Report: Aaron Rodgers, Packers closing in on agreement for “at least” 2021


On Friday, various sports books became convinced that Aaron Rodgers was serious about retiring. Apparently, the Packers became convinced of it, too.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that, over the weekend, the Packers and Rodgers reached “mutually-agreed upon terms that are close to convincing Aaron Rodgers to abandon plans he had to skip training camp and instead return for it.” Per the report, the concessions do not include more money.

The concessions would include the Packers wiping out the 2023 season of the current Rodgers contract, with no tags permissible once the deal expires after the 2022 season. The Packers also would “agree to review” the situation at the end of the current season.

It sounds as if the Packers also will convert a large chunk of his $14.6 million base salary to a bonus, spreading it over multiple years and creating cap room in 2021.

Finally, “mechanisms” reportedly will be put in place to address his issues with the team. Whatever those may be.

And so it looks like Rodgers will be back — assuming the deal gets done and he indeed abandons his plans to not show up. This could be a very delicate time, however; one false move by the Packers or some throwaway “complicated fella” comment could in theory blow it all up.

51 responses to “Report: Aaron Rodgers, Packers closing in on agreement for “at least” 2021

  1. Please let the deal blow up. He was happy with the money he got in exchange for the last contract he signed. Now that he has the money he wants what he happily gave up thinking he was untouchable. The only deal I would agree to is we will trade you after the season if you be a man and give us we are paying for this year.

  2. I figured he would be back this year. GB needs to be sure they can still get something in trade for him next year.

  3. Finally, then we can get back to something important like Tua’s breakout season!

  4. Smart move by Rodgers if he really wants another ring. Packers are legitimate super bowl contenders

  5. Packers must have seen enough out of Jordan Love to know he’s nowhere near ready in order to cave.

  6. So he plays one year with huge leverage to get out if he doesn’t like the management style? Packer fans, what do you think about this? Worth the hassle for getting an extra year out of him while training up his replacement?

  7. This will be a disaster until Rodgers actually leaves the team. It’s like the Packers never learn from past mistakes.

  8. Darn it…I wanted to see him sit and find out what the “the kid” (love) has….

  9. Wake me up when this is over. I’m a Packers fan that just doesn’t care anymore. Both the front office and Rodgers can just go away.

  10. I really don’t see what the front office did wrong. Rodgers is a strange dude. Milk him for this season, then trade him for some choice draft picks and lose his big salary.

  11. Gute has to get Rodgers coffee every morning and Murphy has to wash rodger’s cars

  12. The Packers got options, and Rogers got to strut around as the highest paid player in football. He and his agent really pulled one over on the Green and Gold, rubes that they are. Later, come to find out, what was important to the Packers, is now greatly important to him. Now he wants the leverage that the Packers got over him back. Just wipe out the superior negotiating.

  13. Aaron has all the money, all the attention, and a single Super Bowl ring from a decade ago. Meanwhile, in Tampa Bay …

  14. If they stay healthy that offense should average 30+ points a game this year.

  15. Who will Rodgers blame next off season, for not going to yet, another superbowl

  16. Great deal for the Packers.after this season they can trade him at 38 to a desperate team and get a boatload of draft picks.AR will be happy to leave after he takes them to the NFL Championship once again and possibly the Super Bowl.who really thought AR was going to retire or not show up,it was an elaborate bluff and the Packers called it so welcome back to Green Bay AR.

  17. inozwetrust says:
    July 26, 2021 at 4:23 pm

    Smart move by Rodgers if he really wants another ring. Packers are legitimate super bowl contenders

    Yes, because the most dysfunctional team in the league usually wins the Super Bowl.

  18. Viking fans are having a bad day. They’d hoped to move up to 2nd place this season but now with the MVP back in the fold, they’ll be stuck between the bears and lions yet again.

  19. July 26, 2021 at 8:11 pm
    Viking fans are having a bad day. They’d hoped to move up to 2nd place this season but now with the MVP back in the fold, they’ll be stuck between the bears and lions yet again.


    Don’t worry, we’ll for sure drop below the Bears now that they have Justin Fields. Maybe we can at least beat the Lions in the standings.

  20. There is a lot missing here in terms of what kind of arrangement actually makes sense for Rodgers.

  21. Seems like a good deal all around. Rodgers gets some certainty, Love gets one or two more years to learn the game. No one really knows where this will go after this season, but time can heal all wounds.

  22. The NFC North competition is over before it even began. All that’s left now is the ankle-grabbers crying that A-Rod bullied them.

  23. haha…this guy is so predictable…big numbers in the regular season, an “MVP” then falls flat when the season is on the line. Then, the narcissist goes silent and sends his minions to complain for him. Boom…the team caves. Rinse, repeat.

  24. I feel bad for Jordan Love. Patrick Mahomes threw 50 TD passes his second year in the league, and Love was drafted as a Mahomes look-a-like. Why would you trade away a first round pick and a fourth, to move up to draft a player you’re not even playing, especially when your team is only a player or two away from winning it all? I thought the goal was to win the super bowl. When people start comparing QB’s based on super bowl wins, you have to realize Rodgers didn’t play for a team that was all in on winning super bowls. I mean, a first round pick and a fourth rounder can get you two very good players. Do you realize how close the Packers were? Regardless of how this turns out, the Packers certainly need to take a look at making a change at the top.

  25. So this deal would keep Rodgers in Green Bay for 2 more seasons (2021 and 2022) and void his contract for the 2023 season? Plus would free up cap space for this season? No reason this shouldn’t get done.

  26. hogbuster7 says:
    July 26, 2021 at 4:47 pm
    Win total just went from 5 or 6 to 12 or 13.

    One could almost say the Packers’ win column just went from 6 to midnight

  27. Packers are idiots the GM and President need to be fired asap Rodgers does not want to be here forcing him is just wasting a year .
    I’ve been a fan ( shareholder 1997 ) since 1966 and this group of front office people rival the DAN DEVINE days i’d be a better GM then the moron we now have heck no i do not blame Rodgers
    any wise honest man would not seems those are few and far between i remember the good old days when Packer fans were the smartest in the NFL .

  28. MY GOD ONE GUY WROTE i do not see what the front office did wrong ?? i’m ashemed of how stupid current Packer fans are shame on you learn about the job of the GM is we have one great WR and 6 scrubs wake up

  29. “What we do know – is that the Pack won’t win a SB this coming year.”
    You, I and the talking heads don’t know anything…

  30. That #1 pick they spent on clipboard boy….THAT pick could have been traded for Deandre Hopkins..Stefon DIGGS….sigh

  31. It was always going to be. And the hopeful rest of the NFC North is bitterly disappointed once again!

  32. Darn it. Is the Rodgers drama going to subside for the time being?? People may start focusing on the Vikes’ history of failure again.

  33. They’re nuts for not trading him while his value is at the highest it ever will be and for limiting their own flexibility.

    As talented as the roster is, I’m having a really hard time envisioning this team landing in the Super Bowl after the chaos of the offseason, the toxic relationship between Rodgers and the organization, and the schedule becoming significantly more difficult (they had one of the easiest schedules in the league last year).

    The Packers could be set for years with the draft picks and cap relief they would get from trading him, especially if Jordan Love can play.

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