Report: NFL considers more frequent testing for vaccinated players and staff

COVID-19 Testing Increases As More Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In Victoria
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The NFL may change its plans to test fully vaccinated players only once every 14 days.

Concerned that even some fully vaccinated players and staffers are getting breakthrough infections, the NFL and NFL Players Association have discussed increased testing for the vaccinated, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Fully vaccinated staff may also be tested more often. The NFLPA would not be involved in discussions of more tests for staffers.

So far this month 13 vaccinated NFL staffers and four vaccinated players have tested positive, according to Schefter.

Although fully vaccinated people can become infected with COVID-19, they usually have either no symptoms at all or only mild symptoms. Still, there are concerns about vaccinated players with the virus spreading the disease to unvaccinated players.

4 responses to “Report: NFL considers more frequent testing for vaccinated players and staff

  1. start treating this like the flu. if youre not vaccinated by now-which is your choice- youre risking catching it. no reason to cancel games, or have players sit out.

  2. My sense from following different media sources (left, middle, and right leaning) is that most of the country is starting to lose patience with vaccination holdouts.
    They are endangering themselves, their families, and co-workers. Children younger than 12!
    Even people that are vaccinated are endangered by a reckless/selfish assertion of personal”freedom”; the vaccine is damn good is not perfect preventing infections. Because I got vaccinated I am not worried that I will die from COVID, but I don’t want to find out how it feels!
    If I am an NFL player, I don’t want some fat anti-vaxxer in practice grunting in my face. Risking my health? And my family’s health. And a paycheck? And a forfeit?
    I don’t EVER AGAIN want to hear about “personal responsibility” from a vaxx refuseniks! Stop being whining baby and get the shot! If your kid going to kindergarten can get a series of shots, so can you.
    Tens of millions have already tried it for you. Water is warm. You can do it!

  3. They just announced 1/3 of the teams now have 90% or better of their players vaccinated. It’s rapidly reaching the point where it’s basically irrelevant if a vaccinated player has Covid or not as they aren’t getting seriously ill and the vast majority of people around them are also vaccinated.

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