Aaron Rodgers arrives in Green Bay

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
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Aaron Rodgers has arrived in Green Bay to report to training camp.

Rodgers’ private plane landed at the Green Bay airport late on Monday night. Although no fans were there to greet him, multiple members of the media spotted him getting off the plane and into a waiting car.

All offseason, speculation swirled about whether Rodgers was done playing for the Packers. Rodgers started the speculation immediately after the Packers’ loss to the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game with cryptic comments that sounded like he was ready to move on, and throughout the offseason he declined to say directly that he would return to the Packers as reports continually surfaced that he is unhappy.

Now that speculation can end, and Rodgers can get to work when the Packers open camp today. Rodgers’ future beyond 2021 remains in doubt, and there’s a good chance that he’ll finish his career elsewhere and that the Packers will move on to Jordan Love in 2022. But for now, Rodgers is in Green Bay.

54 responses to “Aaron Rodgers arrives in Green Bay

  1. Lemme know when his baggage arrives….wait a second. He brought it with him. Nevermind.

  2. And I will NEVER feel bad for ANYONE who has a freaking private plane. Never.

  3. Oh good, he can get back to his usual coming up short when it matters most in familiar territory.

    It’s got to be tough to move on to a new place and come up short when it matters most without that comfort of home

  4. The GOAT has arrived! The level of Greatness has never been seen before. An undefeated season and Superbowl await the Packers. All the doubters will look like fools after this season.

  5. If some of the initial reports are accurate regarding the concessions Green Bay made to get him back, this is 100% a business relationship only and will last one year.

    As a Packers fan, the excuses are now over, Aaron. Win a Super Bowl or zip it.

  6. As I said on night one of the draft when all this nonsense started, Aaron Rodgers will be in Green Bay on July 27th for the start of camp. Today is that day.

    Looking forward to the first practice tomorrow at 10:10 a.m.(9:55 Lombardi time) on Ray Nitschke Field.



  7. Did anybody really think that he was going to leave all of that money on the table ?

  8. OH PLEASE LORD….. let this be an END to this story that NOBODY truly cares about except Rogers & his poor fans!!!!

  9. Love my Packers but like everyone else I’ve tired of his antics and my view of him as a thoughtful and good sis has taken a decided hit. I’m also pleased the Packers have an eye on their immediate and long term contracts. Just do one thing Aaron: be honest and face the music when asked about your intentions and move on. Be a man. And welcome back.

  10. Packer fan here since 1959, and I say who cares. Rogers didn’t learn anything from Favre. A full half of Packer fans are fans of the team not any one player. He stunk his first couple years as a starter. I say trade him, Adams, and the DE who is unhappy. Stock up on tons of draft picks, and restock the team while Jordon learns his craft. Rogers can stay in the land of other fruits and nuts.

  11. … and yet another, in a very long list, of a lot of very bad days for ariani1985. What a pity, lol.

  12. Aaron Rodgers is the Donald Trump of the NFL,
    Attention always on me and me only

  13. Best part of this posting is that we will not longer be getting daily updates and speculation reports regarding Rogers and the Packers any further. I can’t wait for the season to start already!

  14. And everyone will hang on his every word and fan girl all over him. That is exactly what he craves…a true narcissist

  15. Welcome Back A-Rod! You affirmed what any die hard Packer fan already knew: You’re a Packer in 2021. Now dust off the belt and get us another Lombardi Trophy.

  16. For apropos commentary on this event I encourage you to watch Suzie Waldman’s broadcasting of roger Clemens in George Steinbrenner’s box before signing with the Yankees.

  17. Wait, but I thought everyone said Blake Bottles would be our starting QB? Weird.

  18. The media manufactured this drama while Rodgers enjoyed his summer.

  19. Even Saint Vince has nothing on me. I am Green Bay’s Messiah. Winning works miracles. All will be forgiven. Just ask the fans.

  20. 99% of the time I would be inclined to side with the player in a dispute. Since teams can cut a player at anytime, for all intents and purposes, voiding their contract. This just feels like one of those times that falls into the 1%

  21. Shame on Rodgers. Shame on Gute and Murphy for giving in. Win or lose, Love is our QB.

  22. But you didn’t report on what everybody really wants to know. And that’s will he be wearing a red or yellow wristband?

  23. The distraction factor in GB this season is going to be off the charts.

  24. Welcome back, Aaron. True Packers fans love you and are proud that you stood up for yourself after the franchise took you for granted for so many years.

  25. spreadthecheese says:
    July 27, 2021 at 6:17 am
    If some of the initial reports are accurate regarding the concessions Green Bay made to get him back, this is 100% a business relationship only and will last one year.

    As a Packers fan, the excuses are now over, Aaron. Win a Super Bowl or zip it.
    It won’t be long before Green Bay fans will be wishing just to see the post season.

  26. Once again the GB front office shows the rest of the division why they are always the team to beat.They knew they had the leverage in this but also a publicity nightmare if this lingers into camp.Packers got everything they wanted: a non CoVid year to evaluate Love,another run at SB with AR,cap flexibility,and didn’t give much up to get this.
    Sure AR saves face by having” input” into personnel and a year vacated at the end of the contract to facilitate moving him after the season if they decide to.Hate all you want but this about as close to a perfect ending as could of happened after the April announcement.They will still get a king’s ransom next year if they do trade him or if Love isn’t the answer they negotiate an extension.Start crying and blaming the refs Cheeseisfattening!Season hasn’t even started yet and we already have more wins than the rest of the division

  27. An accurate criticism by my a diva is still an accurate criticism. Welcome, Rodgers… now let’s get to work.

  28. Oh good, he can get back to his usual coming up short when it matters most in familiar territory
    Well considering he played a much better game than Brady you’re opinion is obviously biased. But sure if it makes you feel better it was Rodgers that gave up the hail Mary at the half and the pi to end the game. Let’s forget he outplayed Brady and Mahommes (2 weeks later) with his best olineman out. Because we just wanna hate with no thought whatsoever.

  29. The distraction factor in GB this season is going to be off the charts.
    Keep telling yourself that….

  30. Will he even take a snap in GB this year or be traded on the eve of the season? I would say that he’d be traded after they totally robbed some other team but the GBay GM doesn’t appear capable of executing anything, especially highway robbery.

  31. I said this would be the result all along, even though every single purple troll charged me with being delusional.

    The Packers get the league’s MVP back and additional cap room.
    Returning a motivated Rodgers and almost the same intact roster that went to the NFC Championship games the last two seasons, ready for another run at it.

    Jordan Love, who’s already made great strides, gets an additional season to develop into a possible starting role next year.
    It’s basically winners all around in GB.

    All the mass hysteria and bizarre glee that was displayed by the fan bases of the other NFC North teams just suddenly went silent at the realization that everything they’ve been celebrating all summer long will no longer come to fruition.
    The only thing left behind is the awful stench of them soiling themselves at the thought of what’s in store.
    Aaron’s Back.
    And so are the Green Bay Packers.

  32. I am not sure how you define a “disaster season” for this Packers team but I just don’t see how that isn’t the case with a QB that feels like he has at most one toe in the water this year.

  33. Shot in the dark here…

    When the season starts going south, or when he loses to Tom Brady again, it will be everyone else’s fault, not Aarons.

    Don’t run for the easy touchdown, or even to get a few yards inside the 10 yard line, forcing to coach to kick a field goal. Not Aarons fault.

    Force a new deal with the team just to satisfy your ego? Not Aarons fault.

    Never Aarons fault. Just ask his family.

  34. What I want to know is when are all the idiot media “experts” (anybody who listens to what a “fan” says winds up sitting with the fans) who stated that Rodgers had “ALL” the leverage and was done with the Packers are going to fess up that they really are as clueless as most of the fans.

    And then I want to know when their organizations are going to fire those idiots and get people who know how to analyze with logic and REPORT what is happening.

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