Young team on rookie deals would help cap immensely.You can franchise Adams if you want or move on as well.It’s not like we play in a dominant division.The Vikes,Bears and Lions aren’t set up to win anything anytime soon.Let’s be real.
    As far as the Broncos,please tell me how great this defense is?24th in the league?Over 26 pts a game?Now they are just a QB away?They are more than AR away from being a contender sorry.They probably win 1-2 more games with him and that is why you do not trade him now.

  38. Three first rounders at the bottom of the round are not that great. Trade him to a team drafting in the top ten.

  39. singularitynow says:
    July 25, 2021 at 11:45 pm
    The Broncs are a team of 2nd tier FA’s, over the hill ex superstars, and guys on rookie contracts that in many cases aren’t going to be renewed with a defensive minded head coach on the hot seat. In other words they’re a mess. Send picks to GB for Rodgers may not especially hurt them as they seem to be not great at drafting, BUT it will not improve their outlook to the point we’re talking SB once the regular season opens.

    In other words, as a Vikings fan, I’m all for it.
    This guy is spot on. I dont why Broncos fans think they have an elite defense they were ranked 25th in the league last year for points allowed. Their offensive line is a mess and their overhyped rookie wide reciever was a bust last year and they got rid of their only RB that was threat. As a Chiefs fan I pray that Denver gives up 3 first round picks for Rogers and cements their status as a bottom dweller for the next 10 years.

  40. Big difference in protection in Green Bay, and they recently gave big money to the worst LT in the NFL. Ask Flacco about being traded there

  41. I could see the Broncos making some kind of deal if not for the sole fact that Elway has missed on every QB he’s acquired not named Peyton Manning. And even if they get Rodgers, it’ll only serve that basically Elway has as good an eye as anyone else in the free world that knows if an MVP, SB winning QB is available to take him.

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