Packers shareholders go easy on Mark Murphy, Brian Gutekunst


For the first time since the Aaron Rodgers drama hit full boil in late April, Packers fans had a chance to stir the pot. They didn’t.

CEO Mark Murphy and G.M. Brian Gutekunst faced no real hostility at Monday’s shareholder meeting, which happened only a day before Rodgers will or won’t show up for training camp.

Kevin Seifert of posted a 22-second video of the arrival of Murphy and Gutekunst. Although Seifert characterized the reception as includes a “few boos,” I didn’t hear any booing. (Judge for yourself.)

Said Murphy on Rodgers, via Rob Demovsky of “We want him back, we’re committed to him for 2021 and beyond. He’s our leader and we’re looking forward to winning another Super bowl.” Murphy also called it a “challenging situation but let’s not forget all the great things he’s done.” (At least Murphy didn’t call Rodgers a “complicated fella.”)

Via Tom Pelissero of NFL Media, CEO Mark Murphy praised Gutekunst as the right person to lead the football program. One person yelled, “I’ve never seen him throw a touchdown,” but the reception consisted of “mostly cheers.” Gutekunst, per Pelissero, drew the biggest cheer of the day when saying that Rodgers will be “continuing his Hall of Fame career” and winning another NFL MVP award.

Unless Gutekunst has inside information that undercuts the speculation that caused multiple sports books to remove various Packers-related bets from the board, he’s simply engaging in wishful thinking. Regardless, it worked. The shareholders are placated, and they’ll stay that way at least until tomorrow.

11 responses to “Packers shareholders go easy on Mark Murphy, Brian Gutekunst

  1. Murphy is spineless.

    He should have called Rodgers out and told him that there’s a seat at the end of the bench with his number on it

  2. Boo them for what, exactly? I fail to see what either of them did wrong, to anyone. I have season tickets, and I’ll continue to go to games, regardless of who the QB is. Either you’re a loyal fan of your TEAM, or you’re not. Simple, really.

  3. Yes because you sit him for being a knucklehead. That would be stupid. You make him show up and play.

  4. Rodgers is the only one on the team who deserves any ridule for hanigng the fans out to dry all off season. The Packers front office has done an amazing job and put together one of the best teams in the league.

  5. Watch all these Green Bay fans backpedal when/if Aaron Rodgers returns to the team. They’ll be chanting MVP before they can even delete their posts calling for the team to send him out of town on the next flight. Stay classy Green Bay…

  6. A mighty tip-o-the-hat to the Packers, and Rodgers, for keeping an adequate lid on their business dealings and controlling their respective messages.

  7. Funny how many people wanted this to destroy the Packers, those people just don’t get it. Their jealousy and envy is very apparent.

  8. The blame for this situation is 70% the media, and 30 % Murphy. Rodgers never said anything to deserve the scorn he received.

  9. Of course they did. These are the same people calling for Rodgers to be benched and thinking things will be just fine if Jordan Love becomes QB.

    That is, a stunningly delusional bunch.

  10. Both sides are winners. I would say it’s quite likely Rodgers remains Packer after 2022. If it doesn’t work out then the organization is trading a 39 year old QB and other than Brady how is that wrong?

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