Red wristband, yellow wristband; some Bucs had no wristband at all

NFL: JUL 25 Buccaneers Training Camp
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The NFL has deferred to its teams the procedure for visually identifying vaccinated and unvaccinated players at practice. In Pittsburgh, unvaccinated players are wearing yellow wristbands (first-round rookie running back Najee Harris is one of the few wearing it). In Jacksonville, unvaccinated players will wear a wristband.

In Tampa, the team has said vaccinated players will wear a red wristband and unvaccinated players will wear a yellow wristband. Photos emerging from Sunday’s practice reveal plenty of players with red wristbands, such as tight end Rob Gronkowski and receiver Mike Evans. For some players, no wristband can be seen.

Quarterback Tom Brady had no wristband. Neither did quarterback Blaine Gabbert or quarterback Kyle Trask.

Running back Leonard Fournette, who has made it clear that he’s not vaccinated, had no wristband, either.

It’s unclear what any of it means, other than the intended procedures apparently aren’t being completely adhered to, yet.

6 responses to “Red wristband, yellow wristband; some Bucs had no wristband at all

  1. Another simple issue of togetherness broken by allowing every team to make a different, somewhat confusing decision. Every team should have unvaccinated players where the same color wristband. Vaccinated players shouldn’t wear one. Make it obvious, NFL, just make it clear & obvious.

  2. Can’t wait for all the sheeple to freak out when they find out Tom Brady isn’t getting the vaccine.

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