Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow is “cleared to do everything”

Cincinnati Bengals Mandatory Minicamp
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When the Bengals made a few roster moves to start training camp, Joe Burrow avoided the physically unable to perform list — a good sign for the quarterback coming off reconstructive knee surgery.

Now Cincinnati’s head coach has made clear just how far Burrow has come.

Zac Taylor told reporters on Monday, via Ben Baby of ESPN, that Burrow has been “cleared to do everything.” The quarterback has been working with the rookies over the last few days and will line up behind center for 11-on-11 drills.

“It’s just on us to be wise going forward,” Taylor said, via Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Burrow tore his ACL during Cincinnati’s Week 11 loss to Washington last November. The quarterback participated in some aspects of the Bengals’ offseason program, but did not take part in everything as he hadn’t been medically cleared.

Bengals team president Mike Brown told reporters on Monday that Burrow “probably” will not participate in preseason games, with the quarterback focused on getting ready for the opener.

2 responses to “Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow is “cleared to do everything”

  1. Cleared for everything… including running for his life since they did ZERO to fix the O-Line that allowed the hit that blew out his knee. So… good luck, Joe. I hope they don’t ruin you. You’re a great QB.

  2. SwaggyD, if you knew anything about the Bengals other than listening to “analysts” on ESPN, you’d realize their O-Line is going to be significantly better this year. They have 3 of 5 starters coming back. 2 of those starters were hurt last year. They literally were playing merry go round bc of injuries and playing guys off practice squad or one day after a trade. Billy Price was literally telling new players in the huddle during games what they had to do bc they never practiced together. They upgraded G and RT significantly with Carman in the 2nd round and Reiff in free agency. And they brought back one of the best OL coaches in the league in Frank Pollack. Plus Jonah Williams will make a big leap in his 2nd full playing season and become a franchise cornerstone LT. All of these people hating on the Bengals don’t realize all of these little things are going to add up to immense improvement.

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