Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott had his best day of practice I’ve ever seen

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
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Dak Prescott is practicing without any limitations or restrictions. He’s back and has vowed to return better than ever. The star quarterback convinced Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of that after the first training camp practice.

“I thought Dak Prescott had the best day of practice that I’ve seen since he’s been a Dallas Cowboy yesterday,” Jones said Sunday, via Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News. “That’s the best day I’ve seen him practice. That’s encouraging.”

Prescott was carted off the field Oct. 11 with a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle, which required immediate surgery. He required a second surgery in December to strengthen the ankle.

He is doing pre- and post-practice running to strengthen the leg even further, but otherwise, it’s hard to tell Prescott is returning from injury.

The Cowboys, though, still are awaiting the training camp debuts of defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence (back) and Amari Cooper (ankle). Both are doing rehab work after practice.

Jones said he expects both players to return after the second preseason game when the team returns home for the second part of its training camp.

12 responses to “Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott had his best day of practice I’ve ever seen

  1. Jerry makes me chuckle. Has there ever been a year in which they Cowboys weren’t going to win it all [but then didn’t]?

  2. Jerry Jones should book a spot at the Comedy Cellar and just stay in character the whole time. He would bring the house down.

  3. That should be enough for the media to annoint the cowboys Superbowl favorites like they do every year before the cowboys go 8-8 (8-9 this year).

    I bet if you asked Jerry he’d say Dak and the rest of the offense are the GOATs at their positions.

  4. Jerry, sorry u don’t know squat about football so just stop talking like you do. Such a clown.

  5. if jerry jones flappiing his lips created wind, texas’s energy problems would be solved.

  6. Dallas is giving me this vibe that they’re going to oddly be good this year. They’re due to cycle before they fall back to 8-8 for a few years. They’re like the Vikings even-odd year thing, except their good years come around every three or four years.

  7. Cowboys go 8-8 every year but Dak’s record isn’t .500. How does that work? I get the hate but the Cowboys when healthy aren’t as bad as some as yall claim.

    Yall hold onto 8-8 like their fans hang onto past superbowls…

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