Frank Reich tests positive for COVID-19

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Indianapolis head coach Frank Reich has tested positive for COVID-19 and will miss the first practices of training camp, the Colts announced on Monday.

“I’m excited for training camp, however I’m disappointed I won’t be there with the team as we start,” Reich said in a statement. “I’m fortunate to be fully vaccinated and I’m asymptomatic. I’m feeling well and I’m looking forward to returning as soon as I’m medically cleared.”

According to General Manager Chris Ballard, Reich will likely be out until at least next Monday. But the coach could be back sooner depending on the results of the COVID-19 tests he takes.

“When he’s back, he’s back,” Ballard said, via Zak Keefer of “It sucks, but we’ll keep moving forward.”

Reich is entering his fourth season as Colts head coach, having compiled a 28-20 record in his first three seasons. Ballard said Indianapolis will not have an interim coach while quarantines away from the facility, as Reich will still be involved in meetings through Zoom.

33 responses to “Frank Reich tests positive for COVID-19

  1. So how much virus has Reich been shedding? And for how long? How many people has he potentially been infecting? And how accurate are the tests today? Seems like these are pertinent questions.

  2. So vaccinated or not you can still get covid and yet the league thinks it’s ok to fine or fire people for being unvaccinated…

  3. So glad to hear is is well and is vaccinated. These travel together and hopefully the Cole Beasley’s of the world will wake up soon from their ignorance

  4. It’s not 100% in preventing contraction. But it does prevent it it somewhat. There are some who are doing everything they can to move past this and lots more who have decided to drag their feet for no reason.

  5. If your critical thinking ends with “A vaccinated person got Covid, therefore the vaccine doesn’t work,” then you can’t be helped.

  6. kcrobert10, he’s asymptomatic. Vaccinated people get through this more easily than non-vaccinated people. Had he caught covid without being vaccinated, he could well be headed to a ventilator and it would be too late for vaccination. I imagine his family and friends are happy that he took that responsibility.

  7. The fact that he’s vaccinated is what’s keeping him out of the hospital with severe symptoms.
    Also it’s good that they found out he’s positive so that he can’t spread the virus to anyone who may not be vaccinated.
    This is absolutely not a reason to start crowing about “what good is the vaccine if you can still get the virus”?

  8. Yes, being vaccinated doesn’t mean you won’t get covid, but it means you won’t die from it or end in a ICU from it, is not that hard to understand.

  9. Shouldn’t all players and staff be tested daily vaccinated or not since they can still get and spread covid?

  10. These “breakthrough” cases are becoming more and more common everyday, time for the NFL to reconsider the COVID policy, particularly the discrepancy in testing frequency for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

  11. Of course vaccinated people will catch COVID. That’s how vaccines work. THe vaccines get your immune system prepared so that when you do get infected, your immune system will quickly kill the virus in your body.

    Your immune system can’t do anything until the infection occurs. It’s normal for vaccinated people to get infected. They just won’t get symptoms in most cases, but even when there are symptoms, they usually are minor.

  12. gor3hound, vaccinated or not, the vast, vast…..VAST majority of people won’t die or wind up in the ICU whether they catch covid or not.

  13. There is a good chance we’ll see more of this in the weeks ahead, people fully vaccinated but mostly asymptomatic or with cold-like symptoms. A few will end up in an ICU in a bad way. We’ve already reached the point where mask mandates will not return.

  14. Let play a game using vaccine deniers logic! He vaccinated and still got covid therefore no one should get vaccinated. My umbrella was up but I still got wet from the rain therefore umbrellas don’t work.

  15. I think maybe someone needs to start asking the question of how many fully vaccinated people have been infected. Its possible the efficacy of the vaccines aren’t 95% like they claim.

  16. kcrobert10 says:
    July 26, 2021 at 11:34 am
    So vaccinated or not you can still get covid and yet the league thinks it’s ok to fine or fire people for being unvaccinated…

    So maybe think about it like this.

    If you wear a Kevlar vest and do what you can to avoid situations where you might get shot w a handgun- such as hanging out with people who also avoid doing things where they might get shot, avoiding area where shootings are common, etc- your chances of getting shot are going to be much lower. However, it’s possible you still could get randomly shot since a lot of people are to refusing to take the same non shooting measures.

    If you are wearing that Kevlar vest and DO get shot w a handgun against the odds- the Kevlar is very likely to stop the bullet. Sure, it’s gonna sting when it absorbs the impact but it should keep you out of the ER with a sucking chest wound and more than likely you may just have some bruising.

    Now,the first time you put that Kevlar vest on, you might get a little irritation on your skin that will go away after a few days, and very very small % of people might be a really bad skin reaction to the Kevlar that is serious, but the odds of that happening are much lower than not getting one.

    So basically it comes down to – if there is any chance you might get shot, it’s prn better to have Kevlar on.

  17. kcrobert10 says:
    July 26, 2021 at 11:34 am
    So vaccinated or not you can still get covid and yet the league thinks it’s ok to fine or fire people for being unvaccinated…
    Here are FACTS that people like you conveniently overlook . Yes , you can get Covid if vaccinated but the number of breakthrough cases is miniscule compared to the rate of infection for non-vaccinated people . Non-vaccinated people are the reason for the huge majority of increased numbers of new cases so if more people were vaccinated there would be even less then the low number of vaccinated people now getting Covid . If more people were vaccinated when it first became available then the more contagious Delta variant wouldn’t have spread to the large number of people that now have it . If more people don’t get vaccinated and the spread continues to go up it’s only a matter of time before we could see a new variant that could be even more contagious and dangerous then the Delta variant . It’s clear people that fail to get vaccinated are endangering all of us not just themselves as they mistakenly claim . These are the facts like it or not .

  18. The vaccines are effective however you can still catch it but if everyone is vaccinated won’t matter your body will fight it off probably with no symptoms at all so the point is get vaccinated then you don’t have to worry about rather you caught it or not

  19. Sounds like it doesn’t stop transmission. So we will never reach herd immunity with these vaccines. Even if every player on a team is fully vaccinated, they can still catch COVID and still miss games.

  20. All vaccines allow for some transmission. We won’t reach herd immunity because too many people are refusing to get vaccinated, not because the vaccines are not effective.

    The COVID vaccine is one of the most effective vaccines ever produced.

  21. If the vaccine prevents you from getting sick why are the even testing people? Let everyone go about their business, if you’re not vaccinated and you get sick that’s your problem

  22. Shocking how there are so many people that just don’t get it. If you don’t want the shot, thats fine but stop trying to defend your position with ridiculous comments that just provide more proof that you just don’t get it.

  23. I predict more than one game will be cancelled from teams that are vaccinated because breakthrough cases are rapidly rising with each mutation. Then the lawsuits start when they are not fined.

  24. what if a player is vaccinated and gets the virus and he infects an unvaccinated player who was following protocol. Will the unvaccinated player get punished ?

  25. Fully vaccinated people who are asymptomatic can’t spread the virus do some research people.

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