John Kuhn sees writing on the wall: Unless Packers change how they do things, 2021 will be Aaron Rodgers last year in Green Bay

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Former Aaron Rodgers teammate John Kuhn repeatedly has called the problem between Rodgers and the Packers fixable. Now that it appears to be fixed, for how long will the repairs hold?

Appearing on the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio, Kuhn was asked whether he thinks 2021 will be the last year for Rodgers in Green Bay.

“Boy, it’s hard to look at the writing on the wall and think that’s not the case,” Kuhn said. “I think the Packers need to do something exceptional this year, and maybe something out of the ordinary. Not just make a deep playoff run but maybe find a way to add a position here before the trade deadline throughout the season or make a trade right before the beginning of the season that proves, hey, they’re in it to win it. Because Aaron Rodgers quite frankly is looking at the last few holes of his back nine of his career. . . .”

One such move could be a trade for receiver Randall Cobb; Rodgers reportedly wants to see Cobb return to the Packers. Whatever they do, Rodgers (per Kuhn) is looking for a greater sense of urgency.

“The reality is he’s got three, five, six years left in this thing, and he feels like this year [if] the Packers don’t go all in, that just might be all the sign that he needs to leave,” Kuhn said. “So I think it’s gonna take a successful season, not just a good season offensively for the Green bay Packers but a successful season with some sort of deep playoff run, hopefully a Super Bowl berth, and then maybe doing it outside what we’ve seen the Green Bay Packer organization to do over the last twenty to twenty-five years.”

The Packers have from time to time spent in free agency. The looming restructuring the Rodgers’s contract will give them cap relief for the current year, allowing other players to be pursued.

The new Rodgers contract reportedly will give him freedom no later than 2023, when he’ll be 39. Whether he wants to stay for the 2022 season apparently will depend on what else the Packers do in 2021, with an eye toward letting Rodgers get to a Super Bowl for the second time in his career.

45 responses to “John Kuhn sees writing on the wall: Unless Packers change how they do things, 2021 will be Aaron Rodgers last year in Green Bay

  1. “It’s crazy, and it says ‘I’m bigger than the team,’” the personnel exec said

  2. Fine by me. Let him go. He only has a few years left anyway and that is if he even wants to play football anymore.

    I would rather have a hardline front office than one who gives in to special treatment for spoiled team members.

  3. Aaron Rodgers is a Putz
    Just a huge putz.
    Great article by a Packer fan

  4. Are the Packers writing off spending a first and a fourth round pick for Jordan Love? I’m sure he’s not too happy about all this nonsense. Kuhn is talking about adding a player. But they wasted a first and fourth on a QB when they could have upgraded a couple crucial positions.

  5. I showed Gute who’s boss while Murphy sat and watched helplessly. I have them all wrapped around my finger. Without me the team is nothing, and the fans and management both know it.

  6. So Rodgers’ solution to winning now is…Randall Cobb? He’s been whining all summer about not having a say in personnel and this is what he leads with? Glad the Pacmers bent over backwards to bring him back…

  7. All the chatter aside, the dude just wants to win. Prior to the trading up in the greatest WR draft in a long time for QB, Rodgers was repeatedly saying he wanted to play well into his 40s with GB. The front office showed poor leadership. Go all in!

  8. Green Bay got [back] on the map by [Ron Wolf] acquiring Reggie White.
    That that seems to be lost on Wolf’s successors. The front office is too ‘smart’ to draft for immediate needs to get a ring while the door is open.
    With the new Rodgers’ contract/leverage, Jordon Love is a wasted [he never suited up] first round pick for a season that came real close to the Super Bowl, save for one more offensive weapon…

  9. Love the way no ones lays the blame on Rodgers for the Packers’ failure to win another SB

  10. Some sort of post season run? The Packers have been to 4 nfc championship games. Gave him a contract that paid him more then anyone at the time. Sure they drafted a QB high last year. But do you think a unproven QB is going to overtake Aaron’s job?
    And don’t say oh they haven’t drafted a wr in the 1st round in forever…
    Great wrs don’t win Sbs.
    Great QB play with a good defense do.
    Suck it up Aaron. The league will go on without you

  11. Say what you will about Rodgers diva or whatever but poor corporate leadership can destroy any organization. It’s a real thing and can’t be discounted just because the product is a football game.

  12. If trading for Randall Cobb is “going all in,” that’s an awfully low bar. They have a younger Cobb clone in Amari Rodgers. WR is really not a huge need for this team. Maybe #12 ought to admit that what they need the most is a QB who comes up big in the biggest moments of the biggest games.

  13. In other words, Rodgers will behave like an even bigger baby next season because he just got away with it without so much as a slap on the wrist.

  14. What team does Rodgers think is going to be set up to win next season that he can slide right into?
    Denver? LOL!! Does he think Brady is going to hang it up and he can walk into Tampa and duplicate what Tom just did?
    The Niners?

  15. The One and only GOAT, Aaron Rodgers, deserves everything he asks for. In fifty years when people talk about Football and best ever Quarterback, The GOAT will be the only name mentioned. Brady and Montana will not even be close.

  16. John Kuhn. Another country card from. Bringing back Cobb means another of their receivers goes. Which one, John? You play the GM. Heck, everyone else does! Make the call.

  17. lol some one said rodgers is the goat? What a joke. He hasnt did anything. 1 superbpwl. lots of bad qbs have wn a superbpwl including rodgers. GB will be lucky not to be last place in division.

  18. Cobb had 38 catches for 441 yards and 2TD’s last year.

    MVS and Lazard only had 33 receptions last year, but had 690 yards and 6 TD’s and 451 yards and 3 TD’s respectively.

    So which WR are you benching for Cobb?

  19. Rodgers is the best player on the Packers and 2/3’s of the posters on the Packer sites can’t stand him. What gives? There are 32 teams in the NFL and I get the sense that the rule for success for Packer fans is that every year the NFL has 31 failures.

  20. If the missing piece is Cobb, then AR’s just proven he has no business meddling in personnel duties. That comment is like little Jimmy saying he’s not going to kindergarten unless his best friend will be in his class.

  21. GBs offense was nigh-unstoppable last season. 48 TD to 5 INT without any new weapons. The weak link in the Packers’ armor the last 15 years has been covering TEs faster than Jason Witten and getting consistent defensive pressure. The offense doesn’t need help. Maybe the best thing the front office can do to appease 12 is to take some of the load off his right shoulder and bolster the defense. Rodgers-LaFleur miscommunication wasn’t the only reason they lost against the Bucs, Kevin King getting scorched all game long was to blame long before they kicked that field goal.

  22. Narcissistic fool. Sorry Pack fans, but I hope Rodgers tanks this year. He truly believes he’s bigger than the team.

  23. Cobb is Aarons buddy how does this hèlp? He not in the top 3 WR on the team.

  24. I’m trying to figure out how trading for a lower-end WR who’ll be out of the league within a year or two is going to help anything.

  25. When was the last time the Packers traded for players? They never seem to do the “all in” thing and the guy is 37 now. Kinda late!

  26. This entire drama is entering a new phase. Here’s what we learned:

    1)Aaron Rodgers needs to be center stage at all times. Only his desires matter.
    2)Because of potential bad publicity, the Packers caved to some of his demands when they hold nearly all the cards.
    3)Rodgers knows how to manipulate the national media.

    Story: in the 1960’s, Packers veteran All-Pro center Jim Ringo wanted more money from Vince Lombardi. Lombardi excused himself from the room and returned with the statement telling Ringo he was now a Philadelphia Eagle and don’t let the door hit your backside. The Packers went on to win a bunch of titles and Ringo went nowhere. Perhaps the current Packers could have learned something from Lombardi.

  27. Clearly popular opinion has turned against Rodgers (at least here). I’ve been a Packer fan forever and sooner or later you have to go all in for the here and now. During his first Super Bowl, Rodgers’ receivers were Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and James Jones. Now he has Adams and 3 guys who’d play special teams on every other roster (sorry, but that’s a fact). Rodgers had a special bond with Jake Cumero and they let him go despite Rodgers voicing his support for him. Cobb is guy in the league who understands Rodgers’ street ball improvisation… and certainly still as good as the 3 scrubs they have now (sorry, that’s also a fact). If you want to hate Rodgers, fine but that doesn’t make him wrong about going after the here-and-now window. AJ Dillon and Love were both future picks when you already had Rodgers and a young Aaron Jones.

  28. Well he can start by winning the MVP of the NFCCG or Super Bowl instead of the meaningless season award.

  29. Here’s the thing about A-Rodg… The Packers wouldn’t be where they are without him. But the Packers also AREN’T GOING ANY FURTHER with him.

    He’s a great player. Maybe the most physically talented QB ever. But the bigger the game, the more he tries to do it all by himself. Where was the running game in the first half of last year’s NFCCG? Does anyone think LaFleur was calling pass, pass, pass, pass, pass after having so much success mixing it up all year?

    No. Until he learns to trust the players, the team and the coaches who got him to the big one, he doesn’t win the big one.

    He wants the team to “let” him make a deep playoff run? What is he… 1 and 4 in the NFC Title game? Did the team not “let” him complete one of six goal-to-go passes last year. One was all it would have take and he didn’t get it done. It happens, but check the mirror for at least some of the blame.

    Packer fan since Dan Devine says “the door is over there Aaron. I’m fine with whatever you chose.”

  30. Rodgers wants a washed up Randall Cobb? Sounds like the exact same thing when Farve wanted a washed up Randy Moss. We have seen this all before.

  31. i wonder what uniform Rodgers will wear when entering the hall of fame……a vote for the packers is a thumbs up and a thumbs down is another team….

  32. Clearly Rodgers is a huge crybaby!! I wouldn’t want him on my team. May as well let him go now!!!

  33. “Sure they drafted a QB high last year. But do you think a unproven QB is going to overtake Aaron’s job?” ——/—— It’s not that they drafted a QB. It’s that they sacrificed two high draft picks to reach for an unproven QB. Those two draft picks are going to sit on the bench – think the Packers could have gotten significantly better value by drafting the players those picks represent? You don’t trade up into the first round to draft a backup.

  34. Am I the only one who thinks that none of this would’ve happened if the Packers had an actual owner?

  35. Does Aaron Rogers know that Randall Cobb has a salary of over $8M this year and $7.85M next year? His wish to get him back would fix one of the multiple stupid mistakes Bill O’Brien made as the GM of the Texans!

  36. ““So I think it’s gonna take a successful season, not just a good season offensively for the Green bay Packers but a successful season with some sort of deep playoff run”

    What like last year when they got to the NFCC? Its not awful to be one of the last 4 teams standing.

    Rodgers clearly wants Super Bowl or bust, so they better get Cobb or make some other big splash that will help get there.

  37. “In fifty years when people talk about Football and best ever Quarterback, The GOAT will be the only name mentioned. Brady and Montana will not even be close.”

    I wonder what alternate universe this will be in?

    Because Rodgers would have to lead his team to the Super Bowl and win pretty much every year he has left to play to get the 6 other Super Bowl rings he needs just to match Brady.

    Which I don’t think any sane person thinks will happen

  38. This is what the fans defending the front office for how good the team is overall aren’t getting.

    Rodgers knows how small the margin is between where they are and a SB trophy. He knows that every playmaker can make the difference. It’s a pretty small number of plays in that Bucs game that swing it in their direction.

    When you’re that close, just a sliver away from having what you need to win it all, trading up to draft a QB in the first round when you already have the league MVP on your roster is preposterous. Doubly so for an uncertain prospect like Love.

    That sends a clear message to Rodgers that team management is okay with “eh, good enough” and not committed to covering that last little difference that can win now. Looking at the last few years of his career and seeing a team not committed to winning it all surely made him feel as disgusted as the press is suggesting, and i can’t blame him.

  39. I personally take exception to management, the head coach for kicking a field goal or the defense for the loss in the NFC title game. Rodgers threw 3 interceptions in the first half that led to 21 Brady points. The defense responded with 3 second half Brady interceptions which Rodgers managed only to convert to 7 points. Clearly, the difference in the game and solely on Rodgers for execution failures. To win a Superbowl this year,. Rodgers needs to stop blaming everyone else and show up in the big game!

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