Deshaun Watson is expected at Texans camp Sunday

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Deshaun Watson didn’t spend any time with the Texans this offseason, but he remains on the team’s roster and is reportedly set to join them ahead of training camp.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Watson is expected to report to Texans training camp along with the team’s other quarterbacks on Sunday. They will undergo COVID-19 testing as part of the entry process for camp.

Watson will avoid $50,000 in daily fines by reporting to camp, but his decision to show up does not appear to have any bearing on his views about playing for the team during the 2021 season. Rapoport reports that his stance about wanting a trade away from the Texans has not changed.

Away from the field, Watson still faces 22 lawsuits from women alleging misconduct. Those suits leave open the possibility that he will be placed on paid leave by the league pending their outcome. The answer to that question would impact the chances that another team will trade for Watson — the Eagles are reportedly a frontrunner if he goes on the block — before the start of the season.

25 responses to “Deshaun Watson is expected at Texans camp Sunday

  1. How is he not on the commissioner’s exempt list currently? Seems like this negative publicity would be cause enough to be able to keep him away until when/if he can clear his name. I know he wasn’t found guilty of anything as of yet, but if accusations an stick this long, then their seems to be enough that he put himself in some situations that’s he should not have… at a minimum!

  2. If Deshaun Watson had only been happy with the huge contract extension …….?

  3. 28 and 25 in regular season, 1 and 2 in playoffs. Quite frankly not that great. I would trade him for the right assets.

  4. Showing up for the Texans camp and being paid is a bigger punishment then being on exempt list and getting paid to be at home

  5. Thought Watson said he would never play for the Texans again. Must be planning on getting “injured” in camp.

  6. Pervy, kinky, weirdo, whack-job? Absolutely…..So was JFK, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods and countless others.

    Law breaking, criminal, sex offender? Absolutely not.

    Everyone has the right to say “yes please” or “no thank you”, including massage therapists.

  7. With 22 alleged victims to potentially settle with, he better not miss an opportunity to get paid!!! He’s gonna break the bank paying hush money.

  8. jakethesnake123 says:
    July 25, 2021 at 12:02 pm
    28 and 25 in regular season, 1 and 2 in playoffs. Quite frankly not that great. I would trade him for the right assets.
    Using your logic: Derrick Henry is just average, because the Titans have gone 6-6 in the playoffs with him in the backfield.

  9. First of all he hasn’t been proven guilty of anything. Second, I have yet to to see any criminal charges at all so that shows it’s a money grab. Third, none of the allegations said anything about rape or physical sexual abuse. Crucify the man for what? Having a sexual desire? It’s called nature.

  10. I halfway expect Watson to stroll into camp with Bill Cosby for support.

  11. Hey can’t blame him show up make the NFL put him on the exempt list then he gets paid still don’t play for the Texans this yr

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